Telling Time in Outdoors

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Nobody wants to be iPrepared or “Only as Good as Your Gear.”   When making sure you’re prepared for anything, it’s all too easy to focus more on your stuff than your skills.

The guys over at Survival Life have put together a great list of skills to practice for telling time after my Apple Watch has run out of battery or if anything else has happened to your favorite time piece.

If you’ve ever tried to set up camp in the dark and cold, you know just how important knowing how much time you have until Sunset can be.

Survival Life says…

If you’re able to find the approximate time when in the wild, you’ll find yourself better prepared for your hunting, gathering, and general survival skills training.

We can easily estimate the sunset time with the use of our hand. If you’re going for a trek or just simply want to know the remaining daylight, follow the instructions below:

You can check out the whole article here.

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