Don’t Come Looking for Trouble in This Neighborhood!

If I’m a criminal I want to stay out of these neighborhoods. If I’m a citizen I want to live in these neighborhoods. A criminal found out, last Thursday, that he chose the wrong neighborhood to attempt a robbery, or possibly worse.

A 27 year old, Kyle Story, broke into a home in Spencer County, KY. He did not walk out.

WAVE 3 News went back to the scene to find out what happened and talk to any witnesses. This is where it becomes clear that Mr. Story made a very bad decision.

One of the residents of the area, Tara Smallwood, describes what she heard and saw:

Story continues below:


She said she heard "several gunshots" but that by itself wasn't much of a concern.

“I heard several gunshots, which is not out of the ordinary here," Smallwood said. "People shoot frequently. We shoot frequently.”

However, the cadence caught her attention as it didn't quite sound like target practice. Moments later, as she heard sirens, she was pretty sure someone had been shot.

She then took a walk to check out the scene from a nearby hill in the neighborhood and noticed the police didn't seem like they were in much of a hurry.

“And (the police) definitely weren’t in any big hurry so I knew it was a fatal shot," Smallwood said. "And then the coroner came, so ... ”

Smallwood said the folks in this neighborhood pretty much all carry to protect their homes, family, and land. She says "We will defend our home and our land and our family at all costs."

She, then, had a warning for anyone else thinking of messing with this neighborhood:

“If you come in and we don’t want you here, you won’t leave ... or you won’t leave walking,” Smallwood said.

There have not been any charges levied against the homeowner at this time.

For more on this story, check out WAVE 3 News

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