Closing Gun Stores Right Now is a Really Bad Idea

It’s no secret that gun shops around the country are being flooded with new customers seeking protection. Many have never owned a gun before but are now realizing its importance in protecting one’s family. In times of crisis, politics get thrown out the window. It’s all about survival and protection.

That’s why we’re seeing droves of folks heading to gun stores. The FBI’s National Background Check System reports that requests have tripled.

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System officials told the National Shooting Sports Foundation that background checks skyrocketed 300 percent March 16, 2020, compared to the same date one year prior.

I wonder what the final sales will be, come April or May.

Some states and cities have declared gun shops to be non-essential and have shut them down. Philly was one. San Jose, CA is another. Toss in Connecticut as well.

Firearms are essential to personal security. Take Philly, for instance. Philly has decided not to arrest criminals for 'non-violent crimes'. So, auto theft, burglary, narcotics, etc..

Anyone who deals with crime and crime statistics know that narcotics tend to escalate, what started out as, non-violent situations. Someone gets confronted by a homeowner during a burglary and they have a split second to decide whether to get caught or fight back. Narcotics make the decision making process a whole lot different. Is the homeowner supposed to just let it happen? Do they know it's going to stop with a simple theft? Should they have to take that chance?

I, myself, have a few friends who have been very anti-gun all their lives but this situation has made them re-think their position. Some have even went out and bought their first gun. Some still say it's probably a good idea but haven't done it.

Many are finding out it's not as easy to get a gun as they've been told by the media.

They discovered that you can’t buy a gun online. They found out that democrat politicians lied when they said it is easier to buy a gun than to buy a book. These new gun buyers crashed head-first into the 23 thousand firearms regulations we have in the US. That system isn’t easy for anyone.

If you're new to guns then you need to take heed of the important safety basics of gun ownership and gun use. Check out the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) for some tips.

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11 thoughts on “Closing Gun Stores Right Now is a Really Bad Idea”

  1. My own personal take is that if it’s their first gun they should be charged triple. Most likely they were anti before this particular mess

  2. i believe that any American that believes in gun rights (like i do ) already had the guns and ammo that they need were fine with just yesterday — so to keep us all safe till this pandemic is over — they can wait, dont need to hoard guns and ammo — big brother isnt going to take over — we still got our guns — just dont need too help spread the virus any quicker then it is being spread — your rights to be paranoid should over Americans right to be safe — just how i think — just relax and take it easy and God will get us threw this –just relax and spend time with your children — they wont be small for ever — and your parents — they wont be here forever — just relax

  3. Gee, some German or Austrian guy back in 1938 decided it would be a good idea to make “The Streets” safer by first mandating registration of all firearms. Once that was accomplished, some guys in heavy boots and really neat badges with two “S”s on them, went to all the addresses to collect all the pistols, rifles, and shotguns in order to make “The Streets” safer! Shortly after all those guns were taken away, ANOTHER group of very nice, polite guys in military uniforms went around, offering Jews a free train ride to vacation-land. The were assured that upon arrival at the vacation “camps,” they’d be given luxurious showers, provided with fancy new clothing after the showers, and allowed to relax in the sunlight, listening to wonderful classical music over loudspeakers. The only problem was, apparently there was a lack of adequate water to operate all the showers, so the camp management decided to introduce a vapor through the shower heads, something called “Zyclon B.” Well that was “The Final Solution” to give Jews a huge freebie. Of course, then the nice German/Austrian man offered the same “vacations” to homosexuals, Gypsies, mentally deficient, and handicapped people, children and the elderly in a very democratic gesture of inclusion and diversity. Ahhh, brave new world, eh?

  4. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with
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  5. We need our guns to protect ourselves ,doesnt look like the government is going to.God bless america the land of the free ,I Pray it will always stay that way til Jesus comes back