Truckers Make a Case for 2nd Amendment Right

Throughout this coronavirus crisis we’ve started to realize just how important truck drivers are to this country and its’ survival. They’re bringing food and supplies to every corner of the nation, often going from one state to another and to another.

This has brought to light a critical problem with safety and their 2nd Amendment rights. At a time where people are fighting over toilet paper at grocery stores the government has been limiting citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. Crossing state lines is where this comes into play for truck drivers.

Currently, some truckers have to tiptoe through the tulips to be within the state guidelines for carrying a gun. The SBTC (Small Business in Transportation Coalition) has called on the Federal Government to override the state and local laws that restrict their ability to carry while transporting goods across the country.

When there is social unrest amid lockdowns, in certain areas of the country, there is not much that is more valuable than food and supplies. Amid social unrest people tend to do some crazy things. Think back to the LA riots and Reginald Denny.

Truckers absolutely should have the right to protect themselves while they're hauling goods across the country.

The SBTC issued this statement:

Therefore, in accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, we hereby request the U.S. Department of Transportation please issue a preemption order nullifying any and all state and local laws that restrict truck drivers from carrying firearms across state lines throughout America in order to enable them to protect themselves and their cargo as they engage in interstate commerce.

As this is now a matter of life and death, please issue same forthwith.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what the Trump administration does. This, along with some of the other moves around the country, could spark a revival in support of the 2nd Amendment.

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41 thoughts on “Truckers Make a Case for 2nd Amendment Right”

    1. Idiot, With jobs being lost and Truckers being sent to haul goods From state to state a lot don’t have the option to pick where they can haul goods. If laws would follow our constitution and 2nd amendment rights I guarantee thieves would second guess what the heck there doing. We make it to easy for criminals and lack of laws that should protect citizens but actually protect the criminals.

    2. My late husband was a truck driver and refused to drive to Chicago. He was fired and re-hired by his company that respected his wishes. It was too dangerous even back years ago.

      1. Can you even imagine what it would be like trying to drive to Hunt’s Point in New York City at night?
        Your husband was lucky he wasn’t ‘t “black balled” out of the industry. He must have been so good at his job
        they could not afford to do that.
        Sorry for your loss.

    3. Let’s see that idiot Cuomo have that asked him at a televised press conference and see what his answer is!

    4. What a stupid comment! Truck drivers that work for companies, and do NOT own their trucks, have NO choice as to where they will be required to deliver. Their only choice is to go where they are told or get fired!
      ICC regs require them not to carry a firearm in there cabs.

    5. Tell this to the current governor of New York who all of a sudden changed his mind sending threatening notices during and after 9/11!

    6. Our agree don’t deliver to states that don’t allow truckers to carry defensive weapons and or Trump out our executive order allowing them to carry weapons to defend the life savings loads of food and goods to our citizens. Of course our state goveners and their families are protected.

  1. I’m from Texas and have a son that’s a long haul truck driver. Under Texas laws he can carry when at home. There are companies like my son’s that do not allow their drivers to have a gun in the truck and even a federal order that it would be legal wouldn’t help him or those that work for such companies. Would the gun have to be left in the truck? Would the driver have to meet the guidelines of their home state or the state their business is located in? Would this just cover this emergency or would it be longer? If they’re on the road far from home when it was lifted, what do they do with the weapon in the truck until they can return home?

    1. A federal injunction cannot be overruled by a state entity nor a company’s policy. Federal injunctions, especially in the light of the pandemic, will always carry the weight of authority. The company may want to argue its position, but if the feds decide to override state laws, company policies will be ignored, also.

    2. Obtain a Florida or Utah CCW,that allows you to carry in multiple states. And what the company doesn’t know won’t hurt him or them. Besides a good shoot is a good shoot! I would risk my job over my life anyday.

  2. I think that all truck drivers should at this time be able to carry a gun.
    My late husband was a long haul driver and I know what it was like out there. Not good.

  3. I agree with Shirley, for long haul truckers should be able to defend themselves from the people who might act irrationally. Please protect our Second Amendment at all times, the military, law enforcement and the American People of the United States of America, President Trump!!!!!

    1. I believe that if you qualify for a carry permit you should be able to cross the US without a worrying about local laws I agree the 2nd amendment does not stop at the state line!!

      1. The ICC has nothing to say about it. There are no gun rules in the Fed ICC regs. It is the State laws that matter. I spent 21 years as a driver, got legal to carry everywhere I could, and took my chances with my company and the Communist States.

  4. I think that the trucker is more at risk now than ever and they should be able to carry a firearm for their protection but there are so many factors that need to be addressed and agreed upon. Would those companies that don’t allow the driver to carry be held liable in a case where the driver was hurt or killed in an altercation with unreasonable parties? Who would be responsible if the trucker used his weapon in an unnecessary confrontation? Most truckers are responsible and are trusted with the commerce and products they carry and should be allowed to carry during these crazy times.


  6. Your right to self protection, lie liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not stop at state lines. ANY STATE /BUSINESS that does not honor Carry Privileges from another state should be held LIABLE if you are attacked and can’t defend yourself!

  7. Anyone that doesn’t understand the importance or see the immediate need for this has to be hiding behind their liberal fence. Dumbasses need to follow the projected situational movement…this mess we’re in will obviously get much worse before any turnaround. Toilet paper shortages have already created a panic and actual fighting…one can only imagine what the conditions might turn into when food and real essentials become scarce! Think hard about your stupid stubbornness in supporting the stupid democratic party. Right now, the appeal is only a request. Rejection will most definitely guarantee that every truck driver out there will soon be armed.

  8. There is already an overarching law. It is the second amendment to the US Constitution. In my mind all laws infringing on the second amendment are null and void.

  9. This goes back to company policy, refusing drivers the ability to carry a firearm. Fear of liability? Anti gun? I learned this attaining CDL’s. They ask a lot for employees to travel nationally, resting on the roadside and not allowed to carry. That’s my opinion.

  10. The right to carry should also include long guns. I know you can’t carry a shot gun concealed but if you show it you probably won’t need to use it. That’s the point!

  11. I totally agree that drivers should be able fo carry a weapon for self preservation, I drove trucks for 45 yrs, 12 years over the road and some of the places where you stop are badass places, but you had no place else to go so you were forced to stop at these places ( stock yards in Chicago ) I don’t know if it’s gotten any better since then and another is hunts point market in the Bronx, NY.
    Which if you don’t know the area you can have a lot of problems, low bridges with no way to get turned around. You don’t stop for stop signs or red lights, ( slow down for them ) or you can lose your load. Those are the two worst ones I’ve been in as I’m sure there’s more, but carrying a gun is very essential to a truck driver for self preservation especially in times like this!

  12. I was a safety man for the trucking industry for many years, The truckers are the life line for this nation don’t ever forget that. These men and women live on the road away from there homes delivering food and all essential products. I know a lot of people will say use the trains. Question how does one get the products from the train to the stores or warehouse???? You guess it. By trucks. Yes indeed they need something to protect there self with. However, they should have to carry a permit. One last thing a big THANK YOU to all of you and may God Bless each one of you.

  13. How often have we seen it on the road and know that truck hijacking is common in the industry but never seen by the media. Far too long truckers have been treated as second class citizens, especially by the state and local governments that put road restrictions on us and have laws that are specifically aimed at us to hinder us at doing our jobs. As a veteran and a truck driver I find it appalling that I be treated as less than a citizen to be able to protect my home on the road. Not all cops are good people and not all DOT officers are good people and we see this on a daily basis. As an old school driver before cell phones became popular the trucking community was a lot closer when we talked back and forth on the CB radios and it is something I would like to see become routine adain. It saves a lot of time when someone can give you an immediate observation or pass on information on what is happening immediately around you!

  14. I think that they should be able to carry arms in order to protect themselves no matter where they are at. It should be USA wide.

  15. I see a lot of bullshit comments here. I’ve been a truck driver for 32 years and have carried a gun in every truck I’ve driven…and nobody ever has been the wiser. Stop asking if you can or can’t…you want to save your life, then start carrying and don’t worry about it. I’ve never been asked, by any authority, if I have a firearm in the truck. Just do it

  16. There is NO REASON to prohibit truck drivers from carrying a firearm, assuming they apply for, train for, and are issued a Concealed Carry License. I am not a truck driver, but in my professional working life, met and got to know with a few hundred truck drivers. They all had the same fear of being taken at a rest stop, out in the boondocks, on back-alley streets in Chicago, Detroit, Newark, St. Louis, etc, and WISHED they COULD be armed in every state, in every major city, across the nation! Several I met and talked with said yes, they HAD been hijacked, load stolen, and threatened with death if they would tell authorities WHO exactly had robbed them. So, those low-information, uneducated,folks who BELIEVE the democrats will fix everything, will GIVE you everything for free, and there will be blue skies, sunshine, and toilet paper lining shelves in stores, keep voting democrats into office over and over again! These power-hungry elitists want to CONTROL YOU, make you defenseless and unarmed. Yeah, vote them in again, and suffer the chains of dependence of “government” forever!


  17. An important point that most people don’t know is, it is a FEDERAL crime to steal from a commercial vehicle involved in interstate transportation. Start prosecuting people who do so at a federal level. Make it a minimum sentence of 10 years. Make it a federal capital crime to kill a driver, like it is for arsonists when someone dies at an arson fire. A few executions will slow people down.