NJ Governor Murphy Feels the Heat

Just in the last week the NJ Governor Phil Murphy had decided to force gun stores to close and stop processing applications to buy new guns. He also set some restrictions on ammunition purchases. He has now had a change of heart after facing mounting pressure from the Second Amendment Foundation.

The Second Amendment Foundation was joined by many other groups in defending the 2nd Amendment rights of the folks in New Jersey:

They were ultimately joined by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Legacy Indoor Range and Armory LLC and the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Racing Rails LLC d/b/a Legend Firearms and several private citizens.

Murphy finally cried “uncle”.

The SAF released a statement declaring victory and saying:

“Our lawsuit cut right to the heart of what the Second Amendment is all about, which is personal protection during emergency situations like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the nation.”

They also made an interesting point about the 2nd Amendment not being subject to emergency orders the way other amendments are. Let's see if courts agree as I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of it.

Chalk one up for the good guys. Let's hope this trend continues.

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17 thoughts on “NJ Governor Murphy Feels the Heat”

  1. Thank you from the ‘heart and soul of America’.> We, the people!!! …and >This particular “Grannie” whose family is on the (Florida Pioneer Register) thanks you. ((and? it is ‘come and TRY and take it’ by the way.)) 🙂

  2. It’s always the same; politicians attempt to take rights away from “The People” in order to better “control” them. It has happened repeatedly over centuries. Those kings, dictators, and Communists who were successful in disarming their citizens became All-Mighty without any challenges. Even way back in “Jolly Olde England,” serfs were forbidden to possess bows and arrows, spears, and swords. We’ve been told that The Second Amendment is sacrosanct, never to be altered, diminished, or deleted, not EVER! But the forces of evil permeating our state and federal governments are frothing at their collective mouths in anticipation of the day when firearms (ALL FIREARMS) are outlawed against possession by private citizens! With more than 100 MILLION gun owners in America, and thousands now joining DAILY to buy their very FIRST gun, these Communist/Socialists had better not push it to disarm us! (Oh, FFL dealers are reporting 90% of sales are to first-time buyers, and of THOSE, more than 60% are females! Try raping THAT!)

    1. How then do these elected officials get Elected ? ? ? when they play to the ears of those who want to delete the 2nd amendment.
      As you say— More people including 60% females are buying guns.
      Again How do the representatives get elected & vote against the 2nd amendment right ? ? with this happening ! !
      Since the OBAMA presidency more guns were purchased than ever under any & all presidents previously ! !
      Why ? ?
      Because the people of this country were made aware that the OBAMA administration was clearly prejudice AGAINST police protection for the public good & & the public found that they must take up arms for their own protection. “BUY GUNS”
      This hasn’t changed yet. Now the public has voted in a president who is totally the opposite to OBAMA’s policy & it still exists. GUNS will be purchased as long as this policy exists.

      Look @ the STATE OF VIRGINA . A democratic legislature , A democrat Governor. A completely democratic controled government. Yet the people said “NOOOO” to their governments forced anti gun policy. & the Government backed down.
      Now, who will be the next to be voted down.
      This will continue ! !
      The government will change but not the “2nd amendment”
      “IT IS A WRIGHT”

  3. Why nj votes for democrats makes no sense !!!!teachers you get nothing from a democrat !!! All they do is tax and spend this idiot Murphy wants to take away just like the democrat in Virginia !!!! Wake up America ! From the start Murphy is showing he’s a lowlife !!!! It’s republican for growth and sanity !!! Even with the corona gov wants to tell you how to live !!!!at the destruction of our economy and the attempt to get rid of the best president we’ve ever had !!!!!gid b bblessdinald trump and republicans !!!!!!!

  4. I was hoping that the governor wouldn’t back down.
    2AF gets involved, issue goes through the courts, gets appealed, goes to the SCOTUS, where they strike down all of NJ’s onerous gun laws.

  5. Don’t read on me the motto of New Jersey is not meant to be empty words. It may require rising up and shooting or bludgeoning these political elites or tarring and feathering them and confiscating all their personal assets accumulated from their insulated jobs. We as a people are not meant to be civil we are meant to be uncivilized which is what it takes to provide a balance of right and wrong.

  6. I wouldn’t feel bad if I picked up the paper and read that Gov. Murphy CAUGHT the coronavirus with terminal results.

  7. The N.J. governor should be recalled or impeached, whichever process is available in that state, assuming that either is.

  8. Florida needs the same kind of action against the liberal dirt bag Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, an anti-Constitutional ignorant LOSER completely INCAPABLE of performing the duties of her office. Exactly what I expect from a DEMOCRAP.

  9. The governor of Virginia should also be taken to task for forcing the Deep State agenda onto everyone in that state. ..and ultimately, he’d like to run this throughout America for the Dimwits.
    Everyone has to continue to take a stand or else our entire Constitution will be ended by the cabal.


  11. All governments and politicians love to push their people around, “out of an abundance of” caution, love, stupidity, silliness, or whatever, it all comes down to CONTROL. Gov. Murphy has now pushed NJ to the brink of economic disaster while trying to ease the burden on his medical and health workers. I hope he wakes up in time. An ocean away, Sweden is trying the laissez-faire approach of leaving businesses and gathering places alone, and allowing individuals to cope with their state of health individually. We shall soon see how that works out. Meanwhie, we should all remember FDR’s immortal words, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Many wish that Gov. Murphy were an FDR democrat rather than a wimp.

  12. I hope the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, a RINO, is paying attention. Right after the Feds announced gun stores “essential” Baker closed all gun stores in Massachusetts. When running for governor, Baker proclaimed he was pro-2nd Amendment. Once elected he gladly signed a subjective and onerous Red Flag law that our State legislature passed in haste. By his silence Baker also supports many sanctuary cities in the state including the City of Boston. Baker further demonstrates his liberal politics by refusing to endorse anything the President says. Mercifully we have a 2-term limit on Governors and Baker is just treading water, doing as little as possible, until his second term ends (not soon enough).

  13. “HELP WANTED” … Opening Immediately for a NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR. … Calling ALL Conservative Constitutional God Loving American’s to Apply TODAY! … They just got a Pay Increase! And the Benefits are Amazing! … AOC has PROVEN you need ZERO Experience. Bartender? So, Please, Go fill out the Forms TODAY! Go FOR It you already have One VOTE!