Dear Santa: I Want One

Magnum Research released the ultimate present for fans of President Trump.

Behold: The Presidential Desert Eagle (Photo from Magnum Research)

Presidential Desert Eagle

This gun is a .50 caliber pistol that includes some pretty sweet features.

From Magnum Research:

The artists at Outlaw Ordnance ornately engraved the slide and frame with detailed illustrations depicting President Trump, his signature, motto, title, and elegant scrollwork. Within the scrollwork are hidden “Easter eggs” commemorating various achievements throughout his life.

On the lefthand side is has "45th President of the United States' engraved. It boasts a 6" barrel and rail optics for mounting. It comes with one 7-round magazine.

The entirety of this gun is made in the U.S.

This thing is a beauty.

Check it out at


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12 thoughts on “Dear Santa: I Want One”

    1. Fantastic point, Russ! Far too many people take it for granted. As a female, Jewish gun dealer, I am surprised as to how many Tribe anti-gunners have called, wanting guns and thankfully, lessons.

  1. Would love to have it still waiting on Constitutional Carry in my state, don’t believe the gov. Has any right to know what, how many, what kind of gun any law bidding American has,

  2. Wow that’s nice! My next gun however is gonna b the BFR 45-70 with a 10” barrel because “size does matter”. After that I might have to pick up one of these.

  3. I hear ya Claude Newman. My first gun 40 years ago was a King Cobra 357, 6″ barrel, competition sights, hammer and trigger and I still shoot it on a regular basis today. However, that sure is one nice Presidential Desert Eagle and i’m adding it to my list for my Santa girl to bring to me. The company that makes them should send one to our GREAT President. May God Bless him and I love our President. He Da Man!!!!

  4. A .50 caliber is a lot of pistol to control. The 1911 A1 Colt 45 is enough pistol to stop anything on two legs except a grizzly and they aren’t likely to be sneaking into your bedroom. But if you really like the noise, pick the “50”.

  5. That sure is a good looking pistol, unfortunately my Santa Baby, left me 4 another man when I got E D….but it haz been sooooo quiet around here….I think it wuz worth it!!!!!!!!!!!! I will buy it myself…………………..