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HR 5717: The End of Gun Rights as We know It

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-GA, has gun control on his mind and in a big way. HR 5717, if passed, would strip gun owners of their rights and would ban assault weapons.

What’s all in the bill?

According to The Truth About Guns, the ‘assault weapons ban’ is real:

The ban has a few exceptions. Law-enforcement officers can possess these firearms as can those who are providing security at nuclear energy facilities. Firearms that are “manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action,” have “been rendered permanently inoperable” or are antique are exempt from the ban as well.

It would also include a ban on standard capacity magazines and suppressors.

Red Flag Confiscation Orders are also in play. The bill would establish funding for  these surprise confiscations with due process.

And according to a separate TTAG article:

Current gun owners would be allowed to keep their existing firearm unlicensed. But no one who is not currently (as of when the Attorney General begins issuing “Federal firearm owner’s licenses”) in possession of a firearm could get a license and lawfully possess a firearm ever again.

Universal Background Checks and Licensing are included as well. This would provide an all-to-convenient list of gun owners and firearms owned to the federal government and police. Might this play well with the Red Flag confiscations? describes what the transfer rule would contain.

For example, if you hand a new gun to your veteran/neighbor to look at — and it turns out the Veterans Administration has appointed a fiduciary to look after his financial affairs — you go to prison under H.R. 5717.

At the end of the day - the bill is not likely to pass this Republican held Senate. However, if Biden gets in and Democrats gain control of Senate this may be an easy pass in 2021. This is a real threat to the 2nd Amendment.

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53 thoughts on “HR 5717: The End of Gun Rights as We know It”

    1. Sounds like the man who thinks Guam will flip over and capsize has lost what little grey matter he ever possessed.

      If he wants to start another revolution then go ahead and pass this stupid bill and he will get his wish.

      1. Exactly! At this point, pass whatever crap you think you can get away with. Enforcement will be another story. I am not a subject!

      2. You are absolutely right on this. This Pandemic shows just how easily a corrupt government could take over our Society. In essence you are witnessing a “Police State” right now, in this Country. The Democrat Socialist Party must never be allowed to control America.

    2. They got you most of America in lock down over the virus and passing stuff in biggest stimlus pork barrel of all time.They are testing the water they will fo it a matter of time

    1. Most mains stream Americans vote for democrats. They have not a clue about what is going on with this radical Marxist party. If they did, they would not vote for so many democrats (they control the House of Reps). This party hates the Bill of Rights.

      1. I agree that this bill will be the start of a new American civil war.Better gave your ammo and lots of it before this bill has a chance to even be brought to the floor.

    2. Democrats are too stupid to realize that mainstream Americans don’t like them. They actually believe the majority of Americans SUPPORT their socialist, anti-American nonsense…

      1. Either that or they really don’t care if we like them or not, most likely the latter. They are following a socialist / communist agenda and believe they “know what’s best.” Well us good ol’ boys will fight to the death for God, country, family and freedom. If these fools continue down the gun control path, Civil war II will start soon after. As Benjamin Franklin said ” we must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.” I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, and my neighbor’s too! Fuck these communist bastards. DEATH TO TYRANTS!!!!!!

  1. The #I’M WITH STUPID MOVEMENT that is currently overtaking the nation is the bigger threat. One politician does something stupid and the rest try to outdo him or her. Look at how willing people are to follow all the new restrictions put on our freedoms. A lot of the #I’M WITH STUPID MOVEMENT politicians are doing to gun stores, restricting their rights very openly by declaring them non essential businesses, in dumbocrat controlled states for now. But what about later?? We no longer have a constitutional republic, we have a political monarchy, and our elected royalty in Washington DC, the most corrupt city in the world are going to undermine the second amendment. The big question we face is, how far are we willing to go to keep our constitutionally guaranteed rights?

    1. Our right to bear arms comes from God himself and it is not given to us by our Constitution or Bill of Rights, rather these documents only say that the government of theses United States recognizes our God given rights. Once the (gubmint) takes this so called right or rights away then our Constitution no longer exists which would mean that the states agreement to allow themselves to be a part of and fall under the laws of OUR government via the constitution then too no longer exists either. (The glue that binds all of the States if you will)

      We don’t need to fight the gubmint on this idea, simply declare, all of the States, that we are no longer a part of a failed system and from that point on each State should drop out of this ridiculous taxing system we now have and simply not participate in paying the so called government any taxes forthwith ! At that point the government will fail to exist. Let them put that in their pipes and smoke it! How long before mayhem in the ranks will be seen with no money to pay them and most of all no tax dollars to be used against us or to be given to other countries for bullshit reasons.

    2. I’m willing to fight and die to save our constitutional rights, Democrats have become socialist pigs in this country. They are too stupid to realize that the majority of law enforcement will not enforce their communist laws and the military hate their liberal socialist views. They will fight with the people if a revolutionary war does break out. They took an oath as I have to uphold the constitution and to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic, that includes the corrupt politicians. No i am not a veteran, but I do understand and respect what our veterans in the past and present have been sacrificing their lives for and I will do the same.

    3. there is going to be another shot heard around the world the day they come to our homes and demand our guns.. we did it oncew we can do it again…

  2. The problem is that the ultimate goal will be gun control and confiscation under nonsense accusations, and unfounded excuses. The Millenials have no knowledge of history and no fear of government. They believe war is something other people fight, and that government is there for their good and always benevolent. AOC is stupid because she is a product of a BAD education system that teaches compliance with the government. Some here have said it will cause revolution, maybe, but mostly, those who would fight will be too old to fight by the time gun control really gets bad. We have Red Flag laws in many states already, and fully 50% or more of the confiscations are reversed but the guns have already been “lost” or destroyed. The Broward Sheriff whose department caused the deaths at Parkland has compensated by having a red flag enforcement 1,000 times that of the rest of the state. With a 98% reversal rate. But only 10% of the guns have been returned so far.

  3. You do not have to look any farther then the lefts OBSESSION with taking away your 2nd amendment rights to figure out what their end game is. I f you do not own a firearm get one or more if you already do buy more. Do not forget to buy plenty of ammo also. It is better to be prepared and not need it then need it and not prepared. LOCK and LOAD!!!

  4. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-GA, has gun control on his mind and in a big way. HR 5717, if passed He would make Georgia a state declaring that guns and guns owners are racist murderers, illegal and criminal. In effect he will put racist murder back in the hands of criminals with illegal guns. This is a great reversal of legal gun ownership with a second amendment right to self defense. This wicked Hank Johnson as an evil democrat wants criminals running Georgia as his operatives with tyranny. Furthermore with this ruling he wants both political damage and economic damage of Georgia going on further to suspend other Constitutional Rights of the State.

  5. Hi All
    Something to do ever person in that part of that WORLD wake up and vote those kinds of Communes out of office. I know lots of people in this country are BRAIN WASHED. GETTING THE TRUTH OUT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE BUT WE ALL NEED TO TRY.

  6. Vote people vote… if we can limp along until November, we will all have the chance to Vote these Communist out of office. If this was during WW2 the FBI would be knocking on their doors and dragging them off to jail.
    On another issue, if Colleges move toward online classes, family members and peers will be able to see the shit they are cramming into the heads of our youth, and we as in “We The People” will be able to fight back.

  7. I am 76 years old and I believe we have gun rights and we are wanting to fight to keep them. I do not know what is wrong with the Democrats or the young people But I do know they have been dumbing our kids down for many years now. I do think that they do not know that money has to come From somewhere to find all the freebie stuff that they think they want. Their eyes are blinded

  8. I believe the Citizens should be the ones making the rules for themselves. Not the Gov’t Do as I say Not as I do Rules !!!!!The gov’t Officials have a protective group with them so they themselves don’t worry. As an average Citizen we have to worry about ourselves !!!!!

  9. It’s called the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution, the right to bear arms, you PUTZ!

    Guam is not toppling over either, you dumb PUTZ!

  10. SHOOT DOWN this Communist/Socialist Legislation! . . . This WILL be the BEGINNING of Tyrannical Government control, and the SETTING UP of Global New World Order, with the U.S. Citizen losing ALL our rights as the U.S. ILLEGALLY surrenders it’s national sovereignty. this legislature needs to be ARREESTED for TREASON and SEDITION against the U.S. Citizen. removed from Office in HANDCUFFS – ASAP. He is not supporting the U.S. Constitution which he has SWORN to uphold. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I agree that we as a Nation are facing an enemy within our own Government. These individuals are disguised, thinly, under the name Democrat, which has come to signify the worst in blatant criminal collusion with our enemies outside our Government. And they got away with it. That we are heading to very potential war in this Country, I wonder just how many police officers, how many military personnel, and how many legal owners of firearms will “stand and deliver”? How many will fight to protect our Rights, or just bury your heads in the sand?

  11. As I have said many times before, the gun grabbers will stop at nothing, including killing people, to get their agenta, whichs is total gun confiscation and the repeal of the 2ndA.. The goal of socialism, is cummonism> (Vladimir Lenin. One of the founders of cummonism.

  12. Way to go democrats! Heil! Oh…wait…its the conservatives that are supposed to be the nazis and hitlers. I keep getting confused by leftist hypocrisy.

  13. WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT OWNED BY ANY HUMAN, PERIOD. If they push this bill HR 5717 and SB 3254 and any of it passes I am personally going to to take both Bills and shove them up the Libtards asses that thought this up and backed it. I don’t give a Flying F who you are or what little HUMAN GIVEN job title you have you do NOT own the PEOPLE PERIOD. NO HUMAN gets to tell anyone what they can or cannot have, own, or do as long as they are not or do not PURPOSELY (outside of Self Defense and Tyranny) hurt someone else or someone else’s property NO HUMAN has a say PERIOD. I’m sick and Fing Tired of you Nazi wannabe power happy control freak F Tards and you Tutu wearing anti everything whiny crybaby drama god busybody nosy can’t mind your own Fing business Libtard coward sheeple thinking you get to tell anyone anything too Fing bad that shit is stopping NOW!!!!

  14. Those stupid asses can march all they want to until someone breaks into their home and rapes a loved one, takes anything and everything of value and then slits their throat. Then they will be crying and wanting to buy a gun because they had no way to protect themselves when the hoods broke into their home to rape, rob and kill them. You have seen it time and time again. Then they want a gun. Then they change their minds about who should be able to own a gun. They have to face the harsh reality that the police only chase the perpetrators down and bring them to justice but are rarely if ever around to Protect them when someone breaks into their home. That’s whey they understand but until then it’s up to us to see to it that we keep our FREEDOM and the Constitution of these Unite States of America. We need to take a stand against these Governors of our states and see to it that they understand that they took an oath before entering that office and we aim to see to it that they uphold OUR – THE PEOPLES Constitution and not some law made up by some dumb ass congressman or congresswoman that want’s to turn this country into a socialist communist country and make up their own laws that go against the Constitution. We don’t need a governor that will even think about signing a bill that does that. We need to remove all of them that do. The Governor Virginia happens to be one of those Governors. He is breaking the Law by signing any law that breaks his Oath of Office. What’s more, he doesn’t care that he is doing that.

  15. Response to dems fake news article on Pres. Trump violating the Constitution 4 10 2020 Absolutely nothing that comes through Congress, the Executive office , or the Supreme Court that changes any verbage in the Constitution is legal and violates the rule of Law of the Constitution of the U.S. and is a violation of the freedoms and God given human Rights of the U.S. and the Constitution. We will not abide by these violations, will not accept them and will fight to keep our rights. I am sure by now that every Congressional Representative is aware of the freedoms and rights of the Constitution and the already rulings by the SCOTUS on the subject and why they have not also ruled the same on other violations of the Congress and by the executive branch during the previous administration. Obviously they have just forgotten their jobs and duties to the nation and to the Constitution, but they should start doing so or they too should pack it in and look for other work because without the Constitution they will be forgoing their jobs anyway. We have millions of so called commoners that have given their lives and limbs for this nation and for our God and for the safety of all peoples of the U.S. and for all peoples of the world who wish to live in harmony, with prosperity, with justice, with tranquility. We have done this and followed the principles of the Constitution for over 200 years, and are not afraid to get out and protect our families and our nation against any that tries to take away what we deserve and have earned.