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Big Money Group Pushing Local Politicians to Ignore Gun Law

Mike Bloomberg has switched gears from his failed Presidential bid to focusing on the financial side of politics, zeroing in on gun rights. Bloomberg funds the extreme anti-gun group, Everytown Law.

Everytown released a memo on March 31 titled “The Constitutionality of Including Gun Stores in Business Closure Orders”. In the memo they actually argue that gun stores are receiving preferential treatment and equate them to political rallies, houses of worship, and marriage license bureaus.

If you’ve ever visited Everytown’s website you’d know they’re not likely arguing in good faith as their mission is simply to end gun rights as we know it.

The memo claims there are already a couple of federal appellate court judges that support their comparison of the bookstore-first amendment relationship equating to gun store-second amendment relationship.

We've already seen mayors and governors shut down gun stores in the name of public safety. New Jersey, Philly, and San Jose made an aggressive attempt - some successfully.

The Department of Homeland Security declared gun stores to be an essential business. This memo is advising local politicians and governors to ignore that declaration and to continue shutting down gun stores with confidence.

Read the memo for yourself, here.

For more on this story, go to Ammoland.

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8 thoughts on “Big Money Group Pushing Local Politicians to Ignore Gun Law”

  1. If Doomberg wants to ignore gun laws, I’m fine with that but, in exchange, I get to ignore your gun laws.

    Of course that won’t fly with Doomberg because only democrats can pick and choose laws. Just look at the democrat mayor the went jogging during the quarantine, or the democrat that got her hair done despite the law closing all the salons.

  2. Find these TREASONISTIC Traitor Politicians (who are ignoring the fact that they SWORE to uphold the U.S. Constitution) and let them know that there is a FEDERAL PRISON cell with their name on (in?) it. This TREASON needs to be taken SERIOUSLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Mike Bloomberg makes BILLIONS in China….his ‘news organization’ censors negative news about the communist Chinese government…..of course he doesn’t want America’s law abiding middle class to have guns….it threatens his SELL OUT of America’s working class……Vote against all GLOBALIST …..which includes all DemoRats and many RINO’s…

  4. It urcks me to see people like Bloomberg and Obama with a American Flag on their lapel.I do think there should be special counsel to look at these anti American politicians saying and doing outrageous things to distort the original intention of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.For public humility they should be made to read them on live broadcast on multi channels,or maybe a couple of town meetings and the town square with out their goon squads.