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Virginia Governor Shreds the Second Amendment

Ralph Northam continued his attack on the second amendment, on Friday, by signing into law 5 new anti-gun bills. Northam has made no bones about where he stands on gun rights as he continues to shred the Bill of Rights, showing it means nothing to him.

These moves were backed by the Bloomberg group, Everytown, as well as the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun groups. Red flag laws, background checks, and a ration for handgun sales. lists out the new laws.

  • Senate Bill 70 and House Bill 2 – expanding background checks to include firearm transfers.

“Under this extreme legislation, even lending a brother your rifle for a deer hunt or letting your daughter borrow a handgun for self-defense could land otherwise law-abiding Virginians with a felony conviction and up to 5 years in jail.”

  • Senate Bill 69 and House Bill 812  rations handgun purchases to one a month

The other bills require the reporting of stolen or lost firearms within 24 hours of discovery as well as restricting firearms to anyone under 18 - resulting in a felony charge for those who don't comply.

What's even more scary is that he's not even spiking the football yet. Why? Because he's not done. At a time where gun sales across the country are spiking it's no surprise he wants to act faster.

According to reporting there are still "at least two other bills" that were sent back to lawmakers for changes. One of the measures includes a ban on federally legal suppressors.

Republicans and pro-Second Amendment folks have a fight on their hands.

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52 thoughts on “Virginia Governor Shreds the Second Amendment”

  1. This is what happens when the liberals get elected the power goes to there head. They don’t respect or Constitution or our Bill of rights, they are supported by Globalist and the Chinese who want to destroy our country and all of us with it. Now is the time to stand up and fight for are god given rights, make your selves heard support our. President let’s help him take down the traders in our government and our press, let your voice be heard!

    1. Totally agree! I don’t think people realize how Obama tried to destroy this country. The military was so bad that if China or Russia attacked us we would have put up a good fight but would have lost. President Trump said there wasn’t ammunition Obama bought it all (can be verified) where did it go? Who got that ammunition the Iranians along with the billions of money. Support President Trump he is not perfect but is for the American people. Democrats aren’t.

    2. Amen Brother! How this “BLACK FACE BASTARD” is still holding Office is beyond me. Guarantee you his pussy ass is protected by men and women carrying guns. HYPOCRITE

  2. This guy has lost his ever loving mind! He is Not the only person that lives in our state! All people have the right to live the way we want to live and enjoy the things that we want to enjoy!!! We shouldn’t have to live by what someone else wants or feels is best for us, the last Time I looked I am over the age of 21.

    1. Dwight Moody,

      Is there a “recall” option in your State? If so I would start a petition to do so. A “governor” cannot ignore the U.S Constitution and Bill of rights (unless the PEOPLE in your state LET him without a fight.)
      We N.Y. residents are going through a similar “situation” with “emperor” cuomo. The time to vote OUT and REMOVE ALL DEMOCOMMUNISTS coming up for re-election is LONG overdue. Little by Little, We the People (if all would work together and use our VOTES) could eventually take BACK our Country from the Corrupt COMMUNISTS that have been methodically removing our GOD-GIVEN rights “disguised as “protecting us” and “safety” reasons. B.S. Just a “takeover” by COMMUNISTS. The time to fight back is NOW.

      1. The State of New Jersey is on the slate too.
        Whether you are a gun user or not, a Republican vote support our freedoms to bear arms keep those freedoms entact. Support the NRA!

      2. The State of New Jersey is on the slate too.
        Whether you are a gun user or not, a Republican vote support our freedoms to bear arms keep those freedoms entact. Support the NRA!

      3. Even moderate Democrats can’t still be stupid enough to vote for these slugs. Don’t they realize their party has been taken over by sociomarxists?

    2. These are legislated laws
      .not Executive Orders. The solution is to Not Vote For Any Democrat EVER AGAIN. Old Blackfacewhitesheet is just signing into law.
      When you get rid of all progressive socialist America hating Democrat can the problem be solved.

      1. Governor Blackface also did away with our voter ID law which means the Democrats will be cheating big time during elections. Illegals and dead people will be voting in greater numbers. Everyone in this country has to have an ID to do everything, open bank accounts, cash checks, etc. You should have to prove who you are to vote as well. Absentee voting is already a problem. We can’t get rid of the Democratic socialists who want to destroy our Constitution if these same people pad the vote with people who aren’t eligible to vote or dead.

  3. Ralph Northam is an example of the new Democrat Party, which seeks ever expanding power over the citizens, hold a recall election and oversee the counting.

  4. votes DO count get out there and VOTE ,or this could happen in YOUR state ,cause you will loose all your freedoms like in Michigan or Hawaii all democrap run states

  5. Northam, needs to be removed, He can not stay in office . He is not the person we need in office. He is out to destroy the Constitution . The Constitution is for all States . A governor can not over ride the Constitution . The laws he is trying to inforce is just a way to destroy the 2nd amendment

  6. Another example of what we can expect on a national level if Dems prevail in November out right attack on the 1st, 2nd, and 10th amendments for starters. Next will be tge nationalization of abortion on demand up to and including partial birth abirtions then followed by the naionalization of infanticide. Then the complete banning of right to work laws, all without a damn about what will happen to jobs. Just sayin’.

  7. Where the hell is the NRA? I hear crickets. Their headquarters is in Virginia. They should have filed for an injunction to block all those gun control laws before the ink was dry…

    GOA may do a better job going after Northam and getting him impeached immediately…

  8. Has anyone read anything in all these bills that pertains to criminals with firearms and actual real crimes? Anything at all that would put fear in the hearts of criminals? Gun control will always be selectively enforced! Remember that Mike bloomberg has body guards that carry and protect him with the same weapons that he wants to confiscate from you. He needs protection because he is rich and important. Your not so you don’t. Remember leyland yee ? If I remember correctly, he was a anti gun senator from California who they claim was a Brady bill poster child. He was selling illegal firearms to an fbi sting operation. That’s how he was funding his campaign. They are all hipocritical power and control freaks!

  9. Governor “Blackface” Northam of VA does the US citizenry a great favor before the 2020 election, as he is the poster child for Progressives’ actual hatred and racism- that which they project onto traditional Americans. Plus, he illustrates their hatred for our Constitutional freedoms, such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Top that off with his candid advocacy of their “sacrament” of Abortion (including actual Infanticide), and he perfectly exemplifies the evil that is the Progressive “religion.” VA voters MUST remove him and we must ALL defeat these Democrat tyrants who boldly take advantage of a pandemic, in 2020!

  10. I think what Northam forgets is that Virginia is basically a military state, and every solider and sailor that lives there has taken an oath to defend the constitution, so if he wants to start a revolutionary war that he can not win because our military will fight with the people ,he can keep trying to pass his socialist dumocratic laws

  11. What does Old Blackface not understand about ” Shall not Be Infringed”. LIke the Democrats say, this is settled law. UN-Constitutional thomas Jefferson is surely rolling in his grave!

  12. Agree Black face has to go. We need to vote in a good republican governor, republican house and senate and take back our state. Too bad their is so much cheating in the polls. As of today no voter ID is required in virginia to vote. Cheating is the only way dems win.