Covid-19 Being Used To Suppress Bill of Rights

“Never let a crisis go to waste”. We’ve all heard that many times but it especially seems to ring true with the anti-gun movement. They’re never louder than when we have a crisis.

Take, for example, the coronavirus pandemic we’re experiencing right now. How many governors have tried to shut down gun shops, suspend purchases, and put almost impossible restrictions on purchasing ammunition?

The attempts aren’t even coming in disguises anymore. Governors and mayors across the U.S.A. have repeatedly said they want to take away citizens right to bear arms. Couple that with tracking citizens movements by phones and by drones as well as ordering certain business (not just gun shops) to remain closed and one has to wonder if the Bill of Rights was just a suggestion to these folks.

We've seen attacks on the 1st Amendment (arresting folks for organizing against government overreach and using Facebook to ban the planning of those movements). We've seen an outright assault on the 2nd Amendment as well as a shredding of the 4th Amendment (using tech to spy on American citizens).

California politicians, among others, have handed out American taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, provided them with free healthcare, are fighting for them to get stimulus money, and are even arguing for them to have voting rights.

When the politicians are fighting for foreign countries and citizens while leaving Americans to foot the bill and live on the streets - you have a problem. There are many interpretations as to why the 2nd Amendment was written but one, overall theme, is to prevent a tyrannical government.

One could argue we are seeing firsthand the desires of many of our politicians to throw American sovereignty out the window and deliver those rights and choices to globalists, a la the United Nations.

“China could effectively shut down America’s healthcare system within months given the one-party state’s ‘global chokehold’ on the manufacturing of medicines and medical supplies, explained Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.”

It has never been more clear, in America's modern history, why we need the 2nd Amendment to remain a free country that values individual liberty. It has also never been more clear in the modern day that those rights are directly under assault.

For a more in depth take on this issue check out this article.

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9 thoughts on “Covid-19 Being Used To Suppress Bill of Rights”

  1. Americans are rising to the fight. During the Obama administration American Men and Woman got together from state to state, held secret meetings and gatherings hosting nearby state’s citizens and many militias began to coalesce into one very large army numbering over 500,000 indviduals carrying enough firepower to put down large municipality police forces or governor’s ‘executive police’. WE plan to use that army now very soon. Many Republicans In Name Only, and ALL of the DNC are in our reticles. WE the People own, and run this economic engine known as The United States Of America. The ‘domestic enemies’ within our federal gov’t, the DNC will be crushed literally beneath our boots. WE have had enough! WE will use armed force now! ‘Let’s Roll!’

  2. Very odd…

    On February 12th, 2020 POTUS described the following as “MAGA”:
    Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple.

    Google owns Youtube (which is harrassing, de-platforming and de-monetizing any and all content creators who are not progressive). Google is clearly anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-American.

    Amazon owns the Washington Post. WaPo is clearly anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-American.

    Microsoft is Bill Gates’ company – and he is now embarking on a mission to mandate vaccines and digital certificates. Microsoft is clearly anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-American.

    Apple is clearly anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-American.


    I do not view these companies as “MAGA”. Very strange.

    President Trump – these companies are MAGA? REALLY?

  3. Abraham after the war between the states said no country across the sea would conquer us , but the enemy within we should be concerned between the socialist and their communist friends we have great concern/ this disease is but a tool for them

  4. We know what the damn democrats are trying to do and it may get them the attention that that could be fatal during a civil war should they push hard enough to start one.

  5. We the people are all but a few, peaceful,law abiding folk! That on itself is being used against us! Now the leftest tell us what’s right, wrong, good, bad and tolerable! Fellow Patriots the left has turned us into sheep and we don’t even know it! Look at what the left gets away with even in government! It’s almost to late to take America back! REASON:. Schools have been indoctrinating students for over fourty years in anti American propaganda and socialistic communism! Patriotism mainly is passed down from families like a family business. Our young Patriots are being killed off, wounded and disengaged from patriotism by learning they are being used in unjust wars and missions! You know I’m right! Truth pulls at the soul. The lack of an outlet puts one in jail, prison the grave or on the couch watching sports, drinking beer, over eating – Depression!!!; I’m sorry folks I’m not saying a response to this outrage should lead to violence. We’ve tried and trying the vote, the left cheats. The POTUS they impeach, lie, scam, pure evil intent! Remember that all that hate and evil we see directed at Trump is not really for him! It’s for is the constitutional conservative! Trump just got in their way! America was supposed to have ended by now! That was the Clinton, Obama and the leftest agenda! DON’T ACT SURPRISED! You know it! I’m worried they may have gotten to Trump somehow thats why he’s going with this shutdown for so long! Something stinks and it’s not the 🧀! Let me make it perfectly clear! I am the colonel of WV MILITIA 1 I have no members for over five years! Tell you something??? I’m in no way advocating violence! I’m advocating PATRIOTISM!!! Most will know what that means!!! AMEN and AMEN. May GOD have mercy on us and our great constitutional country!!!

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