Mexico Wants Apology for Obama’s Fast and Furious Gun Scheme

You may remember the story of U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, who was murdered while patrolling the Arizona border. The guns that were recovered from that murder were traced back to a botched gun-running operation that was called “Fast and Furious”.

Congress tried to get answers, or at least made it look like they were trying, but they were stiff armed by the Obama DOJ and Eric Holder. Holder refueled to comply with a subpoena on the issue and Obama claimed Executive Privilege.

Mexico’s president isn’t letting this one just disappear quietly into the night.

Mexico's president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he wants to know whether the U.S. officials working on the operation worked with Felipe Calderon (Mexico's former President) on the operation.

From Bloomberg:

Lopez Obrador on Friday said he will ask the U.S. government if it had alerted Mexican officials that agents were carrying out the undercover operation where U.S. agents lost track of guns they had allowed to enter the Latin American nation with the goal of tracking Mexico’s brutal drug gangs.

This could become an issue for the November election as the current Democrat nominee is Joe Bide, the former Vice President under Barrack Obama.

Will President Trump oblige Mexico?

It's certainly possible and there are many reasons he might. Dan Zimmerman, at The Truth About Guns digs into those reasons a little deeper. Check out his article for more on this story.

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19 thoughts on “Mexico Wants Apology for Obama’s Fast and Furious Gun Scheme”

    1. Mexico needs to hold them legally responsible, to be tried in MEXICO! Televise the proceedings for the world to see, corruption American style. Use them as an example to Cartels. No one is above the law! Throw the book at all involved & throw key away…keep them.


  2. Please let’s not out-moron the morons by carrying the water of the idiot socialist corrupt Lopez Obrador. We don’t carry the water of ANY foreigner demanding anything of the US. Here’s a hint: if Bloomberg (owners of the world’s crappiest anti-business magazine) thinks some development is positive, it’s not.

  3. Hey Mexico,
    You are good at sneaking people across the border, why not “sneak” over, and scoop up fraud obunghole, and his communist cohorts and haul them to your country and “deal” with them”? Nothing will happen to them here , because the communists that run this country protect him from any retaliation.

  4. A whole lot of Americans feel similarly. I would not advise either of the above mentioned, Americans or Mexico to hold their breaths while they wait.

  5. It’s about time .I absolutely agree that there will be a full investigation and those who collaborated be held accountable for they disservice and jack of regard for the lives of those put in dire danger specially the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry . Not one of them should have been giving Executive privileges immunity . They deserved to be held accountable and brought to justice .

    1. EXACTLY! Is this not the same clown, just couple days ago, was spouting about JUSTICE & the rule of law! If Mexico allows Obola & Witholder to thumb their nose at Mexico’s laws. Then we will know, more fools are under Soros pocket.

  6. The Obozo response will be that “He heard/read about it in the news when everyone else did”….which is his generic response to any scandal that will put him in a bad light…AND the media will let it slide to protest him.