Pennsylvania School Board Member Threatens To Shoot Those Not Wearing Masks

A Facebook post by a Pennsylvania School Board member and doctor is creating controversy among gun rights activists and protesters against the lockdowns.

Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay threatened to shoot anyone coming within 6 feet of her and not wearing a mask, in a Facebook post.

“As a concerned carry-permitted gun owner, if you refuse to wear a mask and try to come within 6 feet of me or my family, I will exercise the same constitutional rights to shoot you.”

She penned this in response to the anti-lockdown protesters that are refusing to wear masks in public.

It was posted on a private Facebook page but it was then shared and became public. She has now started the process of walking it back and apologizing to anyone who was 'offended'.

“I would like to publicly apologize to anyone offended by my recent post regarding the hypocrisy of those who refuse to wear face masks yet walk around openly carrying guns.

Many of us have put things on a public social forum that we'd like to later take back. This, however, coming from a doctor and School Board member seems a bit more concerning.

Is she talking about kids at school? Is she talking about the parents of the kids at school? Is this someone you want on your local School Board?

She doesn't sound very rational for a position like a doctor or School Board member. Her apology seems to a half-apology of sorts as well.

I am sorry if my words were offensive or derogatory in any way. My concern and compassion for human life got the best of me.”

I must have misunderstood what 'compassion for human life' actually meant.

Read more at PennLive.

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47 thoughts on “Pennsylvania School Board Member Threatens To Shoot Those Not Wearing Masks”

  1. Thanx for the heads up! Someone VERY LIKELY now walk up to you mask-less’. You twitch, breath or even open your mouth, you’ll likely be shot down cold. Their lawyer can simply declare defense of life, your prior threats known by all now, and the fact that you are clearly you’re frikkin’ deranged idiot that is a threat to society. Hope it happens moron…..

    1. This is precisely what the Democratic Party of fools wants to Happen . They are hoping for people to become so unhinged over the Virus that they begin defending themselves from others, creating
      Another reason in their empty heads to go after our right to protect our freedom ! People don’t fall for it. Your rights to own a gun to defend yourself shall not be infringed ! It is the Supreme law of the land. Nobody, and I mean Nobody can take that away from you, unless you yourself by your own stupidity give up that right by doing something that constitutes a criminal act. ( I E. Shooting a unarmed person. ) If people not wearing a mask scares you so much just walk away . Live in a bubble with your gun, that’s perfectly fine . Keeping a mask over your face removes your identity, makes you a unknown person, a cow among cows, pig among pigs, and chickens among chickens .
      The only time it is needed is when you go into a store to purchase things. But the second you’re outside in the fresh air, take that stupid thing off your face ! It actually can make you sicker.

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  3. Having Conceiled Carry does not give you right to shoot anyone. It gives you a way to Protect You or and your Family. Should have her permit pulled! But not the right to shoot someone that you happen not like what they are doing!

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  5. Soooo it’s ok to shoot someone out of “compassion for human life” for NOT wearing a mask? She is as upside down as this season in the USA.

  6. She hedged her apology by accusing the non-masked of carrying guns. She is the one who brought guns up in her threat. Classic dodge of responsibility. She is a coward.

  7. She needs to recall that the second amendment was there for oppressive governments. which she is now a part of. For that point Her constituents would not have to even be 6 feet of her to reply to her unconstitutional demand.

  8. Now this is a classic example of where a red flag law would be truly warranted. This person should be disarmed immediately. She’s just not rational.

  9. Whom ever issued her ”the permit” should revoke it. Loose canon is what its called. So much for background checks. Isn’t it unlawful to make ”armed” threats ? She should be arrested and charged for a violent threat.

  10. That stuff just makes all Gun Owners look like Goons.Maybe she will be the on getting shot if she pulls on the wrong person.

  11. Proof once again you don’t have to be all that intelligent to be on any kind of board or job. Why do people say stupid things like that in the first place.? Then again when you take a look at what is being processed out of our colleges and universities the answer is staring us in the face every where we go. So to that dumbass broad I say this. If someone meets you on the street, mask on or not and they think your a threat. They have the same right as you think you do to shoot your stupid ass. The question is would they? .Someone else may be a conceal carry person. or not.
    More importantly is with your statement your permit can now be pulled. You are a threat and unstable by your statement. read the regs again lady.

  12. Rager-Kay should be fired for criminal action.
    This is pure communist tactics, it needs to be stopped, fire on that bitch if she dares.



    1. Don’t forget the other sites YOU and I are NOT allowed to frequent.

      Twitter, owned and operated by the gay, still in the closet, Jack Noble who hates conservatives and Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg is another.

  13. She doesn’t have the “right” to shoot anyone unless they’re deemed to be threatening. Coming within 6′ doesn’t cut it. That would exclude her hair stylist, the guy you pumps gas into her car [if she can drive] her dentist, her bank teller, her grocery store clerk etc. She should NOT have a “Carry” permit with her attitude.
    Now, if someone THREATENS her physically or verbally [that’s NOT someone who “violates” HER airspace] THEN she has a right to DEFEND herself. Proactively shooting someone isn’t a protected right.
    She sounds like one of those gun tottin’ liberals. I’m guessing she’s not. very well loved female.

  14. Wow really I don’t wear a mask. I think this crazy person needs to be locked up for that comment. My little boy doesn’t wear a mask so you all know how kids are they run around and play so if he ran by this idiot she would shoot him? Well crazy person Mama bear would rip your head off and I don’t care if you have a gun or not. This ugly crazy person needs to be put away for a long time for that comment.

    1. It’s stupid remarks like yours that caused the framers of the Constitution to put the right to bear arms second only to free speech. If only cops and the government had guns, we’d be totally at their mercy like in Nazi Germany. You, my friend, are ignorant of reality.

      1. By the way, more people are killed with knives in this country and automobiles than with guns. Ban them too.

        1. although her threat was stupid, she is afraid for her life, because of the media and handling of this by all government agencies. The media is a fear monger. It makes money and gives control to people. I know you meant well, but I really don’t think this woman would shoot anyone coming within 6 feet of her without a mask. At first glance, it makes people who are responsible gun owners to look like totally deranged people.
          And I apologize for taking your message out of context. This country is in a lot of trouble the way it is heading.

  15. What an idiot .And saying she is a doctor?A doctor if what ?She should be charged and not have a license to carry

  16. What is this goofball a doctor of? political science?, sociology? pottery making? basket weaving?
    Phrenology?? GO TRUMP 2020-2024-2028—————————-

  17. She should lose her Conceal Carry Permit and be required to have a psychological evaluation. Definitely be dismissed from the School Board and kept away from any school events! Parents should be concerned with this loose cannon having anything to do with their children.

  18. Doesn’t matter, she should not be threatening to shoot anyone, especially if the kid or adult does not have a gun themselves to defend themselves against her. If they aren’t wearing a mask technically speaking, it isn’t really a law passed by any legislature, it is an order from the governor and did the governor leave that decision of wearing a mask or not up to the citizens as a suggestion from the governor or an order from the governor. I am wearing a mask to keep from me catching the covid virus from someone carrying it, the mask is for my protection. I don’t trust anybody else to make me safe because too many other won’t go about making me safe. Maybe the board member should be the one to wear a mask and her family to keep from catching the virus from someone not wearing a mask instead of making a violent threat to those not wearing a mask which is legally their choice even during a pandemic. I fear the virus too but not enough to shoot someone and I am aged and I know if it is my time to die, there will be a way for me to die, I just hope it is fast. This board member should not be around kids as she panics too fast.