TAPS Act: Like The Patriot Act For Gun Owners

The anti-gun groups and politicians don’t sleep when it comes to creative ways to infringe on your second amendment rights. They’re not just calling certain guns assault weapons now. They’re thinking a little deeper than that.

Texas congressman, Brian Babin, introduced the TAPS Act. TAPS stands for Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act. The bill is referenced as H.R. 838 and it has 47 new cosponsors as of March 2020.

According to the Firearms Policy Coalition, the bill has 90 Republican sponsors and 90 Democrat sponsors.

Here is what the FPC says about it:

“H.R. 838 would permit levels of espionage against the American people not seen since the introduction of the Patriot Act.” Furthermore, this bill would set up a "Task Force" of 24 unelected individuals charged with managing a national strategy of surveilling private citizens under the pretense of "targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment."

At the end of the day this bill would allow for domestic surveillance and spying on the American citizens, all in the name of safety and prevention. The data would then be used to create models to predict behavior.

Given what we've seen with the latest coronavirus outbreak and the wildly inaccurate model predictions used, we should not blindly give authority to any entity to spy on us and use that data to predict behavior for our own good.

Read more on this bill at gunpowdermagazine.com.

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36 thoughts on “TAPS Act: Like The Patriot Act For Gun Owners”

  1. Sounds lie crap anytime unelected “committees” are arranged, they are stacked with left leaning members that consider them selves above the law. They then Start mandating more power to themselves.

    Kind of like communism it never works but I keep trying to push it

  2. Absolutely “NO WAY”! This is everything “anti-American” that can be thrown into a bill! Where are our values? Where are our foundational beliefs? Are we willing to throw away all of our freedoms? If this were to pass and become law, the communists will have achieved much of what they have been wanting for decades! I say “Not just in my lifetime…But Never!”

  3. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that the sponsors of this unconstitutional legislation caught the corona virus with terminal results. The 2nd Amendment AS WRITTEN is the law…no modifications…

  4. What happened to the second amendment? The POS’S that are doing this are nuts. Check out any place that has open carry, the crime rate drops to nothing. They want to make us helpless.