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New Zealand Confiscates Guns, Sees Record Gun Crime

New Zealand passed the New Zealand Arms Amendment Act 2019 and the data is, well, seemingly predictable. Given Australia did the same thing and has one of the highest rates of robbery, sexual assault, and assault with force – we wouldn’t have predicted a big drop off in crime.

From Radio New Zealand:

“Rates of gun crimes and killings using guns at highest levels in a decade in 2019,” last year “there were 3540 occasions where an offender was found with a gun​.” The report went on to note that “in both of the last two years, the rate of deadly incidents involving a firearm was the highest it had been since 2009” and that “[t]he number of guns seized by police is also on the rise, up almost 50 percent on five years earlier at 1263 last year.​” Making clear that the figures cited in the article were not skewed by the horrific shooting in Christchurch, the report noted that “[t]he 15 March terror attacks were listed as two separate firearms-related incidents.​”


New Zealand went after the rights of law-abiding gun owners and citizens took note. Not everyone gave up their guns.

New Zealand gun rights group, the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners estimated that 170,000 prohibited firearms were still in the hands of Kiwis after the confiscation program.

If you google search Australia gun control, you'll almost only find 'success' stories from mainstream news outlets but the reality is that it had almost no effect, at all, on crime in general.

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice reviewed the available research on Australia’s firearm confiscation program and issued a memorandum that concluded that the effort had no effect on crime generally.

Even the US DOJ concluded there was no effect on crime from the gun ban.

For more on this story check out this  Ammoland article.

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39 thoughts on “New Zealand Confiscates Guns, Sees Record Gun Crime”

  1. Gun Violence – There are a lot of emotional arguments on both sides, and “Feel-Good” Legislative activity at the State levels – so let’s break down the official numbers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): New numbers are 38,000 deaths a year; however, the ratios are probably the same
    • In 2017, there were 32,000 deaths from Gun Violence in the USA – 40,100 in car accidents
    • 60% are suicides = 19,200 (conveniently omitted fact)
    • 3% are accidental = 960 and 4% are justified = 1,280
    • 33% are homicides = 10,560
    • However, 80% of them are gang related = 8,448.
    • That leaves 2,112 in society of 312 million
    • As we all know, it is not politically correct to discuss the prevailing Black-on-Black crime and Latin Gangs – Back population is 14%, however they represent more than 50% of the homicides.

    No NRA member has ever been charged on gun violence, so why are they always implicated in that in public opinion. Yet, NRA is the organization teaching gun safety.

    Finland and Switzerland have some of the highest per capita gun ownership in the world, yet some of the lowest gun violence. Both of them are small culturally homogeneous (same basic values) and well-educated societies with mandatory military service for all males. USA is not.

    Guns do not kill – people do.

    Criminals would not comply with any gun control laws. However, these “Feel-Good” laws provide politicians the cover – like they really care.

    Most mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones – why – a safe place for the shooter.
    Public Gun Registration would have some serious unintended consequences
    • Let the criminals know which house may not be the safe ‘target’ to break in
    • Also, where one could find some guns for their criminal activities

    America does not have a gun problem. We have significant problems with education, culture, and socio-economics. How much does our culture of violence, propaganda of envy, and lack of respect (self and authority) impact the younger generation?

    Mexico is the number two most dangerous country (after Syria – civil war) due to cartels.

    1. You are right—-facts are self evident ! Trouble is , gun banners are so programed they will never accept them .

    2. I spent the month of January in your beautiful island nation. To disarm you law abiding citizens is a travesty to your country and your citizens.
      Your failure to get your criminal element under control is a indication of your miserable ability to perform your job, and you should be expelled (fired) immediately !!
      To cause your citizens to be exposed to potential disaster due to your ineffective abilities to lead them is shameful! !
      I will never return, and will never recommend anyone visit your beautiful country.
      What a shame !!!

  2. serves you idiots right just a pinch of common sence should have told you that it would not work, that it would open the door to more and more cases and shootings that is the bottom line but the liberals didn’t want it they think they have all the answers look at the liberals and social idiots around the world it is as plain as the nose on a Frenchie’s face, dumb idiots will continue to do what they want

  3. Suddenly there was a rash of robberies in my neighborhood. My next door neighbor (a policeman) told me to buy a gun and when anyone came to your house selling ANYTHING place the loaded revolver on the table right at the front door where it is easily seen. I did. He and I were the only two not burglarized. It’s goooood to have a gun and you never have to shoot it.

  4. Being able to protect yourself against ANY and ALL threats including HUMAN GIVEN government job titled Nazi wannabe power happy control freaks is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. It is NOT a man given one. I don’t care where you live on this planet You have the RIGHT to protect yourself. Which means you have the RIGHT to own GUNS PERIOD. As for you HUMAN GIVEN government job titled morons you can take your LITTLE HUMAN WANNABE control and shove it up your ass before it gets done for you.

  5. another country to take OFF my bucket list,they have idiots running their country,I have taken China OFF no need to go to Europa I am staying in the Americas