David Dorn Shooter Arrested and Charged With Murder

A 24 year old man has been arrested in the murder of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn. Dorn was a retired police captain who came back to help his community in the wake of violent riots and looting.

Dorn served almost 40 years with the St. Louis Police but had retired in October of 2007. After his retirement he became the Chief of Police for a small town in St. Louis County, called Moline Acres.

“He was very dedicated to youth, especially disadvantaged youth,” said Fitch, who led the St. Louis County Police Department from 2009 to 2014. “He wanted to see them succeed. He wanted to be a role model for those young men and women to go into law enforcement.”


Those who knew him said he was a happy guy, a fun guy, and just a guy who always wanted to do the right thing. His officers in Moline Acres said Dorn made it clear he would everyone to a high standard.

"He wanted them to do the right thing all the time," Fitch said.

Dorn was gunned down in the early morning hours of June 2 while protecting a pawn shop during the violent riots that broke out after the death of George Floyd.

The 24 year old, Stephan Cannon, has been arrested and charged with 1st degree murder, 1st degree robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, and three counts of armed criminal action.

For more on this story go to Fox News.

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32 thoughts on “David Dorn Shooter Arrested and Charged With Murder”

    1. Pleasant? How so? To us Americans it’s extremely disturbing that such cruelty and bigotry goes on in our beloved country. I say that about George Floyd as well.

      I do suppose it’s satisfying to know that Capt. Dorn’s murderer has been captured and will face justice. In my view such premeditated murder meant to create fear through domestic terrorism should mean a life sentence or the death penalty. Do you agree?

  1. GOOD DEAL, now take his sorry a$$ to the GOOD BYE SHOT ROOM , and give him a GOOD BYE SHOT, and he should not get a trial, he did not give Mr.Dorn one did he. ???/

    1. Do you or do you not believe in the Constitution with its Bill of Rights? Do you believe in Due Process? Do you comprehend Due Process was not just meant for the innocent, but also for the manifestly guilty as well?

      Are you an American patriot or are you a Jacobin?

      1. Do you mean like the good old lynchings of “Ns” by the Good Ole Boys in the South?

        Oh, and what does the 8th Amendment say, or is it outmoded?

  2. Tragic! ! And where are the huge groups of people especially African Americans lauding and praising and marching and memorializing this obviously very good and noble man? ?Why are not his accolades even as much and or greater than those for Floyd George? ?

    1. One is a law abiding, contributing citizen, the other, a known criminal. Criminals are worshipped by the brain dead morons. Example…Ojay, Sharpless, Gardner, Oebola, etc..

  3. Where are the arrests of the other looters that did nothing to help Mr. Dorn. Isn’t this the exact reason why Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng have been arrested and charged.

  4. “Felon in possession of a firearm” says it all…. these are the rioters that want to “defund the police”. Makes crime a lot riskier as an occupation.

  5. If Dorn had instead shot Cannon…the Mainstream media would have canonized the THUG….that’s what they do. Our DISHONEST and BIASED media are the real threat to our democracy…

  6. Two lawyers from top law schools (Princeton and Fordham) threw a Molotov cocktail into an occupied police car in NYC….the officers were fortunate to escape.
    Yesterday, a liberal Jewish Democrat judge named Steven Gold freed them on low bail saying that “one mistake doesn’t determine who you are”…These 2 attended top law schools on ‘Affirmative Action’ quotas…they received ‘financial aid’ from the taxpayers….and yet they want to destroy the system over their perceived views. They should face long prison sentences and that liberal azzhole judge should be impeached.
    Elect conservatives so that IDIOTS like Judge Gold are not put onto the bench….

    1. I believe the police car was unoccupied at the time. Even still, had the car exploded it could have endangered others.

      I hope you noticed the female “lawyer’s” (pettifogger’s) shirt. It was an outright communist one.

      As for the judge, what does his Jewish faith have to do with this issue? Is it that you find it hard to understand why so many liberal Jews support the Left considering what the German Nationalist Socialist Party and Soviets did to Jews in their pogroms? I do.

      This election will likely be the most critical in our lifetimes. It’s my belief that ignorant people and those wanting government bailouts will elect a socialist regime this November. It could spell the end of a democratic (VERY small r) REPUBLIC under the rule of exegetical Constitutional Law with a free market capitalist economic system with true contract law.

      As you say, we MUST get out and vote conservative constitutionalists into office and then hold their feet to the fire to really restore the Republic and make America great again.