Chicago Woman Appalled Store Owners Have Guns, Won’t Allow Looters – Goes OFF!

Warning: the video link below has foul language throughout.

As if people didn’t know Chicago is one of the most dangerous places to be even in ‘peacetime’, this lady is absurdly angry that these store owners are carrying guns and ‘ready to kill’ her if she loots their stores.

Imagine thinking you’re exposing these ‘crooks’ who are protecting their stores with guns. Imagine thinking THEY’RE the ones who are doing something wrong.

This is another reason why we have guns. She thinks it’s her right to be able to loot your store and if you protect it – she’s gonna call her cousin who’s a homicide detective.


In a tweet, a user shared a live video of a woman berating "Ay-rabs" who were protecting their store that she said is full of cheap Chinese sh*t.

They let these people come outside with they AK-47s. Ak-47s to protect they stuff from black people. They ready to kill black people, the A-rabs, the fake a** Ramadan mother f**kers. They got M-16s, AK – with they people’s out here. Everything y’all. Look at this s**t. They got mother f**kin’ AKs out here and I’m going to get my cousin that’s a police officer right now and ask him are they legally able to carry these mother f**kin’ guns like this. I need to know. I need to know.

She's apparently a very important lady with connections and she's not gonna have any of this 'protection' BS. Not on her turf.

This isn’t a right to bear arms. These people got the black man out here ready to kill more black people if we decide to loot they store. They ready to kill us! But b**ch we gonna come back and you gotta have that gun all mother f**kin’ day because you don’t even know who I am.

Allah, gonna – burn this place, Allah. Burn em down Allah.

How did we get here, America?

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51 thoughts on “Chicago Woman Appalled Store Owners Have Guns, Won’t Allow Looters – Goes OFF!”

    1. This is what public education now produces. Liberal teachers and administrations are to busy brainwashing our kids about how great socialism is and how bad America is to bother to teach them what they really need to learn in order for them to be productive. And guess what you as taxpayers are paying them to do this.

  1. And THIS attitude/belief is why blacks are killed by cops ….thinking they can do whatever they please to anybody they please because they are black….and it is THEIR right because 160 years ago their relatives may have been slaves…..does it also prove who is the “racist ” in the country ?….O.K. Main stream media….do your ignoring…to advance your/liberal agenda that all blacks are just loving disenfranchised people that all whites are taking advantage of.

    1. If someone was to murder someone then for the next ten generations of those relatives are they all expected to suffer and pay for it. NO, so why are we supposed to feel guilty over something that was done so long ago. Slavery was not something to be proud of and a lot of blacks suffered then but I had no hand in it did you? And let’s remember a lot of blacks in Africa sold other blacks to the whites back then! Over generations views of what is right and what is wrong change and this is the way it should be. I know that the blacks have been held back for years and if you want to see how then just look at the democrat party. Obama had eight years to make a difference for the blacks and he did nothing! President Trump is trying to help the black community but something like this is going to take time it is not going to happen overnight so give him another four years, what have you got to lose!

  2. that is one sick woman, VERY SICK , for sure, she was death threatening the store owners, but was going to get the police, LOL LOL, what kind of ghetto street corned drugs was she on. The looters killed a 77 yr old retired policeman in ST LOUIS MO. and he was helping protect a friends PAWN SHOP. The killer has been arrested. These are the kind of people ,that guns are to protect , the good people from, and the color of their skin has nothing to do with it, it is MENTALLY EVIL BAD vs THE GOOD WE THE PEOPLE AMERICANS.

  3. Just an example of the low IQ people who belong to the Democrat Party, the only ones that the Democrats can convince to vote for them, for the intelligent Democrats specifically goes after voters like this idiot black woman. “PATHETIC”, an example why pure Democracies always fail, because there are too many people like her, and why are “Founding Fathers” had the foresight to make the USA a Republic.

  4. The leader of the Toronto branch of BLM said the melanin in black people’s skin allows them to pick up cosmic signals from outer space. I think this got cosmic message a little garbled.

  5. These uneducated morons think that looting is legal but protecting their store and their lives are illegal better get back to the real world. I personally don’t like Muslims but they do have a right to protect themselves. The moron that she doesn’t like the fact that people are protecting themselves better go out and buy body armor, better yet don’t LOOT.

  6. Shooting looters appears to be the best way to solve their problems. If they’re dead there’s a much lower recidivism rate, the taxpayers aren’t on the hook for room & board, & their families can pay for the plot.
    GO TRUMP 2020-2024-2028————————-

  7. The complainer can avoid problems very simply. Don’t bother people who are not bothering you. Possibly looking in her mirror would prove informative, actually I suspect it would be most informative.

  8. This lady does not understand the second amendment. It is our constitutional right to own and protect our family and property. What gives her the right to steel from others? Just cause she is black? That is the attitude of a lot of people. But you know, if you don’t answer for your sins here on earth,you will have to answer for it at a later date. And the is for certain.

  9. This group of people know they can anything they want and don’t have to pay. The last 40 years the democrats promised a free life style, plenty of drugs, and easy treatment. Some one forgot to tell them, at some point you got to pay. The system fails when the foundation is no longer. Society is based like a pyramid. You got to have a strong foundation, secure protection and a stable environment to survive.

    If non of these societies building block are not present; the society fails. In a thousand years there has not been one successful socialist society. Simply because it is corrupted from the very beginning. The communist have had their greatest success with socialism using force and corruption intimidating the people. Another factor supporting socialist is religion. Religion indoctrinate the people into being complaisant and to become followers. It is easier for a socialist to control the people when they have a strong cultural religion to use. Thinking people will not follow like sheep any doctrine handed to them. Thinking people created our Declaration of Independence; the Constitution and the “Bill of Rights”. These documents could not have been written by conformist or followers; the details show how much the founders planned and thought out each detail.

    Know your history; sheep are led like lemme over the cliff.

  10. That says a lot about the mindset of many of these street thugs who have taken over this situation in the streets all over America.

  11. I BELIEVE IT !!! These A–holes think they want a FU_ _IN WAR because some stupid white suburbanite kids think it’s COOL to march with ANTIFA CRIMINALS and that makes it legal to burn and loot !!! BRING IT ON ,MF and we will be RID of every MF ONE OF YOU……FINALLY !!!

  12. The store owners will just post her home address and send the looters to her place. That should more than satisfy her!

  13. Black is white. Up is down. Left is right. Why? Democrats have brainwashed these creatures ( assuming they have a brain between them)
    This is straight out of the Marxist playbook and we must be prepared to counter this dangerous movement. This philosophy has killed millions in such places as Cambodia and parts of Africa not counting the ultimate China. Rewriting history is their forte

  14. Sadly, this is a part of the Koran, in that Muslim’s are taught that
    “they” have the right to take anything they want from non-Muslim’s.
    This is what is written in the Koran, and promoted by the Imam’s.

  15. Its a disgrace what the liberal left is doing to our Country and may result in mass warfare between them and us and after they are all wiped out, yhe Country can once again be great and can do without all the politically correct nonsense.

  16. This woman is exactly the kind of individual that the democrats wanted to produce in great numbers when Johnson passed the “great society” act. Too stupid to live, too coddled to die. Revoke left-wing activists’ right to teach, and root out these commie college professors (and get rid of tenure) and then, and only then can you start to take the country back. I have neither love nor pity for these evil bastards who have destroyed our educational system. I despise them.

  17. Seattle — taken 7 blocks- stolen. They have armed guards, and asking for more armed volunteers. They want: abolish all police, no police in schools, no jail for youth, segregated black hospital with black doctors and nurses, new trial fo all nonwhite * violent criminals, businesses unfortunately inside these stolen 7 blocks can pay them if they want to be open……, and who knows what else. Bring in the armed National Guard and if necessary now. Our demo politicians doing nothing. Allowing thousands to protest/riot killings, injuries and property loss. Help.


  19. Nothing wrong about doing what is right. Yes lady, these people want to protect what they have worked for and do not want lawless people no matter what color they are from breaking into their store to destroy and loot. Where in the world did you get such a sick mind to think this is your right. From what you say I presume you are referring to believers in Islam that are protecting probably an Islam store owner’s property. In the U.S. we all have rights and freedoms and it also goes to the believers in Islam. What we do not believe is that anyone can force any belief or ideology on anyone else. It is a free will choice. I say that to tell you now that I do not believe in the Muslim faith for I am a Christian and know my faith is the only one that is real and makes a difference. I present it to you and you can either accept or reject with no consequences from me. God is your judge not me. My God does not accept lawless behavior from anyone and if you think looting and destroying businesses for the reason of some political or other issue even if it is the death of another person that is 100% wrong. All I can tell by the way you responded is that you are a LOST SOUL ON YOUR WAY TO HELL ! I have seen people looting and stealing from others when the electricity goes out or during a hurricane on the coast like in New Orleans and in 90% of the time all I see are black people doing this. It is wrong and not acceptable with God. Start by obeying the 10 Commandments of God. Then read Jesus’s sermon on the mount in the Holy Bible in Chapters 5,6 and 7 and then consider what you have previously said and believed. I am sure it will change you if you take it to heart. The only way you can change that is to repent to Yeshua (Jesus) and change your evil ways. He died on the cross and shed his sinless perfected blood for your sins but you must repent and change your ways or your destination will not be to a place of comfort and it will be for eternity. Please consider what I say and do as I have told you for what I say is true and life changing and non political.

  20. To the stupid black quim who was complaining. I sincerely hope you go back to try to rob these stores. I would love to see the news. Stupid black twat gets killed for attempting to rob stores.