MN Sheriff: Minneapolis Must Live With Their Decision

Sheriff James Stuart, of Anoka County, MN has let his position be known on the irresponsible actions and talk of the elected ‘leaders’ of Minneapolis. Recently, Minneapolis City Council and Mayor have talked about the ‘need to defund the police’ and now they seem to be acting on it.

If they think they’re going to defund the police department and then ask surrounding law enforcement to come in and restore their community as it drives right off a cliff, they may have a surprise waiting.

Sheriff Stuart published a Facebook post stating his position on the issue.


The members of the Minneapolis City Council should be mindful that numerous other law enforcement agencies have responded to support them, to restore order, to protect their citizens and to return peace to their city during recent tragic days. We did this while joining our communities in disgust over the way in which George Floyd lost his life and in hopes of a stronger, unified future.
There are clearly concerns to be addressed and areas to be fixed.
However, If they choose to eliminate their police department through defunding operations without a realistic plan, they must also choose to live with the consequences of their decisions. We are one of many agencies who have no appetite for going back to their city to restore order again; especially if their decision is to actively compromise the safety of the city.
Cooler heads who seek actual answers while working with their community will find realistic answers. Those who embrace impulsive actions must live with the consequences and I think we have all suffered enough from a variety of bad decisions.

Stuart has seen an outpouring of support on his Facebook page since publishing the post. It has over 6,800 likes and 3,700 shares.

Sounds like a reasonable position to me. Why should they go risk their lives for a city that intentionally created a disaster and won't back their good men in uniform? To do that would seem like walking right into an ambush. To make matters worse, those who might harm the officers might also be free to walk away with no charges if recent history is any indicator.

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42 thoughts on “MN Sheriff: Minneapolis Must Live With Their Decision”

  1. George was a criminal. Did he deserve to die in such a way? NO. But he surely wasn’t no angel and calling him a gentle giant is nothing but one big laugh.

    1. Yea ask the pregnant woman in Houston that he stuck a gun in her belly. He didn’t deserve to die that way. But he didn’t deserve to be on the streets either.

  2. And it’s the law biding tax payer that is left footing the bill to clean up this mess, not to mention all the work involved by people that are being drug into the clean up, who had nothing to do with all the destruction. Antifa, black lives matter and all the blind that were following them, will not be held accountable. The innocent are always left holding the bag. These hoodlums are the people that should have to pay and pay dearly. Everything they have should be confiscated, disposed of and the proceeds put into a clean up fund and George Soros should have to compensate ever police officers family for their losses. That’s justice. And in their wisdom they destroyed George Floyds neighbor hood.

    1. Rational and totally correct. The problem is, too many people in the media and in government take advantage of situations like this for profit and political advancement. One wrong, accidental death of a man in custody by a police officer who is now up on second degree murder charges, and somehow, the correct response is nationwide looting and killing, up to 15 dead and many wounded. Somehow that’s not wrong enough to pay much notice to. It is racism to make such deaths about race, and then use it as an excuse to go berserk. And it is worse than racism to profit by it.

  3. Those who made this decision should be TRIED for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”. ANTIFA and BLM are BOTH the enemy coming from COMMUNIST origins. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Now that Antifa is a “Domestic Terrorist Organization“, that allows a huge can of Whoopass to be opened by our Great President.
      See Ya, Antifa🇺🇸

  4. The Photo in this article speaks volumes. That is equality, I think not.. Right on Sheriff, they are making their bed and they will need to sleep in it for a while and just maybe they will see the
    problem a little differently. Vote those fools out.

  5. Why is there NEVER any mention of punishment for the rioters, the agitators & instigators, the people who incited the rioting,looting,burning,killing, those who sponsored the agitators and for those who are aiding and abetting them so they can continue the destruction ???? This sheriff has the right idea in dealing with these libtard/socialist/demoSCUM/anti-American politicians who want this chaos to continue for the sake of their party and the defeat of President Trump. There should be public hangings for these so-called leaders who are willing to destroy(better yet watch the destruction from afar) our country and our way of life for their own disgusting political, greed reasons.

    1. Calling the rioters names didn’t work, it won’t work because they now own the media. Hell, every group worldwide hell bent on taking down the USA now can just simply say “we are the victims of white racism” and they will be praised and supported by the democrats, and they run governments in this country at all levels. Good luck America, it was a nice run, experiment, and now it’s over. sorry for the poor sentence construction, I’m slowly getting better.

  6. This a great answer, I do not want to live in a city without police. There may be a few bad officers but to leave citizens unprotected because of them is wrong. I am very happy with my police officers, they are really good. I feel sorry for the people in Minneapolis, they have elected some really dumb people.

  7. Right now, today, Al-Quaeda, Isis, North Korean leaders central and south american drug cartel leaders and every other group that has dreamed of destroying the USA are realizing that their entire approach to achieving this goal was wrong. Instead of hijacking planes full of people and flying them in to buildings and other terrorist techniques all they had to do was control the media and claim that they are victims of white racism! Problem solved. Come on in America haters, you won’t find any resistance here, we have dis-armed our people and demonized the people that would fight you, the police.

  8. Perfect reply. These “leaders” should reap what they sowed. Many businesses and people are leaving the area in droves. Their decision, just like Seattle Washington’s decision, have consequences.

  9. No more bailouts and Federal aide to cities and States that condone and do nothing to stop lawlessness, Sanctuary cities and Failure to protect its American Citizens.

  10. Minneapolis Police should get “Blue Flu” for a month then discuss defunding or increasing funding and having Mayor and Governor resign.

  11. Just watched a video on the looting of a walmart, answer this question WHAT THE HELL DID THAT HAVE TO DO WITH FLOYD’S DEATH. Maybe what should happen is law enforcement should be waiting at the doors as they come out with their goodies and booking them right there.

  12. I don’t believe there will be a lesson learned any other way. Everyone must/should take the responsibility for their own actions. No-one should be responsible for the actions of others.

  13. What in the world makes the so called leaders in MN/Minneapolis think that just because they have to police stand down that the legit citizens are not going to fill in their role, without being asked.


  15. Those city officials should be jailed. What a knee jerk Stupid reaction, Then they expect another LE agency to clean up their mess. The SO is correct.

  16. In this case, I hope the city gets burned to the ground (and I mean burned out of existence). I want no people harmed but this will probably mean property damage.

  17. I agree with Sheriff James Stuart. There was a famous actor by the same name.

    He was a tough guy as well.

  18. I am certain that the vast majority of the other neighboring cities’ law enforcement departments will also refuse to help Minneapolis. What a disgrace Minneapolis’ city officials as well as state leaders have become! Minneapolis used to be a beautiful proud city but look what they have allowed it to become!!!! Shame on you all!!!

  19. The problem here is the infantilism of the city council, who expect that someone will always be there to meet their needs if they scream loudly enough, and that the grownups will always be there to clean up the messes they make.

    It appears the grownups will not be coming, this time,

    Chaos is about to descend on this council’s city, and these benighted children will, in the manner of children, blame everyone but themselves. But the noise will drown them out.

    May God grant a change of heart to them.

  20. I would also point out that many of these democratically controlled cities after their mayors and city councils used a “light touch” to the rioters instead of cracking down on them should not expect that the federal government will pour millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to help them rebuild. The socialists made their own bed so now let them lay in it. We taxpayers have had more than enough.