How to Keep Your Nieghborhood Safe During Times of Unrest

Most of us don’t live off the grid and if you do you probably won’t read this. Because most of us live in semi-urban areas, the unrest that has occurred across the country has affected your life in one way or another. Some people are in the thick of it and others are watching from TV.

Here are some essential tips for getting your neighborhood prepared for unrest, if it hits your area.

If you don’t want to walk around going door to door to build community that’s understandable. However, you do need to build allies in your neighborhood in order to effectively keep your neighborhood safe. The safety and protection of homes and families is a topic most will have a common interest in.

Survival Life suggests using an app called Nextdoor as a way to take the conversation into the digital realm.


You will likely find that not everybody is a prepper. You'll also likely find that, given the current time, people will be more open to discussing 'what to do if...' and will be open to suggestions and ideas.

This is not the time to discuss politics but instead focus on the community and find out who you can trust and who will be an ally.

Make a Stand to Protect Your Community

Come together with allies in your neighborhood to put a plan in place for how to defend and protect your homes, neighbors, and properties.

It can be as simple as plans for communication, barriers, and protection of those barriers around homes and streets. If you can find allies to take a stand against the destruction of property and assaults on citizens you will have a good chance of survival and little chance of destruction.

It can also be seen through the lens of building a community of people who are rooted in the neighborhood. There has to be ownership in this nation in order for it last. When we abandon our neighbors, our cities, and our problems, well, we invite the fall of empires.

The key here is to build allies, if you haven't caught on. This will be essential to protecting your community. Find common ground on issues of protection and support and commit to helping each other.

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8 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Nieghborhood Safe During Times of Unrest”

  1. It seems that rioters have more rights than the property owners. You cannot use deadly force to defend your property, so what can you do? Say for example, what if rioters decide to burn your storage building, you couldn’t do a damned thing except watch it happen.

  2. I see that you referenced Next Door as a communication vehicle–my experience with them is they’re biased toward the liberal region–they’ve censured me for insignificant reasons twice, when others with far more liberal agendas get away with their messages being published. I don’t try to send out messages over their app anymore, I find it to be a waste of effort.