Texas Warns Protesters It Will Defend The Alamo

The state of Texas waved its finger at the notion some protesters are planning to destroy the historical site.

We’ve seen historical sites destroyed and statues torn down and defaced over the last 2 weeks of protesting and rioting. Robert Barnes tweeted that the protesters have now set their sights on tearing down the Alamo.

The state of Texas disagrees.

Texas land Commissioner, George P. Bush, delivered a stern warning to those thinking of damaging the historic site.

Bush said they have already deployed law enforcement to the site for protection.

The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. And it will be defended. My office is closely watching the social media posts and rumors from protesters who are threatening to come to The Alamo. Rest assured, we have already deployed, for several weeks and continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with [San Antonio Police Department, The Department of Public Safety and The National Guard to protect this sacred site.

He included some photos of a large law enforcement presence standing in front of the Alamo and had one final message.

My message to the protesters is simple: Don't mess with The Alamo.

This is in stark contrast to the way states like Washington, New York, and Minnesota have approached the destruction of state property and historical monuments.

Texas stated, clearly, it is prepared to protect its land, buildings, and businesses from violent and destructive protests.


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62 thoughts on “Texas Warns Protesters It Will Defend The Alamo”

  1. If they come, they will be added to the Santana memorial in Mexico. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS and OUR HERITASGE or face the end of your ignorant, acts of destruction of our liberty and your Bolshevik brain washing.

  2. THIS HAS REALLY GOTTEN OUT OF HAND. These people should not be allowed to destroy our history or private property. I asm for doing what ever it takes to shut this thuggery down. To and include deadly force. I believe a lot of people are sick of this. What is government supposed to do, if not protect us?

    1. Amen!! Don’t let them destroy ANY part of Texas!
      Please! I live in Galveston, and when we have hurricanes and most people leave, there are many signs that say You loot, we shoot! If there is rioting and looting and they are not stopped, I believe the people of Texas will defend their property and people will be hurt and worse. I love Texas because of our values and conservatism. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!

  3. Glad for the stern warning I’m sick of the riots thinking anything they feel like removing or destroying is okay! Stay strong Mr Bush and Texas!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Yes yes , it’s about time we all stood up to defend what we believe in and have labored so hard for equal justice, The Alamo is history of our forefathers regardless of which side they fought for. Texas born and raised and grateful to be a part of this great state. We should not be bully and afraid of this rioters, don’t mess with the Alamo or Texas!

  5. Hey all of you young morons, you grandchildren of baby boomers, you children of helicopter mothers, you spoiled rotten brats…
    c’mon down to Texas you wusses…. all of the other states may stand with their thumbs up their rears as you destroy their cities and OUR history….
    So c’mon down to Texas and try it….. PUNKS!!!!!

    1. Well, I believe OUR Commander in Chief has already done that.
      By labeling Antifa a “domestic terrorist organization”, his administration now has an arsenal of tools… Big cans of whoop-ass if you will.
      Please Patriots, please nip this in the bud and vote Red across the board.
      Like 45 or not, he works very hard and very long hours to put America back where it belongs…on top of the World. He and We bow to no one.🇺🇸

  6. And there are many more ALAMO defenders that are ready to put it on the line to defend the HEART of TEXAS. An Offensive Defense would help ensure that ruthless protesting freaks stay away from what is not with in their limits to tamper. This is not Oregon, California, Minnesota, DC, Georgia or other victimized areas. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS, especially the ALAMO.

    1. I arrived In San Antonio Texas April 1, 1968.
      I was then the director of the French Pavilion Restaurant and Private Club, Bakery and pastry shop
      I Had the privileges’ of meeting and serving such great American’s as President LBJ, Governor Connolly and many other distinguished Guests!
      Arriving from Paris France to San Antonio and participating in the opening of the Hemisfair-68 was one of my life great achievements and contribution to Texas.
      The Alamo was a very emotional discovery that enlightened me in the History of the lone Star State.
      For me Texas remain what I always say the US! I am yet to meet nicer caring, giving, Folks then Texans!
      I regret having moved out to the North…

  7. Better watch out “protestors” this is one state you do NOT want to mess with. We will NOT tolerate the defacing of OUR national monuments for you to “make a point” or a “statement”.

    1. It time to tell all of these folks that it will stop here.
      Of they really want to have the s… come down on them
      Just let them try and destroy our hard faught history.

  8. I’m for the protection of the Alamo100% it a shame that it has come to this. Hope all are arrested that attempt such a thing.

  9. Texas is doing the right thing, telling these radical Thugs, “you had better think twice before you try and mess with our shrines like the Alamo…We fire REAL bullets and won’t hesitate to enforce our LAWS…This is what it is going to take to get these criminals and outlaws from destroying our streets and business…Other States should take a stand like Texas then, these riots of burning and looting will be a thing of the past…These young people and thugs running around listening to bad people like ANTIFI who want to burn and destroy things, should listen up…..DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS…If you are just looking for trouble…..then…mess with Texas..They don’t play around…You will find more trouble then you want…Is you life worth that ??? I have seen a lot of bullet wounds, and they are NOT Pretty and they all hurt like HELL……

  10. As a native Texan, I applaud the Texas officials taking the stand to protect the Alamo from the thugs threatening the it’s destruction. The Alamo has nothing to do with black lives matter. It’s sad so much of the rest of the country cowers in fear, letting these idiots run amok.

  11. About time someone showed some backbone. Up to now, this civil war has been relatively free of gunfire. Push TRUE Americans (I don’t consider these blue-state cowards “real” Americans) far enough, they will draw a bright RED line in the sand. You cross that line, I sincerely hope these defenders of our history start with a bullet in the leg. If that’s not enough, then whatever it takes, LET IT HAPPEN. SAVE AMERICA.

  12. Thank you Texas and Texans for protecting the shrine to the sacrifice of those brave men! I LOVE the Alamo and I may not be Texas born but I’m Texan at heart!

  13. Yep! The new found warriors fought hard at the Alamo, and San Jacinto, to secure it for Texas. I’m proud to be a native, natural born Texan. The only problem I have, is the Mexicans took it back without firing a shot!

  14. The destruction of our heritage/history has got to stop, just for a few that are too sorry, too stupid, too lazy to get out and EARN the respect, the injustice is brought on by their own actions and lack of any ethic, work, moral or otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Love your comment, Alan! After they see we’re serious and drop a few of their bullies “center mass”, I think the rest will go crying like babies running for their lives!

  15. I think all monuments from our history should be protected by the military
    This is getting way out of hand
    Next they’ll want to change the American flag

    1. A good idea Terry. Our military is to fight for our freedoms here and abroad.
      The liberal atheists idiots took prayer out of the school along with the pledge of allegiance. Now we have known liberals teaching our kids and NO history being taught at all. Parents failing miserably at the job of parenting. We can’t discipline our children as that too is against the law now. Now look at what we have.

  16. It’s about time somebody did something to protect our heritage. I say good job, and thank you for standing up.

  17. These violent deranged lunatics touch the Alamo and we will wipe them out! I have faith that it will be protected but to threaten this national treasure is blasphemy….America has to rise up and stomp out these ignorant evil people….
    Remember the Alamo!!!!!

  18. …Also, thanks to the Liberal Dingdongs attack on the 2nd Amendment, ammunition prices have gotten very lofty recently.
    That being said, there will be no “warning shot”.

  19. Thank you Texas for standing so strong against this mob of terroist tearing down all of our History. Anc Cities s across the land are allowing it
    This is such devastation to our land
    AnArchy try to take over
    Proud to read you are standing ready to protect the Alamo !!!
    Stand firm in all ways
    Prayer for Texas
    Prayers for our Country
    Prayer for all that want the right things for our Country
    We need to lift up Christ. In our Nation
    Prayers 📖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  20. As the Alamo is protected from the rioters & looters, George P better cancel his plans to reimagine the Alamo. This includes the SA city council.

    1. War is hell. I really don’t want to do that ever again. Protecting my family is a no brainer. I am an American by birth. Texan by the grace of God. I will defend my state with all means necessary. Praise God. I am your Soldier!!

  21. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS. These half wits that really don’t know anything about why some are protesting but are eager to jump in so they can destroy something I think a very good way to give them second thoughts is this. first have high pressure fire truck surround them ( if possible) then hit them full force. Or just head on and tumble them down the roadway.Then as a back up police and others with shields and batons. broken bones and a few teeth laying on the ground will be enough encouragement for them to not do it again. A superior force against them is all that is needed. Granted a peaceful protest is just that but today it is hard to tell the difference between them and those intent on destruction.

  22. Given the current attitude of honest citizens due to the anti everything groups intent on destruction, Americans of all states are fed up with it. If the cops can’t or won’t assist in protection. We can manage. Many of us are ex military and know a thing or two about how to remove the enemy.

    I have to ask the so called BLM gang of destructive nitwits .Why are they giving honor to a criminal ? Floyd was a career criminal. Many years in prison for a varied number of reasons . He refused to obey the directions of the officers. The result was he was cuffed and he still fought them so he was held down until he stopped resisting. . He behaved like so many others do and then blame someone else for their stupidity. A frequent visitor to the prison system. Known criminal and did not know how to shut his mouth and do as he was taught ( supposedly by a parent) to listen and obey.