Blue Flu: Atlanta Police Walk Off After DA Charges Officer in Shooting

Police in Atlanta are mad…and they likely have a right to be. The shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, outside of an Atlanta Wendy’s, was tragic for all parties involved but it seems it could have easily been avoided.

Brooks was killed outside of a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta after an altercation with police. Brooks apparently fell asleep, in his car, in the drive-thru lane. Police questioned him and gave him a breathalyzer, which he failed. Things seemed to be under control until the officers tried to arrest him for DUI.

He wrestled with the 2 officers, even throwing a punch, and during the struggle he managed to steal an officer’s taser. He then took off running with the officers in chase. Brooks turned around and, it looks like, he fired the taser at the officers. Officer Garrett Rolfe fired back, and Brooks dropped.


Before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has even completed their investigation into the shooting death of Brooks, the District Attorney, Paul Howard Jr., levied murder charges against the officer Garret Rolfe.

It looks to be a politically motivated prosecution of both officers involved. At least that's the way the police officers see it, and they're not alone.

Reports on Wednesday night, out of Atlanta, were leaking that officers had dropped their keys off at the station and left. Tired of feeling like they have no support and worried that they have to make a choice between being murdered and defending themselves, they decided it wasn't worth it.

They were no longer answering calls.

If the people wanted no police, then they were going to get their wish.

The mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms (D), went into political cover mode and said the stories aren't true and they have plenty of coverage.

However, those listening to the dispatch frequencies tell a different story.

Dead silence.

Her calls to surrounding departments to come in and help out were rebuffed.

No officer wants to put their life on the line knowing full well that, if they have to defend themselves, they may be convicted of murder.

The reality, across some cities in America right now, is that it may be the choice they have to make. The radical left's calls to 'defund the police' may be catching up with them.

Still think there's no reason a regular citizen should have a gun?

I'd bet many are thinking twice, and the numbers prove it.


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39 thoughts on “Blue Flu: Atlanta Police Walk Off After DA Charges Officer in Shooting”

  1. This may be a good thing. This puts the law directly in the hands of those being robbed, etc. Take the perp out by any means available, and make certain he or she is down for good. No cost to the public for trial or incarceration. No repeat offenders. It’s a win-win situation. Welcome to the wild, wild west.

  2. Every Police Officer in America should do the same. Let these demoncrates witness what will really happen to this country without the protection of the police. This call to defund the Police is just another attempt by the demoncrates to dismantle this nation and our way of life. The whole democrat party are comprised of a bunch of unlawful morons who are hell bent on bringing down this country and that goes all the way to the US Supreme Court.

  3. The mayor should put on a police uniform and walk around with the other officers on their beat to see what really going on.They need. To see the sh#t first before making Press time statements for the public. Do it incognito and not for publicity.Leave the bodyguards at home so the mayor can get the picture. Yes you

  4. Our police officers need to be treated with respect. When someone does not obey the officer’s commands, that is when the suspect creates a problem for himself. The officer has the right to protect himself. I have police officers in my family and I worry about them every single day that they go to work. So many people today have no respect for our police officers. The police have been getting a “raw deal”.

  5. The Mayor has failed the City, the Police and the People. BLM and Antifa are now in charge. They w wanted no police. I don’t blame the Officers. I also understand why no other agency’s will send help. When you bow down to lawlessness and thug rule even one time you lose. Atlanta now joins the growing list of unsafe, mob ruled cities along side of Minneapolis, Portland, NYC, Seattle and others that are unsafe to live in, visit ot fo business in.

    1. Cops are nothing but cowards. They think that they have to right to kill and mistreat citizens as they please. They are all wrong. If they walk out if cops will give criminals an opportunity to control and commit more crime than ever before. I will take the badge and gun away from them. Hasta la vista baby!

      1. You are a complete Moron
        Just my opinion, when you get robbed or your mother daughter wife is getting raped call the gang bangers for helps

  6. All I can say is you need help call your local CRACK dealer or the holy rev.sharpton maybe even call your neighborhood blm ass wipes. The best way to get the right people’s attention as to what this country is going to look like if the moron liberals get into the white house is happening in Atlanta and cities across America. I think all cops should just call out SICK. Remember it’s almost November, vote for just about anyone that has the letter R after their name. Also carry a big stick (like the BLACK folks) call guns
    the bigger the better. Just my humble opinion as an American citizen.

    1. Tell it like it is Harry. The cops have put up with too much already and now they are supposed to risk their lives against these disrespectful thugs, without protection! People who actually care about this
      Country need to stand up and take it back!! My guns will be ready when I need them.

  7. Absolutely support the Atlanta police officers not responding. Why should they be killed by criminals if they need to defend themselves. What police officer in their right mind would want to be charged with murder. #MayorKeishaLanceBottoms Does not have their back. She’s a liberal that wants to destroy our country!

  8. Police are. Killed all the my son Is a police officer .i don’t want him to kiiied because he can’t defend his self

  9. I believe the police officer was defending himself and the resistance to arrest and subsequent taking if a policemen’s defensive weapon left the officer with one choice and it was justified.
    We must protect our law enforcement system and support them.. Most of our police officers are dedicated and loyal to their duties of protecting the public not attacking them.
    This country has become racially active and we no longer are unified because really,all lives matter not any one color of skin shoukd make any difference.. We are all Americans….. not African Americans or Polish Americans or Dutch Americans … we are all one!!!

    1. God Speed to every police officer and first responders….without them we have no protection! They have always been there for me and I will always be there for them. Kill a cop….capital punishment…throw something at a get what you deserve….which may be a bullet.

  10. The chickens are coming home to roost! What a bunch of fools being led by readical Marxists who demand we defund the police.

  11. Good for the officers , you can’t blame them , these politicians need to be voted out , but some people are so ignorant they will not do it ,let’s see how many get killed or beaten up their choice.

  12. Personally I don’t blame then most officers do an excellent job keeping the public safe. If these thugs are out to get all officers when the officer is doing what they are trained to do when they have a suspect, then they are jailed or sued, I’D WALK OFF THE JOB ALSO, Tell the Judge to go out there & corral these thugs that the democrats are paying to destroy out cities and states.The officers are not safe from prosecution any more, send in the National Guard & give them real bullets Not the play rubber ones , you know if you shoot a few of these thugs they will scatter like the roaches they are!

  13. Having worked as a police officer
    for over 31 years I fully understand
    that decisions of life and death
    must be made in seconds. The
    officers should not have been
    The liberals and media hate us.
    I think all officers nationwide
    Should not work for a week.

  14. If the Police do not respond, maybe the mayor can count on the marchers to do the job. Why do we have to pay restitution for something we had nothing to do with. I’ll be damned if I will coertow to these worthless, do nothing BUMS.

  15. Our policemen are our heros, we need them to protect us. If we don’t have law and order, we are doomed as a society. Shame on the fools that want to abolish or defund our heros.

    The police have rights too, they need to protect themselves, and not worry about being called criminals for doing their job.
    Wake up people, our country is at stake.

  16. I think all the police officer should have the blue flue i stand be hind the men and women who were the uniform they put there on the line let the mayors and governers to go our and patrol for one night and to see how they would the situation in the to police officer position see how they would react

  17. Police have a hard enough job trying to control criminals and must be backed up by good qualified Police Chiefs. Laws need to be established to protect the Police when criminals are doing crimes and being arrested. If the criminals break the laws and resist arrest and puts the
    officer in danger then they are at fault and should be prosecutted. Police on the other hand should not be killing criminals without being placed in danger of their lives. After reviewing the
    cases where the police kill a criminal without them being in danger of their life then this is questionable and the officer should be reviewed and brought to justice. Shooting of a criminal
    that brakes the laws are justified when the officer is being shot at or his life is in danger of being