Exposed: Undercover Video Goes Inside Antifa

James O’Keefe has done it again. He had an undercover journalist inside Antifa and what they recorded is exactly what the media won’t tell you.

The first video dropped yesterday and it records conversations of Antifa leaders and organizers explaining what they’re about how sophisticated they are.

Nicholas Cifuni, a member of Rose City Antifa, is on video explaining tactics they use and train for.

“Don’t be that *expletive* guy with the *expletive* spike brass knuckles getting photos taken of you..Police are gonna be like perfect we can prosecute these *expletive* look how violent they are, and not that we aren’t but we need to *expletive* hide that *expletive*

The undercover journalist described how he became a ‘prospect’ in Antifa.



The journalist and Antifa terrorist organization met in Portland, Oregon in a strategic process of identification like you would see in a spy movie. Then he had to work his way in to become a 'prospect'. Once inside he captured some of these videos.

Adam Rotstein, Rose City Antifa member, was caught explaining their strategy:

Make them feel like they look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered and therefore, their whole yay yay America Trump thing is going to go by the wayside.

Sound familiar? Anything like what we're seeing today?

He identifies the founder of Rose City Antifa as Caroline Victorin. Caroline moved to Sweden with her husband. The journalist explains that there was a constant connection with a European contact. He explains that whoever was her connection had much more experience in warfare-like tactics and had monetary backing.

It works like something you might see on a Sons of Anarchy episode. Disloyalty can be and is punished by violence. Essentially, their goal is to be violent and cause division among the people in order to lead to a total breakdown of society.

"Nicholas Cufini, Rose City Antifa: practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes."

So, why are Democrats defending Antifa? AOC, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Bill Deblasio, etc..

Why haven't any top Democrats come out and condemn Antifa?

Who is their European contact?

Minnesota Attorney General and Minneapolis City Council member, Keith Ellison, has promoted the Antifa manual and taken a picture holding it. His son, Jeremiah Ellison, just declared his support for Antifa on Sunday.

For more on this story and to watch the video, go to Project Veritas.




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7 thoughts on “Exposed: Undercover Video Goes Inside Antifa”

  1. Caroline Victorin, now in Sweden, sould be constantly investigated for European (funding) contacts, through Interpol/FBI/CIA, as this is a terrorist organization, allowing (and expecting) international cooperation; domestic bank accounts of known antifa leaders should also be constantly monitered. All terrorist group antifa’s funding sources should de identified and shut down.

  2. OUR President has all the means to open a HUGE can of Whoopass on these millennial brats.
    I’m sure their parents are proud and will absotively be paying for it via state taxes.
    How much does a Wendy’s cost. Pretty sure Arson isn’t covered by insurance in this case.