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5 Survival Skills You Need If Things Get Really Bad

I’m not saying things are going to get so bad that it’s going to seem like a season of The Walking Dead. However, there’s also no guarantee that it can’t (beside the fact that zombies aren’t real). Plenty of countries have gone through and are currently going through a revolution.

The United States had their own revolution just a few hundred years ago.

It would be hard to deny that the chaos seen around the country, mainly in a few big cities, could get worse. If so, those places could turn into hot beds of crime and violence like we’ve never seen in our home country during our lifetime.

IF that happens, here are 5 skills you need to hone in on to increase your chances of survival and staying safe.


  1. Finding and Purifying or Sanitizing Water:

You can live for quite a while, perhaps up to a month in the right conditions, without food. Water is a different story. Consider looking into and storing iodine tablets, portable purifier systems, or simple filters.

  1. Hunting and/or Foraging:

 While you can go longer without food, you can’t go forever, and you’ll need it for energy to move and survive. Look into what kind of animals exist around your area, or in your bug out area, and learn best techniques to hunt or capture them.

Foraging is another source of food gathering that involves finding and consuming wild plants, fruits, mushrooms, etc.. Like hunting, you should also learn what kind of edible plants and vegetation are consumable in your area and best tips to find and prepare them for consumption.

  1. First Aid

 Have a supply of basics like ibuprofen, disinfectants, splints or wraps, or any medication you need already. Learn how to do CPR if you don’t know how. Learn how to clean a wound and perhaps even stitch up a wound.

  1. Make Fire 

You may need fire for warmth, sanitation, or food preparation. You can buy fire starter kits to have on hand, lighters, waterproof matches, etc.. You should also learn how to make fire without those items, using just sticks and/or stones in case the dire situation outlasts your items, or you lose them.

  1. Firearms Training

 Being able to protect yourself with a firearm is a priceless skill and gives you an advantage over other predators who may not have one. It also allows you to hunt food with more success and less energy expenditure than say, using a stick as a spear. Just make sure you know the safety guidelines, how to clean and maintain a firearm, and have a good amount of ammunition since a gun without ammunition might as well be a small hammer.



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9 thoughts on “5 Survival Skills You Need If Things Get Really Bad”

  1. It is all well and good to talk about how to shoot and what kind and amount of ammo you need.

    What might help and be little a more practical is who to shoot, what to do with the body, and a decision on when to leave the body and get the hell away. Another good idea is to decide ahead of time what is a practical firearm for the terrain, the type of animal to be hunted (a 12 ga shotgun will destroy a tasty little squirrel; the same animal will go in to the cooking pot using a .22 cal rifle.) No matter what firearm you choose, practice ahead of time.