Denver Votes to Remove Police Officers From Schools Amid Floyd Controversy

A short time ago there were calls all across the country to do more to protect schools. Last Week, Denver Public Schools Board of Education voted, unanimously, to remove Denver Police Officers from their schools.

The resolution will reduce the number of officers in Denver schools by 25% by the end of the year and aims to completely eliminate their presence by the end of 2021.

It’s unclear how the parents of children in those schools feel about the issue. Colorado has been home to some of the worst school shootings in the country and has ramped up police presence since the horrific Columbine High School shooting.

Last year, there was a shooting at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is located just 7 miles from Columbine. There were no police officers on scene and a student ended up sacrificing himself to save others.

Still, Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova thinks it's the right decision.

“George Floyd’s death, and every tragic death of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, have brought to light how we as a district can respond and do more for our students of color. Ever since the issue of removing school resource officers was first raised, I emphasized how critical it is to hear from many different voices in the community,” DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova said.

What's their solution, instead?

The anti-police resolution wants to take funds currently allocated to protecting city schools by cops and redirect them to an army of “psychologists” and “restorative justice practitioners,” per KDVR-TV.

Instead of having police officers protect students, they're going to put their money toward psychologists and 'restorative justice practitioners' so that students can talk it out.

Do parents get a say? Do the parents of these students agree?

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25 thoughts on “Denver Votes to Remove Police Officers From Schools Amid Floyd Controversy”

  1. What does the death of a black violent POS have to do with keeping our kids safe? How dumb are people in Denver?

  2. Today’s youth do not have the same regard for life that was prevalent in generations past. This is easily shown in the various types of violent behaviors which plague them. Could this be from lack of parental involvement in bringing up children, lack of learned belief of the sanctity of life thru some type of religious training, lack of moral fiber, or simply put, we are raising a bunch of narcissists? Complex questions with many fold answers. I am so happy that I am not teaching in the high schools of today because of the tremendous lack of respect of anything! Is it because parents today are mostly not involved with their children? Remember the fervor in which police officers came to be in the schools? What happened to the thought of armed teachers? To Hell in a handbasket is where many of today’s youth and the blame rests on the parents.

    1. How stupid is the current administrations in the state of Colorado keep drinking the cool-aide you need the police officers for a variety or reasons you seem to have forgotten the gun violence in schools😩🇺🇸🚀

  3. This is nothing more than COMMUNISTS and ANARCHISTS attempting a “takeover” of this country.
    Yes this man should have never been killed, the policeman’s actions were horrible, BUT this individual was nothing more than a street hoodlum (CRIMINAL) with an arrest record longer than my arm and odes not deserve all this “attention”. His death was “USED” as a LAME excuse to riot, loot, burn, destroy property, injure, and kill. The SCUM that are committing these crimes need to be arrested,. tried, and imprisoned. ALL lives matter not just “black lives”. Perhaps these “protestors” need to do to places like Chicago, where the “black on black” murders occur every day, or how about “protesting” planned parenthood, where many black children are aborted constantly. HUH?

  4. Colorado’s school safety program sounds very woke. Now, if some deranged madman with
    a gun enters the school, you’ll have a trained “restorative justice practitioner” to take the
    first bullet and therefore alert the students of the danger. I hope these clowns work cheap, so
    that replacing them wont be a drain on the school’s budget.

  5. Denver public school superintendent is an idiot! If a deranged killer breaks in and starts shooting kids, the kids are going to talk it out? It is time to remove these idiots and put people in charge that had common sense!

  6. First they took Prayer out of schools, now they want to take the police out of schools
    and these same damn fools wonder why people are wanting open enrollment and support
    charter schools. These are the fools that we put in charge of teaching our kids, Parents
    better wake up soon!

  7. It’s disgusting that people would pin their hero worship and the start of their planned revolution on a criminal. And, then, even start naming other criminals. And, look to taking down the righteous, first. GOD sees all.

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  9. So, I guess its ok to shoot every defenseless child with no way for them to defend themselves—the experts have concluded. Hopefully, some of them have children in these school w no protection. People have gotten so crazy about control. Its like the whole country should be institutionalized. The attitude seems to be—so what!
    They’re saying “Let the whole country go to Hell”.

  10. Morons…all of them. Are the schools their children attend being stripped of protection? If not, why not? If they are being stripped of protective services, how do they explain to their children, that they don’t value them enough to support protective services for them? Let’s hear from these so-called public servants…now!