Colt Jumps Back in the AR-15 Business for the People

Back in September of 2019, Colt Firearms said they were exiting the consumer rifle market. They were no longer selling the AR-15 directly to consumers anymore.

Many folks figured it was due to Colt bowing to pressure from the anti-gun lobby and pressure being applied to gun manufacturers across the country. After all, Democrat politicians and lobbyists have been threatening to sue manufacturers after each politicized shooting that occurred with a semi-auto firearm.

To many Democrats and anti-gun folks, any type of semi-automatic firearm is referred to as an AR-15.

However, at the time, Colt noted that it was more of a market decision than a political decision.

Times have changed in just that short amount of time.

AR-15 sales have soared over the last few months of protests and many, likely unconstitutional, lockdown orders.

Colt Firearms is now back in the direct-to-consumer market for AR-15s.

After spending time fulfilling law enforcement and military contracts, the firearm manufacturer says they now have some breathing room to compete, once again, in the consumer market.

Getting your hands on one, right now, may be a different story. Demand has outpaced supply. In many cases, when these guns hit the shelves of a dealer, they're gone before the end of the day.


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21 thoughts on “Colt Jumps Back in the AR-15 Business for the People”

  1. Being crippled in both hands I have to have Semi-Automatics. I can’t cock a bolt action anymore. I own one shotgun with bolt action! I have to take it away from Shoulder to cock it. But I do not use it for hunting. It belonged to my sister who died in 1948. Yes I do take it out and shoot. But takes minutes to cock. I own one revolver. I can slowly cock it. But again will not use it for protection. If I need a gun because of people stealing I use semi automatics. I live on dead end driveway over 1/4 mile from Highway. They have even stole a new upright Air compressor and carried it 1/4 mile because they did not me see lights. 3 teenagers stole it. One kid local wears size 14 shoe. Here was his foot print in mole hill. Asked him and yes they stole it and sold it that morning 60 miles away for drug money. When got there it was gone!

    1. Pretty sad world when these things happen, but..they do.
      It’s more and more obvious that the left are not backing down from their Socialist/ communist attempt to overtake our government. So far, resistance and push back, from the right ,has been very sporadic and weak. Many, many Americans now believe that we, ourselves will be the last line of defense To save ourselves, our homes and families and our American way of life.
      I read an amazing article recently ,
      about the Japanese initial plan to invade the west coast of the US,
      Just after they bombed Pearl Harbor. The wrote in long lost diaries and (then) secret doc’s that they could expect to get to the mid west before the US could stop them. But…..
      Their final decision ,not to enact that plan, was because they knew, Americans had the right to bear arms and calculated That as many as 50 million US homes possessed weapons and that they, alone represented a larger army, than many of the worlds standing armies put together. Stay strong

      1. Yes indeed on Japans invasion plans cancelled by Admiral Yamamoto, planner for Pearl Harbor attack. . His quote on the subject was: “… the invasion force would find a rifle behind every blade of grass”. Now the question is how will the anti firearm liberals “cut the lawn and collect the grass” .
        Stay Strong , Keep the Faith and … Be Prepared!

  2. The only thing good that the Democrat Party, and their side organizations of Antifa and BLM, have done for the American people is to have provided the American people with the need and impetus to arm themselves for their own safety, and by doing so our international enemies know and fear that the American people are now more and better armed than at any time in our history, helping provide fear to our enemies that brings safety to our land and it’s people.

    So thank the loony Democrat Party, and their associated enforcers of party policies and agendas, Antifa and BLM, for their crazy attempt to defund our police, making the American people understand that they themselves are the last barrier of protection to their own safety, as the liberals, progressives, and Democrats want to destroy the institutions that were responsible for all our safety, not only our police departments, but also ICE and the border patrol, now showing the real need to arm ourselves.

  3. This is Proof we need the 2nd Amendment. With the appeasement to the “woke” crowd on defunding (actually a POLITICAL ploy) police and the MASSIVE failure of the Democrats and The Left in BLUE towns and cities (also states) to protect their citizenry, these guns are needed MORE than ever. One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Colt isn’t Colt anymore, the artisans and the engineers left 10/20 years ago. The only thing left is a name and a couple CNC robots churning out lowers and extractors. Everything else is farmed out. Pistols are made in Taiwan/So. Korea. And they hold you “civilians” in contempt. The gravy train of govt/police contracts dried up. Now they want to come crawling back out of desperation and greed.

    Go buy a PSA for a budget AR or a BCM for a High End AR. Colt can sleep in the bed they made.

  5. Quality company that builds quality products that each and everyone is tested, not batch tested like some others.

  6. The Founding Fathers, in their collective brilliance, saw Bolshevik inspired democrats coming to eat away at the fabric of our Republic; thus they gave us the Second Amendment. After fighting a war of secession from G.B . , T. Jefferson stated that “the Tree of Liberty would eventually be nourished with the blood of patriots and tyrants” in a speech to to William Smith ( Paris , Nov3, 1787.)
    This 4th of July celebrate Liberty and remember the Founding fathers, for we owe them much.