VA Dems: Assault on an Officer Should Not be a Felony

If you live in Virginia, I feel for you. The elected officials of the Commonwealth have gone absolutely mad. They’ve launched an all out assault on the police officers in the state. They’ve launched an all out assault on the gun owners of the state as well.

If they succeed in ridding the police of power as well as disarming the gun owner community, it will quickly become one the most dangerous places in America.

The Democrats in Virginia Senate have proposed a list of police reforms. Some of them, I can actually agree with. Some of them are outright ludicrous.

For example, I can get on board with eliminating ‘No Knock Warrants’, or at least the ease of getting them, until they come up with a better plan to ensure they don’t just walk into the wrong house and shoot an innocent person.

What I cannot get on board with is 'defelonizing' assault on an officer and requiring warnings before shots fired, especially at the current time. There is a middle ground but, let's face it, Virginia politicians are not interested in middle ground.

Here is a list of proposals from the Virginia Democrats.

The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus’ list of proposed reforms includes:

  • Prohibit No Knock Warrants (Breonna Taylor)
  • Ban Sex With Individuals Arrested by Law Enforcement*
  • Prohibit Hiring of Officers Fired or Resigned During Use of Force Investigations
  • Create a Decertification Procedure for Law Enforcement Officers*
  • Ban chokeholds and strangleholds (George Floyd)
  • Require Attempts at De-escalation Prior to Use of Force
  • Require Warnings Before Shots Fired
  • Require Law Enforcement to Exhaust All Other Means Prior to Shooting
  • Create Duty to Intervene by Fellow Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prohibit Shooting at Moving Motor Vehicles
  • Require Departments to Create a Use of Force Continuum
  • Require Comprehensive Reporting by All Law Enforcement Agencies Including Use of Force Data
  • Defelonize Assault on Law Enforcement Officer (Return to Misdemeanor Offense)
  • Cancel HB599 Funding (Virginia supplemental funding for local police departments) After Local Police Have Disproportionate Use of Force Incidents in their Jurisdiction
  • Create Local Authority for a Marcus Alert System – System to Report Acute Mental Health Crises
  • Create Local Option for Citizen Review Board Empowered to Investigate, Fire and/or Discipline Officers
  • Confirm Prosecutors’ Authority to Drop Charges*
  • Enhance Courts’ Ability to Expunge Charges for Dismissed Charges, Substance Convictions and Pardoned Offenses*
  • Prohibit Searches of Person or Vehicle Based on Odor of Marijuana Without Probable Cause for Other Offenses*
  • Prohibit Stops for Equipment Violations Not Covered by State Vehicle Inspection
  • Secondary Offense For Dangling Objects, Extinguished Tag Light, Tinted Windows or Loud Exhaust
  • Jury Sentencing Only at Option of the Accused*
  • Eliminate Commonwealth’s Right to Demand Jury Trial When Jury Trials Suspended for State of Emergency*
  • Require Agencies to Determine Cost Savings for Introduced Criminal Justice Legislation
  • Allow Earned Sentence Credit for Good Behavior During Prison*
  • Create Discretion for Compassionate Release for Terminally Ill or Permanently Disabled Prisoners*
  • Virginia Rental Assistance Fund for Families Economically Impacted by COVID
  • Require and Reimburse Localities for Postage Prepaid Envelopes for Absentee Voting*

*Represents legislation introduced in prior sessions

There needs to be some work on police reform and most have agreed on that for years. Defunding police and decriminalizing attacks on police is not the answer, especially in a state that is removing the individual's right to protect themselves.

What are your thoughts?

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33 thoughts on “VA Dems: Assault on an Officer Should Not be a Felony”

  1. Sorry I moved to Va. Looking to move back to Tn.! Will also look at West Va. and Kentucky! This governor served in the Army? No regard for history or Democracy! May God help and protect the policing forces as their hands will be tied! Citizens will suffer.

  2. Why don’t we just say assaulting a senator is perfectly legal. I think that’s a much better idea.

  3. This is going open the door for criminals to attack the police. The police will do nothing causing more crime. Protection for people will be limited.crime will increase. This could cause people to take the law in their own hands.

  4. In states that is a misdemeanor to strike an officer, it happens regularly! VA has become a third world crap hole as are most communist democrat controlled states!

  5. In high school, we has a Dean of Men who handled the discipline of the male students. He was known for “Justice, tempered with mercy.”

    But there’s a difference between that, and being so lax that the inmates wind up running the asylum.

    “Stop, or I’ll shoot!” is one thing, but if the perp has already fired at me, or someone else, the first time I get a clear shot, I’ll shoot him, and it won’t be to wound.

  6. I’m sure the thugs will warn before shooting! Not!!! People wake up some of these rules set up our police to not be able to protect themselves or us!

  7. The state of Virginia is quickly turning into the Socialist Republic of Virginia. I was going to move there upon my retirement but with all that has gone on and apparently will continue to go on, I have deleted Virginia from my retirement list.

  8. Perhaps assault on a politician should not be considered any type of crime, perhaps even a public service? I wonder what the VA Legislature would think of that?


    1. The FBI is actually charged with such investigation and the prosecution is FEDERAL in accordance with law. The Police departments have all “convinced” the FBI to look the other way because they have “internal affairs” departments to investigate. The problem is that the fox is guarding the hen house.
      This MUST end. The FBI SHOULD be REQUIRED to investigate ALL accusations of violations of Federal Civil rights under color of authority, including any death caused by an officer that violated federal civil rights causing that death.
      And you are correct, the federal law already REQUIRES 5 to 15 years prison for any officer that violated ANY federal civil right.

  10. I agree accept it shouldn’t be a charge at all. Kidnapping, Thuggery, Theft are all wrong PERIOD. These Nazi wannabe power happy control freak lapdog pigs get out of control we have every right to DEFEND OURSELVES and or challenge them and put them back in their places. NONE of YOUR LITTLE HUMAN GIVEN GOVERNMENT job titles mean shit when it comes to THE PEOPLES GOD GIVEN NATURAL BORN CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREEDOM and RIGHTS PERIOD. So when your little Lapdog decides to turn Tyrannical they deserve to get popped in the Fing head and beat down.

  11. I will never visit Virginia, I will never pass through Virginia even if I re-route around Virginia at a cost for gas for the extra miles I need to drive.
    I also feel that those who elected the Virginia governing bodies at all levels should go back to school, study the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, and then go back to the polls at the next opportunity and vote the would-be Communist leaning officials out of office.
    In short, Virginia is now a rabid place to be!

  12. I moved to VA with my family in the 60s after my dad returned from Vietnam, and stayed in VA through college (Virginia Military Institute in Lexington VA) and attending The Basic School in Quantico VA as a newly commissioned Marine Officer. I considered VA my home state until recently. Our nations history is incomplete without a study of VA; one of the original colonies. Northam is a disgrace to his native state, his alma mater, and the US Army. He’s bought and paid for by leftist elitists who want nothing better than to destroy this country. His assault on LEOs, and legal gunowners is proof that he has violated the Oaths of Office he swore as an Officer in the Army and as the Governor of the state. He and his ilk should mind the motto emblazened on the VA flag: “sic semper tyrannis.”

  13. We are on the cusp of a nationwide movement to decriminalize marijuana. That is a good thing, even though it carries some risks. The main risk is that the user cannot calibrate the dose as easily as with e.g. alcohol. The main drawback to our present system of punishment for drug offenses is that they all involve long prison sentences. I think that most of us would agree that prison is far too severe for smoking a little green cigarette. Even for more severe offenses, including selling drugs and the use of crack or amphetamines, prison is not a deterrent, carries a heavy cost, and deprives families of fathers and breadwinners. Why not bring back whipping? Society has a right to punish offenders, and ten lashes with a cat o’nine tails definitely sends that message, but sends it quickly, cheaply and without destroying families or depriving society of otherwise useful citizens.

    1. Your argument is not really valid. If someone drives under the influence they are under the influence. Calibration is not an issue….if you are impaired then you are impaired. In many European countries use of MJ is legal. However driving at all under its influence loses your right to drive for years and or permanently.
      The prison is NOT for smoking MJ, it is for the act of placing society members in danger, as it should be. If you want to smoke or drink…great…but do NOT put others in danger at all by driving while impaired. period.

  14. What can you expect? Again, DemocRats are as usual trying to destroy everything of value in our country. Yes, anyone who assaults a police officer should serve jail time–for a long time.

  15. If any officer is violating the civil rights of anyone, there should be allowed Citizen’s arrest against the officer by the citizen. From that point on resistance to an officer should not be considered a crime at all. IN fact the officer should be charged with resisting arrest. officer pushes his way through an open door without cause for arrest or exigent circumstances (other examples: entering the back yard of a home to make a search, illegal search of a person’s being without cause, illegal seizure of property, any act of violence against a person who has been subdued by police…I could go on for days). The person informs the officer that they are under arrest for illegal search and entry without a warrant or battery under color of law etc.. That officer should not be able to resist the arrest and other officers should have to cuff and charge, PERIOD. Any other officer that FAILED to arrest an officer for violating federal civil rights must be charged as conspirator before or after the fact. Let it be sorted out during the investigation process.
    The investigation should ONLY be by the FBI as they are by law the investigating organization for the prosecution fo police violating civil rights.

  16. Its like you learn my thoughts! You appear to grasp a
    lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I believe that you can do with a few % to force the message house
    a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog.
    An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  17. Goodbye U. S. A. You remind me of Cuba that was one of the most visited by Tourists to attend their Theaters and enjoy their beautiful plays. Their food was always the talk of the town. Then, all of a sudden, came someone to improve the situation. As you can see, he improved it NEGATIVELY, then he left it to his brother to proceed, after went to HELL and left Cuba without essentially needed products.

    Cuba is not the only example, remember all those beautiful Eastern European Countries that did very well before the WW II. After the war ended, all Eastern European Countries became subject to the Soviet Union Rule and Regulations… Ration Cards were issued, Limited food supply were assigned based upon the size of a family, Larger apartments were divided into two or three residences, The entire Industries and Productions were Nationalized and run by UNEXPERIENCED Junior people, Travel outside of the Country was totally prohibited unless the trip is approved by the Government. Limited amount of Foreign Currency was allowed than can keep the traveler alive for no more than 2 days. Medical services became free and, most importantly, MAXIMUM SALARIES became one of the Rules. Candidates for the House and Senate must be approved by the Rulers. DID YOU GUESS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. It is SOCIALISM that I lived under it for many years until I succeeded to obtain the approval to leave with my family. I am not the only one who left, the majority of Doctors, Engineers, Company Executives left. And what was left were Junior uneducated people who were designated by the Rulers to run the Country. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, and more and compare them to yourself..!!! REGARDLESS OF YOUR ALLEGIANCE, It is up to you whether you want to continue living in a Lovable and Free Country or you prefer a SOCIAL LIFE. By the way, Social and COMMUNUSIM are the same. Remember Russia’s name was Soviet SOCIALIST and it was a STAUNCH COMMUNIST LEADER that converted all of the Eastern European Countries into COMMUNISM. Now, they are no longer Socialists/Communists. They are Independent and free without any allegiance to the Soviet Union that is no longer in existence. YOU DECIDE

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