Is An Attack on Our Monuments an Attack on America?

The attacks on statues of confederate generals was always the beginning. Everything in politics is one step toward another step. It has now become clear that the defacing, vandalism, and destruction of these confederate monuments has now become an attack on anything that relates to America’s history.

They’ve attacked and removed statues of Ulysses S. Grant, who led the Union Army as Commanding General in winning the American Civil War. They destroyed statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and now they’ve gone after, and vandalized, statues of Frederick Douglas.

This clearly wasn’t about race or slavery.

It is an attack on America, itself.


Some will say "but these are just statues, not people."

It is on the virtue and sacrifice of the founding fathers and the numerous men and women who carry on their legacy that America is still free today.

They are remnants of history that, if destroyed, will quietly disappear into nothingness as we restructure how our history is taught and what parts will and will not be taught. It robs future generations of learning about the past and the sacrifices that were made to build the greatest country ever assembled.

And when someone tries to desecrate a statue of the guardians of America’s foundational principles, make no mistake: they attack America itself. Police must protect public property. Prosecutors must punish perpetrators. Politicians must neither placate nor patronize these pillagers.

American pride and American exceptionalism is at the heart of what makes this country great and what has allowed us to prosper unlike any other country or civilization in history.

If we let them wash away our history and our first amendment rights, as they're currently doing, it will only be a matter of time before your second amendment right is gone, too. Then it's just a game on dominos.

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15 thoughts on “Is An Attack on Our Monuments an Attack on America?”

  1. I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  2. People have been trying to do this for years and the kids that are doing this have no ideal what these great people did for our history. They are being taught in our schools how horrible these people were and that they need to be removed from our history and I think the schools need to be cleaned of all teachers that teach our kids this none sense. The confederate flag never did any thing to these kids and it is about heratage not racism. It has been state flag of some of the southern states for ever and now they are banishing it. How long will it before they find something wrong with our red while and blue flag and try to make America give it up? Good for thought one of the biggest slave owners in the south was a black man. Where is the out rage about that? God Help America if our government continues to allow this travesty to continue

  3. When those who fail in their endeavors place the blame on others, they limit
    their own ability to change the course of their lives. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”
    (Please forgive me, Shakespeare.)

  4. Thank you for putting it in the right prospective,we are the people of our history too learn it is to not repeat it.we are at an impasse as what to do.if we do nothing we will loose our country and our way of life.that leaves only one alternative we fought terror all over the world,we must fight for our country to be our home again.

  5. Our educational system has been rewriting our history for decades to suit a leftist agenda. As a former elementary school teacher I recall picking up a 5th grade history textbook 25 years ago that simply stated that the Civil War as a war to free the slaves. Anyone who knows true history can see this for the lie it is. Southerners didn’t fight to keep the slaves, nor did Northerners fight to free them. The vast majority of combatants had absolutely no connection to slavery whatsoever. This article is correct; it is not about racism, it is about trying to take down America. We know that the goal of BLM founders is to destroy the fabric of our nation and transform it into their Marxist utopia. This is straight out of the Communist playbook from the 1960’s. First take over education and the media. The rest is fairly easy after that.

  6. You said it all perfectly. This has been a planned and organized attack on our democracy and way of life. It has nothing to do racial justice for all. It has everything to do with remaking America into a totalitarian regime where only the very special will have any rights. If this is what you want for your children and grandchildren, then you may get what you want. Just remember one thing, you can’t undo it, once it’s been done.


  8. By destroying American Monuments, some radical groups are shooting themselves on the foot.
    For instance BLM are toppling monuments of the Confederation because, they are symbol of racism, slavery, Hate and Intolerance… (just like Obama’s legacy) but, by trying to ERASE History that leads to Revisionism and… if that is the case, it means the Blacks NEVER were slaves in America and if the want equal time/equal space the statues of MKL must also come down.

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