7 Questions to Determine if You Can Survive in the Wilderness

Let’s face it. It’s getting a little crazy out there and will probably continue to get crazier since it’s an election year. You’ve probably watched at least a few shows of survival in the wilderness where people are dropped off in a remote location and have 7 days to find a way out or essentially tap out.

You’ve probably wondered, “Could I do that?”

Whether it’s preparing for a natural disaster, civil unrest, or massive warfare, there are good reasons why one might entertain this way of living.

Survival Life has put together 7 questions to find out just how likely you are to make it.

Here are a few of my top picks to help you determine if it’s for you.


Can you identify plants, trees, animals, and fish?

When you walk out into the woods, can you identify fruits and natural medicines such as a willow?

There are foods out there that can help you maintain health and energy but there are also look alike fruits and fungi that can kill you if eaten.

How good are you at starving?

Maybe the most unnerving question on this list, it is a reality of living on wildland. Food is never promised and there will be times, like early spring, when you and yours will be starving. From the Native Americans to the settlers at Jamestown, everyone has had starving periods when struggling with subsistence living.

Can you really make a fire?

Sure, you bought a fire starter kit but have you even tried to use it? Have you thought about how to start a fire in wet conditions? Fire will keep you warm, help you cook, and help you purify water. But do you know how to start one and maintain one in the toughest of conditions?

These were my top 3 in terms of importance for your survival but click here to see all 7 questions to find out if you could really live in the wilderness.


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