How to Center Your Optic In The Field

Perhaps you are switching rifles and only have one scope or maybe you bought a used scope and need to go sight it in. It may be faster to start from a factory zero setting.

For this, we’ll use what’s called the Counting Method.

Before you get started, make sure you have any special tools required to make adjustments on your scope. You may not need any tools at all, but most jobs can get done with a screwdriver and Allen wrench set, if you do.

  1. Turn your top (elevation) turret as far as it goes in one direction

You can go clockwise or counterclockwise; just follow the arrows on your turret.

2. Count the number of clicks while you spin the turret in the opposite direction.

If you started clockwise, then click it counterclockwise until you max it out. DO NOT force it once you reach the max point. Mine clicked 40 times.

3. Divide the number by half

Since I counted 40 clicks, I'll divide by 2. 40/2=20.

4. Turn back the turret that many clicks

So, I started clockwise and then turned it all the way back in a counterclockwise direction. Now I turn my turret clockwise 20 clicks to reach the center-point.

5. Repeat the process for windage (side turret)

Follow the exact same process for your side turret and you'll be back to factory center, or as close as you can get to it without taking it somewhere and spending some money.

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