The 2nd Amendment Is Catching On Across The World

The Czech Republic is leading the way, in Europe, for the right to bear arms. Earlier this month, the Czech government announced that it would support a plan to enshrine the right to defend oneself, and others, with a firearm in its constitution.

Pro-gun activists had presented senators with a petition containing more than 100,000 signatures in support of greater protection for gun rights.

The Czech Defence Minister decided to back the plan, in spite of the European Union’s opposition to it, due to security concerns.

After the terrorist attack in Paris, in November 2015, the European Union enacted even more strict measures and recommendations on individual ownership and use of firearms.

The chief proponent of the amendment is the conservative Civic Democrats party. According to CTK, the Civic Democrats believe the amendment “should help the country oppose the de-armament tendencies of the European Union and prevent [gun rights] from being limited by regular legislation.”

The Czechs feel they should have the right to make their own decisions for their own country.

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9 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment Is Catching On Across The World”

  1. Well, if the Africans could have guns they just might save Christian lives and stop the Muslims from destroying villages and churches so the Muslims can move in and live in the formerly Christians villages which is how you conquer a country. These Muslims have guns and trucks and armor equipment while the Christians have nothing, maybe a knife they use to cut up chickens for supper. After that last century old technique of mass movement of young, healthy, Muslim men into the European countries next on their list to conquer, European countries have woke up. Hungary closed their borders almost the second the movement began and made the Muslims to move on to other countries. So Hungary only had a few Muslims stay. When the Muslims started coming in they were ransacking houses trying to push the owners out as they figured they would leave some Muslim men behind living in the houses and why Hungary moved fast because they have been invaded enough times through the centuries to recognize what is truly up. Now these European countries are capable of supplying guns to their populace so the populace and the country’s military are capable of stopping invaders. This is what the Christians in Africa need to stop the Muslims from moving through Africa and making Africa a Muslim world.

  2. That is Great The Czechs can implement a 2nd Amendment type law of their own, guns belong only in the hands of responsible people to protect and defend themselves.