BLM Protester Shot, Killed While Carrying AK-47

Garrett Foster had joined the Black Lives Matter protests in Austin, TX and showed up over the weekend armed with an AK-47. On Saturday night, Foster was shot and killed as a car was driving through a street that had been blocked by the protesters and then came to a stop.

That’s when protesters approached and surrounded the vehicle. Garrett Foster was one of them.

Here’s an interview with Foster from a bit earlier.

While it's unclear exactly what unfolded, we do know that Foster was shot and killed by someone in the car that had come to a stop in the midst of the protest.

What is clear is that you can hear 5 shots being rattled off in fairly quick succession and then a pause, and 3 more shots.

As one would expect, panic set in and people have different versions of what happened. Some are saying the driver fired at Foster, right away, while others say Foster fired the 5 shots at the car and the driver fired the 3 shots back.

Here's a video of that exchange.

I'm inclined to believe Foster had some responsiblity here as the driver who shot back was arrested and then released, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Either way, if you're going to a protest that has a history of violence and you're carrying out in the open, you need to be aware of the optics as it surely brings extra attention and heightened awareness.

It's also not a good idea to approach a car that's stopped in the middle of a protest, while carrying an AK-47. If you fire (not saying Foster did) then it should not be a surprise if you're fired upon as well. Real life is not Call of Duty. You don't get to re-spawn.

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