Watch: Lightfoot: Crime Due to Neighboring States’ Lack of Gun Control

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the real reason for the shootings and gun violence in Chicago is due to neighboring states’ lack of strict gun control measures.


“We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.”

That's an interesting take but her logic is easily debunked. If that was the case, all of the neighboring states would have ridiculous gun violence numbers just like Chicago.

But they don't.

There's something else about Chicago that makes it a much more violent city.

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14 thoughts on “Watch: Lightfoot: Crime Due to Neighboring States’ Lack of Gun Control”

  1. This is typical DEMOCOMMUNIST ‘behavior” . Morons like “her”, “it” whatever, this person is, screw up and you place the BLAME on everyone, and everything around you in an attempt to make gullible people believe “it wasn’t me!”, It was everyone else, and it HAS to be President Trump’s “fault”.
    Chicago was a communist -controlled crap-hole LONG before President Trump was in office.
    That is what happens when you elect DEMOCOMMUNISTS to run a city. Just look at communist-run N.Y. that is getting to be just like Illinois. “city dwellers”, illegal aliens, and welfare “takers” keep voting for, and helping to elect these corrupt communists, thinking they will get “promised” unlimited “free stuff” and “special treatment” that never comes, but they keep voting for these morons hoping to finally get what was “promised” for being “loyal” to these corrupt communists, only to be used, abused, taxed to death or “eliminated” if you do not kowtow to every “royal decree” or “command” from your “MASTERS”. Wise up “democrat” voters, open your eyes, you are being USED, and kept right where these communist scum want you, firmly on their “plantation” and “still in chains”.

    1. I agree with you do they ever arrest a shooter? Never hear that a shooter is caught? that is the same as Baltimore never get the shooter?

  2. This is ridiculous. Chicgoans, especially African-American, have been killing other blacks at an alarming rate for years…

    How come the other midwestern states have nothing like this happening?? Her honor needs to face the cold hard truth. There are over 100,000 gang members in Chicago. They outnumber the police about 4-1. The Democratic policies of the last 60 years have killed what was once a great city. Lightfoot is just furthering this absurd situation.

  3. she blames someone different every day, she is to much into her meme self to admit that her ,” P.P.M. ” style of management known as ” PISS POOR MANAGEMENT ” , is a FAILURE and she is too. She will go down in the history books as THE GOVERNMENT FAILURE of 2020.

  4. “Lightweight Lightfoot” has zero concept of interstate gun laws. amAn Illinois resident is not legally permitted to purchase a hand gun directly in another state . The purchase must be sent to an IL FFL holder for legalized transfer. How Lightweight Lightfoot ever became a Federal Prosecutor is beyond reason. Suspect Affirmative Action regulations may have played a role in the matter.

  5. Chicago shooting update: 3 Chicago police offers were shot by a would be carjacker on 7.26.20 . Lightfoot aside maybe the corrupt gov Prickster should send in the IL National Guard. Illinois been in democrat control far to long and makes the DC swamp look like resort.

  6. Total ,complete denial for her failures! Chicago is cesspool of violent crime run for generations by Liberal Democrats. Now that the problem is so huge all the rats want to blame everyone else! If you took out black on black crime Chicago would be statistically one of the lowest crime cities! Sometimes a painful self examination is the correct path forward!