Austin Mayor: ‘Too Many Guns’ After Armed Protester Gets Shot

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said we may have too many guns after the 28 year-old Garrett Foster was shot in Austin on Saturday night.

“You know, we have a protester that ended up getting killed, and that’s horrific. I am taken by the fact that in that split moment, in that second, we had three different guns that were at play,” the mayor explained. “We had eight shots, and, my, we have too many guns and we have to do better. I think just generally speaking, as a society and taking guns off the streets like this.”


The mayor joined KVUE, a local ABC news station where he discussed the shooting that left Foster dead and the coronavirus, as it pertains to Austin.

While all the facts aren't in on the shooting just yet, Police had detained and then released the driver of the car who, allegedly, shot the 28 year-old Foster. Foster was seen carrying an AK-47 and in an earlier interview said that people who didn't like what the protests were doing were "too big of pu**ies" to do anything about it.


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12 thoughts on “Austin Mayor: ‘Too Many Guns’ After Armed Protester Gets Shot”

  1. Democrats are allowing terrorist to terrorize our own people and kill cops while looting, arsonist set deadly fires and mug innocent witnesses. Savages animals are called peaceful protestors by the left in delusional news and posts. As night falls savage deadly animals begin to roam the desecrated war torn streets searching for defenseless victims. The savage Communist beasts are worshipped by most news outlets, since they only report leftest communist style propaganda to gain more ignorant savages. They the propaganda news outlets tell us Trump did this, as they praised the savage animals keeping the innocent and defenseless living in constant terrorism. The democrats in congress believe there is honor in using terrorism to win elections. Even if the terrorist ultimate goal is the violent over throw of our capitalistic government their savages must not be targeted to protect the innocent. Democrats believe the american people want to live in terror, accept communist one party propaganda news and entertainment and that we will welcome a communist dictatorship by giving up our freedom to the savage armies of communist thugs, now their calling the savages, mothers and war veteran heroes when their really sacks of human waste terrorizing the defenseless. The majority of communist controlling the House of representatives plan to keep us in terror in order to win, and by using mail in ballots to cheat since it guarantees them an unfair advantage. God save our republic that so many died in war to preserve, mothers and war veterans supporting terrorism Is delusional propaganda, their just communist thug animals set lose to terrorize the defenseless without fear of arrest. Please God stop the evil communist Democratic party. Democrats did this to our nation for power.

  2. No Adler we don’t and I’d like to see you take away the guns of the citizens of Texas ya dumb Demonrat, when the Hell are people going to wake up and realize Demonrats aren’t on their side!

  3. I guess someone took offense at being called names from someone that thought his pea shooter would protect his right to be an idiot.