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How to Camp Without Being Noticed: Off The Grid

You’ve watched the TV series of folks living off the grid or even Walking Dead where your movement and living quarters have to be undetected.

But have you tried it? Have you thought about how you would go about accomplishing that with success?

Survival Life put together a great list of tips you’ll need to master to be able to camp without a trace.

1. Location

To hide your location, you’ll want to avoid any open fields and stay away from main trails and roadways. You can hide behind the heavy brush, but be sure that the campsite you choose is elevated, has flat areas, and has 2 entry/exit points so that you can leave in a hurry if someone finds you.

2. Shelter

A normal tent setup is not preferred for stealth camping. You’ll want a low-profile (below the waist) and easy to assemble/disassemble shelter.

Lean-to’s and a-frames work great in these situations, as long as they are not made with bright colors. You will want to prep as many of the elements of your shelter as you can in advance, including any knots you need to tie.


Also think about using nature to build your natural habitat for the time being.

3. Attire

Blend in with your surroundings so as not to draw attention to yourself. As you get into the woods, you can conceal yourself more.

4. Fires & Food

The smells of fires and food are both dead giveaways to your campsite. Consider eating cold food, or only consuming food away from the campsite.

5. Cover Your Tracks

Consider how you are getting to your campsite, and how you will cover your tracks once you do arrive.

There is a lot more to staying stealth than you think. Survival Life also has much more information on each of these tips at their website.


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