We Are Witnessing the Real Reason for the 2nd Amendment

Back in March we were told we needed to sacrifice our rights and our businesses to slow the spread of the most deadly and contagious virus we’ve seen in our lifetime.

15 days to slow the spread.

We are now approaching the end of August and, while the experts’ predictions have all been proven wrong, we are no closer to the end of this massive violation of our rights.

Businesses are still being shut down. Many will not open back up. Mayors and governors across the country have used this pandemic to mount an unprecedented attack on the Bill of Rights. We’ve seen Democrat mayors and governors restrict the ability to purchase guns. They’ve also restricted the ability to sell guns.

15 days to slow the spread was just the test. Americans failed that test. However, if you're a tyrant, the test was a success.

We've cooperatively given up our abilities to open up a business, patronize certain businesses, go to church, or even go to a park, lake, or beach. We've been told, in some cities, that we cannot be out after 8 or 9pm. Heck, in some of those cities you wouldn't want to anyway but that ought to be your choice.

Political elites tell you to do one thing while they do another.

They've held massive funerals for George Floyd, not David Dorn, and John Lewis. They've convinced people that riots and protests for certain political issues aren't dangerous but pro-gun or any type of conservative get-together is a danger.

We've gone along with it.

Many of my friends who've had loved ones die during this time were unable to hold a real celebration of life, or funeral, for those they love most.

In Texas, you must wear a mask in order to go to the grocery store or a restaurant.

In Texas.

Just like 15 days to slow the spread was just the first step, so is each little invasion on your right to own a gun.

It will never stop with "just a little better background check" or a "higher tax on ammunition and gun parts" or a "10 round magazine maximum".

The political elite will take it as far as we let them. And we've just shown them our hand.

With Biden and Harris being likely the most anti-gun ticket in history, we are going to have a choice to make this November. They've already told you they want your guns and that nobody should have "assault rifles" or large magazines.

Imagine what they haven't told you.

You had better organize, mobilize, and vote come November as if your rights depend on it. They do. Sure, they say this every 4 years but we've never seen anything like this in our lifetime. This is an all out power grab by people who are terrified of losing their power.

Let's hope we score better on our November test than we have over the last 5-6 months.


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9 thoughts on “We Are Witnessing the Real Reason for the 2nd Amendment”

  1. The tree liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants
    – Thomas Jefferson
    The 2d Amendment give the people teeth to defend the rest of their rights.
    – George Washington
    When the government refuses to investigate grievances and petitions for redress, the people have the right to change the government or create a new one.
    Article 13; Magna Charta Libertatum ( royal charter of rights agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215).

    Better we show them, we chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees!
    – Themistocles
    A disarmed people are slaves; an armed people are free

    The blood is on the Democrat hands and what has taken place in Kenosha where citizens begin shooting those encouraged by Democrat silence to loot, burn, and attack, will likely grow larger as more people become frustrated by the lack of action in the face of a lack of law and order, and Democrat officials who will not take action.

  2. The Democratic Party oF TYRANNY is the REAL REASON for the ATTACK on our 2 ND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS!!! There are many more to come and if we let these Tyrannical Tyrants continue to do as they are doing, tearing our Constitution to pieces we are going to be a third world country just like CUBA or Argentina and many more. Poor dumb people led like sheep to slaughter.
    Many American Citizens have no idea what it is like to live in a communist country but if they don’t fight back and get rid of these TYRANTS ” the democratic party” they are going to find out just what being a communist country is like AND they are not going to like it at all. Only an IDIOT would want that for his or her country. Wake up AMERICA and vote for Donald J. Trump in November or you are going to find out and you aren’t going to like it.

  3. CAN anyone prove NANCY and Chuckie did NOT conspire with China to create this EMERGENCY TO BENEFIT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY??? WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. SIGNED? BY ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’.