You’re on Your Own, and it’s Time to Embrace it

If you live in a conservative run city and state you may not feel the direct impact of the lawlessness and violence and destruction that is happening across the country, in primarily Democrat-run cities.

But I bet your life has changed and I bet some of your rights have been taken away throughout this ‘pandemic’.

What many people are realizing right about now is that the police cannot save you from everything. Politicians sure as hell can’t and won’t. Heck, a good chunk of them see this as an opportunity for expansion.

It’s time we wake up to that fact and stop believing that someone else is going to ride in on a white horse and save the day.

Our country wasn't founded that way and it won't be saved that way.

You're on your own.

Recently, a 17 year old kid fought back in Wisconsin and he's facing murder charges, even though virtually all the video we've seen shows him to have been acting in self defense.

And he was really one of the first to fight back.

This is scary. People don't want to act because why would you want to stand up for yourself if you're going to end up in prison for doing it? We all know vocal gun owners and vocal conservatives are going to get a far worse treatment in our justice system than the Antifa or BLM folks will, at least right now.

If you don't stand up for American values, though, you could find yourself in prison just for having those values, down the road. And if you don't defend yourself you could end up dead. That's what the radical left is offering to you.

People are buying guns in record numbers, all across the country, because they're starting to realize that NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.

So, let's start dealing with that fact. You are on your own and you are responsible for your own safety. If you don't want a gun, don't get one, but realize others will have them and not all people are good.

If our country is going to survive this attack, its citizens are going to have to take responsibility for their own safety and their own futures, not just sit back and watch in horror.


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25 thoughts on “You’re on Your Own, and it’s Time to Embrace it”

  1. Absafukinlootley. I’m in New Haven. The bad guys are doing whatever they want now.

    Our Mayor is a major pussy.

    1. It is time for the collective consciousness of Humanity changes the paradigm and all of these Globalists who are doing their satanic deeds are destroyed, as is OUR DUTY to do for God.

  2. Police never COULD (OR were meant to) “protect” us, just are to wrap up the social consequences a bit AFTER it happened. It has ALWAYS been our individual responsibility, nothing new at all.

  3. I have been commenting about this for a long time now. I saw it coming a long time ago. I tried to wake you public up. You did not listen. Now THIS article above is warning you of the same things I have been telling you. Are you still going to sit back and do NOTHING? It’s your life on the balance now. Your big decision is: Do you want to live or do you want to die. It IS coming.

  4. The solution is simple and after the treason of blm democrats and their states! Hollywood and the media their one sided justice the patriots of America have only one solution!
    We have all the guns and enough ammunition to shoot every Chinese communist on the planet 6 times!
    It’s time to fight back
    It won’t take much to stop the crime wave here in America! the elimination of the rioters, about 50 Hollywood actors , the NFL , the NBA you know them , the treasonous talk show hosts even the slime on public television, the murdering democrat Mayer’s and city councils , the tech media owners and the network giant CEO’s! Once they see America will go after them and eliminate them!
    It’s them or us patriots !
    we know who they are and there is no doubt of their treason and murderous crimes upon all of America!
    Our police have their hands tied by lefts control over their cities ! They will let you pass with your guns by your side and your hands in the air as you exit the patriotic scenes of piled up bodies of these treasonous malcontents! Police showed you that as they saluted that 17 year old Great Young Man showing us how it’s done!
    It’s them or us!
    Should the Terrorists mentioned above be eliminated next week all at once this terrorist coup will be extinguished! These yellow belly traitors will run for their worthless lives and we must pursue them to hell
    Should they all be eliminated so will the crimes on America be!
    We know whom they are !
    Are their any patriots out their destined to be Americans next heroes!!!!!!
    I pray to God Almighty their are!
    I am not advocating this but it is my Dream!
    It is America’s only solution!
    Are their Heroes out their ready and willing to save us?
    Please save America and Our Children from these Terrorists!
    Please whom ever you are!
    America needs Heroes Like You!

  5. If you break into my house intent to hurt me or my family, trespass or assault my property, I’m armed. If my bullets shred your heart & lungs, I’m a combat veteran, I’ve done it before and YOU should have made a better choice.
    Oh? lol…We have a little dog…He thinks he owns this place. He sleeps like a hot razor, hears 200 x better than you & smells 400 x better than you. A courageous black & tan dachsund. Geez…if he had longer legs hed be a doberman. Isn’t he cute?

  6. Violent rioters marched through Oakland, CA this past Saturday chanting “death to America”, while smashing windows and terrorizing anyone that they can. Antifa and Black Lives Matter openly admit that they want to destroy this country.

    Why does the media and Democrat Party insist that they are peaceful protesters? And the foolish mayors and governors ask the police to stand down, and even plan to defund police. Americans need to feel safe in their homes and their businesses.

    We cannot allow this terrorism to grow and become a crisis in all of our cities and towns. President Trump is the one that will stand up to this lawlessness and protect all Americans, he will always support and defend our law enforcement people, bring prosperity back, defend religious liberty and keep our American comeback on track. Vote on Nov. 3 for the future of our country and the future of our children. President Trump in 2020!

  7. I hope and pray there will be more hero’s like the 17 year old young Man who is America’s first hero that sacrificed to stop these treasonous killers calling themselves blm, Antifa, nba , nfl, Hollywood and the lying media!
    Are their any heroes out their willing to take action against the treason the left is forcing upon America?
    Until we stop this scums leaders with extreme prejudice it will not stop !
    I pray for more Heroes to save America!

  8. The important thing to remember is that the 17 year old who fought back is alive to be charged with murder instead of being dead which a trump supporter is right now and if the 17 year old had not fought back he might not be alive right now . Right now you have to have the firepower to back up your will with you at all times even if you could get arrested . Because it’s better to go to jail then to go on the morgue slab which has already to happened to a Trump supporter and don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrats or Republicans to lift a finger to help including Trump or Biden.

  9. My sentiments exactly. If your going to prepare go to USCCA. Be prepared with bail money and lawyer fees. You need insurance unless your filthy rich unless you want to rot in County Jail. Most Courts haven’t even opened yet. Check them out on uTube, actual testimonials of everyday Americans.

  10. I will NOT allow ANY ONE protesting ON MY PROPERTY. I will warn them ONCE to get off, and STAY off. After that, I will consider them to be a danger to me and my family, and I WILL take offensive action WITH a fire arm…not to kill, but definitely to stop them bodily from advancing on my property. I will use salted shot for a first shot, but after that, if there is still advancement…the second, third and more shots if necessary, will consist of double ought buck. Protesters just have NO business on my property.


  12. Lock, Load, Aim and FIRE! . . . And PROSECUTE the SURVIVING ILLEGAL ANIFA, BLM and CRIMINALS (if there ARE any – Happy Hunting!). One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. Stand up and fight like your way of life depends on it. Learn self defense, store up food, water and ammo. You must protect your children, family, parents and grandparents in these dark times. The Communist leftist morons want to control everything you do, everything you say and everywhere you go. When the mob gets out here to AZ they’re in for a big surprise.

  14. Antifa & BLM only understand confrontation and are well schooled on how far they can go and by what means they can use. FEAR must instilled in these terrorists. However they are mostly staying in Democrat controlled areas. Not being reported is that Antifa & BLM have been turned away in some locations with threats of them not being able to see mama again — ever. Get yourself a gun. Learn how to use it. Get yourself a concealed carry permit. Protect yourself and your family.

  15. Prior US Army military and ready to defend our Nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic! If called i’ll haul to be upfront for the innocent!