2020 Gun Sales Just Surpassed 2019, Already

August just ended and we have 4 months to go but gun sales for this year have already surpassed 2019 numbers.

If you, like me, have experienced long delays in your FBI background checks the number of requests are likely the culprit, according to an industry analyst.

 sales have reached nearly 15 million through the end of August, 1 million more than the total sales in 2019.

Many say that fears of a Biden victory in November are fueling sales.

That fear, together with the riots and violence in mostly Democrat run cities, is turning otherwise anti-gun advocates into first-time gun owners.

In 2016, gun sales and FBI background checks hit a record due to expectations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would beat President Trump and impose an assault weapon ban like her husband had.

We are now experiencing the same fear about the future of our 2nd Amendment and with good reason as many are saying there is no doubt that a Biden-Harris presidency would be the most anti-gun ticket in history.

They have stated many times that they support a renewal of the '94 assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and new restrictions on private sales.

That's just what they've said.


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4 thoughts on “2020 Gun Sales Just Surpassed 2019, Already”

  1. That’s what TURDS do. They stink and destroy every fiber of our Constitution and they want to turn this country into a communist country. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Northam can kiss my ass also. I’m Not wearing no mask and he isn’t going to get our guns either. Hang on to your guns folks. You are more than likely going to need them. Even if that TURD biden doesn’t win and he isn’t , he is going to wreak havoc on this country . You can count on it.

  2. For some years now, I’ve set up a display in my front yard for the month of Oct. and I hand out candy. Sadly the past few years have had low turnouts with small kids but larger teens begin to show up. I have enough tentage and out items to do this so I’ve given thought of setting up a haunted house next to the playground in Speyside and asking for help for the neighborhood for the show and to donate candy. But, with things as they are, I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet.

  3. Seems like it always reduces to the same B.S. I have owned firearms my entire adult life… so has my family and now my sons. Never a accident or misuse by any of us.. nor that of my many friends and hunting buddies. NRA for life and give memberships to soldiers and young people of sound ethics and good upbringing. Never had anyone shot by a cop for not obeying an official order or while in a: traffic stop, at a convenience store, gas station, at a girlfriend’s house, etc. “Stop”… “put your hands up”… “get down on your knees”… “lay on the ground”.. “take your hands out of your pockets”… etc.. all rather simple police commands to comply with and if you do you, no problems.. red, white black or yellow.. makes no difference. Do As You Are Ordered! If you are “wronged” a lawyer will love to chat with you. No one is “above the law” except Steven Segal.