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Most First Time Gun Buyers in Texas Are Voting For Biden

The Dallas Morning News released a poll on Sunday that tells the story of new gun owners in Texas, and it’s not what you would think.

Many say the fear of civil unrest due to the pandemic and the political climate surrounding the election in November is a main driver of their decision to purchase a gun.

In Texas, fear has been a motivation for first-time gun-owners, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Just over a third of Texans polled say they own at least one gun. Some 17% of gun owners bought a gun within the past 90 days, and of those, more than half were first-time buyers.

But these aren’t all the right-wingers that one might expect as a description.

The poll says many favor Biden.

Almost half of the 1,150 Texas voters surveyed expect that the pandemic will lead to civil unrest. About a third own at least one gun.

“I think there is a general panic and unrest,” said poll respondent Tony Ashcraft, owner of a gun center in Pearland.

“There’s no one flavor of humanity that comes in. A big panic is panic in everybody’s mind. Everybody is worried,” he said.

First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump, in fact.

Things are sure to get interesting in November and not likely in a good way.

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19 thoughts on “Most First Time Gun Buyers in Texas Are Voting For Biden”

  1. Yeah Right!! Who’s POLL IS THAT! Lets see it! Either way they are going down. This Country doesn’t need the likes of a sorry no good SLEAZE BAG LIKE bIDEN and his cohorts.

  2. I’m not sure about the validity of such a Poll. The democrats love to Poll and use them as propaganda. The only way they can do this is to Poll only favorable respondents or completely fake the Poll. That being said, I’m sure there are some democrats who are buying guns because they want to shoot conservatives. Liberals prove over and over on a daily basis their propensity for violent behavior. So yeah, I suppose some Biden voters are buying guns.

  3. This is bull. We gun owners in Texas would never vote for Biden. If Texans do this you can be sure the Socialist will take the guns you purchased. Wake up country. If the so called socialist democrats get power you will see most of your rights taken away. First the second amendment, then they want to change the constitution. They want to rid oil and fraction which will devastate not only the Texas economy but other states as well. They will limit what can be said in churches which must comply the political correct agenda . They don’t want personal owner of property so your large homes, farms and ranches will soon be nonexistent except to the very wealthy. They will advocate killing full term infants just before birth. Your speech will be restricted to only politically correct statements. Your children will continue to be indoctrinated to a communist agenda. WAKE UP AMERICANS. You might like Trump but he is the only one who can save this country,

  4. The fake news is so full of BS, President Trump is Pro-Life Pro-God Pro-Gun, if they wanna keep them newly purchased guns they’d havta be totally stupid to vote Democratic, really, think about it!!!!! 😂

  5. This is exactly what the left is trying to do scare the hell out of people with threats of war and destruction so people will vote for Biden so they can destroy this country they’re scaring you into voting for them and if you vote for Biden because of fear you are putting America into the same position as Venezuela and Cuba. Don’t tower to these thugs. if you vote by because you’re afraid of an uproar it’s going to happen either way if you notice all of this crap that’s going on are just in Democratic cities this is why you need to vote Republican all the way down the ticket. They’re destroying their own cities period once Republicans take over they won’t be having this because the Republicans will call in the national guard and put into it all these Democratic run cities refuse to do it they want people to see this they want people to be scared so they will vote Democrat. Don’t buy into it.!

  6. I have to believe this poll was done in Dallas with Dallas residents alone. One of the liberal cities in Texas filled with new arrivals bringing their BS ideas with them from out of state.

    1. That is probably an accurate statement. The idea of a “poll” is clearly a biased concept. Give the poll questions to a selected “type” and you can control the responses. Duh!!! Go to a rodeo and ask people if they think the government should kill 100,000 wild mustangs… Go to a classic car show and ask people if there should be strict emission controls, seat belts, airbags, etc. on ALL cars… Go to a slum area and ask people if they should receive $600 bucks a month for free from the government….. geeeeeez… give me a break!

  7. I thought Liberals didn’t own or buy guns?…..doesn’t that make them hypocrites? Still I guess the fact they wont be able to rely on the police at all! might change there out look. But that only means they should support the Republicans and not Joe. I guess these new buyers do not tie the riots and call to defund the police to the democrats and Biden. Which is pretty stupid.

  8. I frankly don’t believe the article. Why would someone buy a gun and then vote for someone who has announced he will confiscate it. Sound like more lefty load of BS

  9. The only reason the headline is accurate is that Biden voters were the ones that didn’t already own guns. A more accurate headline would be “Even Biden supporters recognize the need to have guns to defend themselves”.