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Here’s How Even You Would Give Up Your Guns

It goes without saying at this point that a Biden/Harris ticket would be a disaster for the 2nd Amendment. There’s little doubt that they would virtually, and maybe literally, abolish the right to bear arms.

The discussion always comes back to “but there’s no way people would give up their guns”. I mean, most people wouldn’t readily give up their guns in an all-out confiscation.

And I don’t think there will be many police officers around the country that would go door-to-door to confiscate guns.

Would the military?

I don’t know. They face a different kind of penalty for disobeying orders.

But as I kept driving through McDonalds on some Saturday mornings I noticed something that "piqued my interest". Have you noticed that little sign that says "Due to a national coin shortage we prefer you use a credit or debit card"?

It got me thinking about our slow move toward a cashless society. We may not be there but we are definitely on the way and it wouldn't take much to get there.

In a cashless society you would be using things such as your phone or cards to pay for everything. All of that data is on record. If you were to eliminate the right to individual gun ownership and wanted to confiscate a large number of guns, all it would really take is frozen assets/accounts of gun owners.

If you had guns registered to your name, you'd either have to turn them in or account for their whereabouts if you wanted to be able to pay your rent, mortgage, heat, food, water bills.

It wouldn't be perfect, of course, but I believe it would get the majority of gun owners to give up their guns in very short order.

Sure, this is just a theory and you could call it a conspiracy theory.

My point is that many of us simply think a repeal of the 2nd Amendment would never be possible because there are too many of us and no police or military folks would want to go door-to-door and risk that much confrontation within their country.

It gives us a sort of false feeling of safety from the issue, but it's actually an archaic way to think about it. There would be no need for a door-to-door confiscation. There are many non-confrontational ways that the government could enforce such an action, thanks to how much insight they have into our personal lives.

The threat is very real and there would be more than one effective way to enforce it.

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21 thoughts on “Here’s How Even You Would Give Up Your Guns”

  1. Everything done electronically gives Big Brother the ability to track every move you make in your car, home and outside. American Citizens are already prisoners and they don’t even realize it. Eric Holder was right when he said “we are a nation of cowards”. That was and is being proved by how much freedom we have given up because of government fear spread because of a man made virus that is no more dangerous then the flu. The CDC came out and said the #’s of C19 deaths were 9000 and not the 161,000 that was claimed. The fear mongering was and is a tool being used for a coup attempt.

    We are told how much distance we need to be from each other, what direction to walk. We have become so terrified that people are turning in other people when they don’t follow the rules.

    Rules that elitist government don’t abide by. “do what I say not as I do” See Nancy Pelosi.

    We have a Republic when the people rule the government. We have Tyranny when the government rules the people.

    What happened to the early protest where people came out with their guns and protested the needless shutdown. Where did they go. Now we here nothing.

    What needs to happen is everyone refuse to wear their mask in stores or anywhere and protest and boycott any store that refuses to let people enter without masks.

    The people need to get up off their freaking couch and stop watching sports and participate to save our Country. I say we are a nation of Cowards.

  2. I guess you have a very valid theory there and like you said, “There are many non-confrontational ways that the government could enforce such an action, thanks to how much insight they have into our personal lives.” But there are now the many groups of those people that may just come together and meet them face to face should that happen or for sure start a civil war that is as real as any theory that you may put in front of the people. Anyone and everyone would know at that point that a fight is inevitable weather it start from an all out confrontation face to face or gorilla warfare. Who knows this better than the government for sure but GREAT MINDS come from the People as well as those that try to control them.

    1. I put this EXACT theory out to people months ago, and i’ll even take it a step further….
      * Going green. Going cashless, they can then RATION resources! Each family can only apply a set amount of money towards electric, water and natural gas bills.
      * The food you eat! They can put certain items on a “no buy” list! Steaks, ground beef, sodas, etc… Or ration the amount you are allowed to buy.
      * Gasoline. Each individual driving age adult is allotted a certain amount of gallons to purchase per month.
      * Political activities or political defiance. They lock you out of your money as a punitive measure, or demand you cease the ftowned upon activity if you want access to your money restored.
      * Smokers and alcohol drinkers… Ration or eliminate ability to purchase.
      These are just the tip of the iceberg in tetms of ways leftist givts can strangle a populace with complete control of their money.
      If cashless ever became a reality, it WILL trigger domestic war. Not even a question in my mind. Folks are angry right now, but have not yet outright revolted. Why?
      Because they have not been made to feel ANY REAL PAIN YET!
      * The lights and tv still turn on.
      * Food is still plentiful and available.
      * Gasoline is still plentiful and available.
      * Folks still have firearms to protect their families and communities.
      * Folks can still hold political opinions and engage in political activities.
      Once this cashless initiatives utterly DESTROY commerce, regular folks WILL START feeling pain.
      Lastly, i’ve always said….
      “The DUMBEST, STUPIDEST thing any govt could ever do? Is antagonize 140 million gun owners and their families to the point of formally organizing.”

    2. Freezing assets is HYPER confrontational and likely to make a reality of the signs that read “You can have my guns, one bullet at a time”.


    By Pastor David H Grisham
    Repent Alaska

    Notice the accompanying photo of a sign at a McDonalds drive thru. It is making the false claim that COVID-19 is responsible for a shortage of change. There is no shortage of change. The banks are hoarding it to create a false shortage in order to push people in the direction away from cash. This is about CONTROL. There is just as much change available for circulation now as there was prior to this plannedemic. It’s not as though the Coronavirus causes metal coins to evaporate. The central banks are removing coins from circulation to create a false shortage. Once all the money is digital and cash is dead then all the digital currency will be in the banking systems computers and they will have full control.

    Their goal is controlling you through control of your money. At any time, should you become a problem in their eyes, they can implement “economic sanctions” against you by cutting off your access to your money. In fact, it won’t be YOUR money any longer, it will be theirs. They’re just lending it to you. And don’t expect that loan to be interest free. Oh no, it’s about control and THEFT. They can steal your digital currency at any time and in any amount and you’ll be powerless to do anything about it. Abraham Lincoln once said that the definition of slavery was, “You work and I eat”. Slavery isn’t just theft of your freedom, it’s also theft of your prosperity. Slavery inherently produces crushing poverty.

    This is the road America has chosen to go down. Some have gone down it by deception, others by choice, and still others …by their silence in the face of it. This is the road to New World Order slavery.

    Old World Order slavery was a godless system in which you kidnapped victims by force and enslaved their bodies in chains. Then you spent years brainwashing them to bring their hearts and minds into a slave mentality so they would accept their chains.

    New World Order slavery is the opposite. It is still a godless evil system but it operates in reverse order. The system works for years to brainwash entire generations into a slave mentality. Then they instigate contrived crises to bring about instability and fear and those with a slave mentality will run to the new slave masters and beg for the chains. They will volunteer to be slaves in exchange for safety and security. But they forget one thing… Satan, and his disciples are LIARS. In fact, these slave masters are the ones to be most fearful of. No crisis could ever be more dangerous than the supposed “solution” these monsters propose.

    Slavery is a slow torturous death by hopelessness and starvation. This is the future of America if she does not come to herself and repent and seek after Jesus Christ. The useful fools of the Devil are tearing down the statues of the Old Order slave masters and erecting far worse masters in their place. Slave Masters who are leading the duped into hell’s plantation. Satan must be laughing his butt off over this stupidity.

    The solution is National Repentance. God said this… “When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    ‭‭II Chronicles‬ ‭7:13-14‬ ‭

    As for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY IN CHRIST OR GIVE ME DEATH! I will never bow my knee to these false masters. I will not comply with their demands. And I will actively work to undermine their evil plans by shouting the glory of Almighty God from the housetops and humbly preaching the salvation of Jesus Christ and His freedom in the word to those whom the Devil seeks to enslave and destroy. And I will cry out to God for our redemption draws neigh.

    Your choice America, choose wisely

  4. The Bible already covered this. “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name…666.”
    ‭‭Revelation 13:16-18

  5. There is no way they can get them all, most people has one or two registered guns and 5 that no one knows about, how are you going to get them if you don’t know they existed? A few years ago I went on vacation and when I returned all my guns, TV everything was stolen, how are you going to get my guns back,

  6. The destruction of a nation, any nation, comes from “REJECTION of the WORDS of GOD!” England is a great example of that! The sun never set on the British empire, and England ruled over 1/4 of this world and then Rejected that “BOOK” which LIFTED them up and yet…they rejected GOID’s word! I’d say that any nation that does what England did is in for the same results, JUST like this one! “Man at his best state is altogether vanity.” Psalms 39:5b KJV

  7. If the demscum take over the government in the Nov. 3 election one of the first things they’ll do is repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed in 2005. They’ll replace it with something like this fascist garbage:

    A half-dozen of so successful lawsuits against gun makers by “victims” of the private ownership of firearms and there’ll be no more guns because firearm, ammunition and reloading component manufacturers will simply go out of business.

  8. We will be involved in the greatest civil war (it won’t last long) this nation of ours has witnessed. The democrats are washed up and they are struggling hard to keep their heads above water. Way to many folks own guns for these mindless idiots to even begin to realize. They will be taken out in short order when and if they faced to veterans of this nation alone, not even taking into concideration the non veterans that would protect their rights to own a gun . People are so prepared to protect our nations freedom and our great constitution, some are prepared to move now.
    These communist bastards need to move to china or iran then report back how much they like communism!
    Give up my guns??? NOT EVER !!

  9. Many of us live in states that do not have gun registration. Many of us have guns that were purchased privately, thus not on any government list.
    If they try this, they will be in for a very painful civil war facing millions of well armed and experienced gun owners. Many of us are former military who served in combat in Vietnam, iraq, and other hellholes.
    As a retired professor of U.S. Constitutional Law, I know that we will also fight in every State and Federal court for our Constitutional rights under our 2nd Amendment. If the Government can destroy the 2nd, None of the others are worth the paper they are written on. As Thomas Jefferson said ” The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots”

  10. Wrong, if they froze assets to get guns, that’s when people would form militias, go after these socialist leaders and civil war would evolve. If you’re going g to be made a slave by freezing assets, etc, might as well fight.