Professor: Nothing Wrong With Murder of Trump Supporter

University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis should have zero business being employed by a University in the United States. He has a history of preaching hatred for conservatives and calling for the murder of them.

In 2012, he called for Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick.

Now, he’s gained attention for a blog post where he seems to defend the killing of Trump supporter, Jay Danielson, and is outraged at the death of Mihcael Reinoehl, the man who walked up and shot Danielson on the street in Portland.

Somehow, these twisted leftists have turned the murderer of Jay Danielson into a victim.

This is the kind of mental illness we are fighting today.

Loomis added to the comments section:

Loomis responded by saying, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.” He further added that “tactically, that’s a different story. But you could say the same thing about John Brown.”

As long as they label you a fascist, there is nothing wrong with them killing you. These are the people indoctrinating your kids at universities and colleges across the country.

We now have a whole country full of young Marxists who believe that anyone who doesn't agree with them is a fascist, and their teachers believe that fascists deserve to be killed.

Anyone guessing where this leads?

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26 thoughts on “Professor: Nothing Wrong With Murder of Trump Supporter”

  1. I would love to see the look on this “professor’s” face when his students all start labeling him a “fascist” for not agreeing with some such offense they take over something he says that they don’t agree with….

    How someone promoting such beliefs and hatred can be allowed to infect impressionable young minds like this is an indictment of our institutions of “higher learning” in this country, institutions that have become nothing more than Marxist indoctrination centers in reality…

  2. Get rid of tenure, mandate the teaching of both the liberal and conservative positions, equally and fire any teacher who preaches murder of any sort in this Country.
    Finally, as the so called professor (or nutty professor) knows, that if you can have the rights for one Party’s position, then it is only equitable to have those same rights for the other Party’s position. Therefore, is he saying that people in our county have equally strong and opposite political positions have the right to kill people that are in Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the rest of the Marxist regime?? If so, then we have become barbarians as an entire country since he is basically calling for civil war between the citizens of this beautiful country!! People from both sides of the isle should make an example of him so that we can get back to being a civilized country who votes with their mouths and not guns!! He is putting this country back 250 years!! Shame on him!! I wonder if he believes in God, not that it really matters since whether there is or not, what’s the right thing to do and to teach! I say ta oh e away his citizenship and let him live in ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND SEE HOW HIS TUNE CHANGES!!

  3. If these two idiots feel it’s ok to kill a Republican and complain about a murderer being shot by police tells everyone just how unbalanced their minds work. Both of them need mental health people to step in and stop them before they kill someone just because they think it OK. God Bless America!

  4. My only comment to this professor is, call what you wish for. Any university that sanctions such action needs to have it’s doors closed and locked, and be bulldozed to the ground.

  5. well now here is a perfect example of the Education in America !!! A professor that instructs

    students also states its OK to Kill another human being over political differences !!! I suggest the

    Professor be no longer in charge of teaching any students !!! PS the same logic would apply in the

    opposite direction being applied by a right wing individuals

    1. This idiot professor is the product of these left wing so called educated men and/or women who teach hate, socialism, communism, etc to these young kids beginning the next phase of their education. I wonder how professor Erik Loomis would feel if a shot fired in his direction. Or if someone walked right up to him and flattened his face. I agree with others that have commented except Ms. SINHA’s. comment above. In my opinion, the University of Rhode Island should fire this piece of shit or have their doors closed, finding stopped and and demolished. Of course, this is just one man’s opinion. At 77 years old I’ve seen so many changes in colleges go from teaching real history to being far left ideals.

  6. This man is a pitiful disgrace to the title “professor”! Throughout history, fascists have used dupes like him til they no longer need they’re stupidity. Then these arrogant “teachers” wind up in the same grave that they helped to put others in.

  7. No One need Guess where this leads…. It is in the history books…. the french revolution, the russian revolution, chrystal-nacht, The Khmer-rouge, tieniman square, mass political murders of all sorts, the purges, genocide and ethnic cleansing done by all manner of whacked-out Radical leftists, marxists, communists…. but the key being whacked-out Radical leftists…. and it begins Now, according to the Radical whacked-out professor and many Radical muslim extremists…. as well as that Terrorist group antifa…. So Now might be the Time for the Round-up based on Fomenting Insurrection, and charge each of these Extremist Radical leftists, with each and every murder caused by this…. Starting with this Radical insurrectionist professor and his dean for NOT stopping them sooner….

  8. I wonder how he would feel if someone murdered him and people said there was nothing wrong about it ? This clown is a professor at an institution supposedly of higher learning . Kind of makes you fear and wonder about our future generation being instructed by individuals such as this.

  9. He is the kind of “SICKO” who does not teach our children, but indoctrinates or children in to cummonism. He should be relieved of his duties. Generally speaking, our universities are now the breeding ground for commonism.

  10. When are we going to start calling them the fascist. The people, Black and White who loot, destroy, murder are of the same mentality as the Nazi brown shirts. When are the so called intelligent experts going to call the behavior of Anarchists, Marxists as Fascist. A fascist is is a person who follows a political system of rigid one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of the opposition, glorification of war. It is right before your eyes. The burning of buildings, murder, attacking people in restaurants, demanding that people kneel to the Black man. Show me the law that says it is impossible for a black man to be a fascist.
    I am so tired of stupid experts. The cowards are afraid of reality because it might offend. They, the black minority, are already offended , so they say. So let’s get real.

  11. This guy should be kicked out of education period. Anybody who espouses the murder of anyone is evil & this guy doubly so since he’s a messed up excuse for a human. He’s more animal than anything.

  12. Interesting how Fascist this so-called professor is, isn’t it? He, most apparently, doesn’t see that by his own argument about labeling a conservative and Trump supporter, who was probably more ‘liberal’ than he, a Fascist and then state that killing him is okay morally by HIS standards, that he, himself, is actually a Fascist and deserves to be killed because it would morally right? He can’t see that he has set himself up as, morally, a two-faced, holier-than-thou Fascist.

  13. I ll KILL THEM AS WELL. THEY ARE DRUGGIE< MOSLEM LOVING ASS HOLES AND I WILL FOLLOW TRUMP TO THE DEATH . I have 2 masters and never had respect for any god damn civilian peace freak.

  14. Oh wow, hollyer than Thou this low life professor is. Probably thinks it’s all right to torture to death defensive babies in the womb just because the female learned from this professor killing anyone is okay. Actually, the American culture has advanced far beyond the Marxists or communists killing of 165 million people who looked at the Marxists or communists wrong. How did that go in Russia and China, these professors are proud of the work of their Marxists or communists heroes. So why is anyone surprised that a professor thinks it is all right to kill anyone for just thinking their own thinking instead of agreeing with the professors thinking of 165 million people starved to death by Marxists for just thinking is normal for backward humans. The problem with this thinking is you can’t kill everybody and sooner or later someone will take your acceptance of killing anyone for any of your reason, on you, the cycle of Marxism always gets to their own in time because professors will slip and say something not quite the right thinking for some Marxist or commie and you will deserve it not your innocent victims, you will see hell while your victims will see God, the number one person you as a professor Marxist hate.

  15. Erik Loomis is a terrorist and will end up in jail. Prayer for his downfall and discovery should be made to take him out instead of President Trump.

  16. There are perfectly good, academically excellent colleges and universities out there: Hillsdale, for instance, is one of the finest economics and political science schools, anywhere. Then there are Regent, Liberty, Steubenville and Dayton Universities. Search “conservative colleges and universities,” and you’ll find a satisyig;y large number of institutions that cultivate the life and growth of the mind. Why send your kid to a place that wants to turn him or her into a screaming degenerate, bent on destruction? Choose, rather, a placer that teaches content and applauds dignity.