22 Yr Old Shot by Rittenhouse Plays Victim on CNN

Gaige Grosskreutz was the 22 year-old man who was seen in multiple videos chasing down 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with glock in his hand. In some videos, it looks clear that Gaige was about to put a bullet in Kyle’s head.

Kyle Rittenhoulse pulled the trigger and shot Gaige first, apparently blowing out part of his bicep.

Naturally, CNN sees it differently and so does Gaige.

"I never fired my gun," Grosskreutz said. "I was there to help people. Not hurt people."

“I was shot point blank with a .223 round from the shooter,” Grosskreutz said. “And I am now missing 90% of my bicep. This has not been easy emotionally, physically. I’m in constant pain, like excruciating pain that just doesn’t go away — both in my arm, in my heart.”

He may have never fired his gun but you don't get to point a gun at someone's head and not expect them to defend themselves. Rittenhouse shouldn't have had to wait and see if Grosskreutz was going to kill him first.

One of the first things I was taught as a kid, about responsible gun use, was don't point a gun at anything you're not willing to kill.

One aspect of this case that baffles me is that Gaige Grosskreutz is walking around, hailed as a hero by leftists, with no charges. He is on video chasing this kid down and pointing a gun at his head. Rittenhouse is facing 6 counts including multiple variations of intentional homicide.



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40 thoughts on “22 Yr Old Shot by Rittenhouse Plays Victim on CNN”

  1. These people are such thugs until someone defends themselves or they are arrested, then they turn into crying victims. It’s disgusting as is the mainstream media coddling them.

  2. I wonder how many hours CNN had their lawyers coaching Gaige before he could act sooo innocent. He should thank God that he is still alive and let’s hope he learned a lesson from what happened.

  3. What a lame excuse as he drops his pistol next to Mr Rittenhosue. How can anyone in their right mind defend the actions of these anarchists. Over my dead body I will fight for my constitution including shooting the rioters if they come into my community. Just a warning to blk MY LIFE MATTERS!

  4. Just another example of hypocrisy by the Left. They march to get rid of police, and as soon as they get hurt they bray about “law and order”.

  5. Kyle Rittenhouse was well within his right to shoot that thug. Too bad his aim was off. He could have scored a “hat trick”.

  6. That kid was in his right for self defense and as far as I’m concern he did the right thing. We have got to take our country back from these communist corrupt democrats that have lost their damn minds and they got what they deserve, You haven’t seen anything yet, just wait until President Trump win this coming election, there will be a war and they, the democrats communist will be the ones who starts it.

  7. This sounds like another case of CNN handing their “guest” a script and saying this is what you’re supposed to say. Only this stupid thug never heard the good advice that applies in cases like this…”do unto others before they do unto you”.

  8. OH boo hoo, WA WA, the typical whiny baby… this kid makes a decision to use a firearm to intend to hurt someone, and “Kyle” shot first, which according to the law, he was within his right to do… now that he got hurt…typical “liberal horse-shit”, is to blame the one who was ready for a confrontation, now it’s practice playing a victim when he were the aggressor. I say he got what he deserved, like it or not, in that same note, the one who supposed to cause this BS racial riot in the first place… This “Jacob Blake” deserved what HE had asked for as well… HE raped a girl, or was accused of rapping her, violated a restraining order went to her place of residence, and attempted to steal her car, while ignoring the police’s orders to stop… A confrontation he caused, but the police stopped… in my opinion, Jacob got what HE too deserved… he will never use his pee pee again, EVER…

    again, “God’s Justice be done”…

  9. Dear Mr. Grosskreutz:
    You chased someone (a scared kid who was there trying to stop violence by a bunch of ally trash) down the street, and he happened to be carrying a loaded AR-15, while you and others were yelling at him and yelling to others about this kid and at the same time, you’re waving a gun around (it’s all on the video) and while you do this and the kid that you’re chasing falls, and in falling rolls onto his back. This causes his firearm to come up and his gun fires while it happens to be pointed at your arm.
    Considering your actions in this event, don’t you feel fortunate that you weren’t hit in the chest or head, but instead were ONLY hit in the arm AND shouldn’t you be glad that someone with better training wasn’t involved in shooting you because they would most likely have shot you again, but their following shots would more than likely have been into the “center of mass which is known as double tap and then another shot to the head, which is known as “the Down shot”, hence the Law Enforcement term, “double Tap, Down” and instead of you bitching and complaining about your arm, instead, it’d be your family members boohooing about your dumb departed ass.

    That young man had a history of working with the local authorities and even earlier in that day spent his time cleaning spray painted buildings that the some of the BLM Trash and friends had damaged earlier. In fact when the Police arrived on scene responding to the call for someone having been shot, they drove right past him because he has worked with them in the past and they recognized him, appreciated his assistance and thought he was directing them to the scene of their call.
    But, Exactly WHAT were YOU doing there, running around with a firearm, chasing someone with an AR-15 when you were shot? Had you been donating your time all along helping your community like this young man has?
    You got involved, got in the way, got shot….Oh, freakin well…ya took your chances and got a Boo Boo for not getting trained properly and for sticking your neck out, but PooPoo Happens.
    I’m just thankful you weren’t more seriously injured or killed and you should be also.
    A former Police Reserve Officer (different jurisdiction)

  10. What was he doing there with a handgun? I’m pretty sure that it was this miscreant…this felon, who fired the shot at the gas station/car dealership while Rittenhouse was retreating from the first thug who attacked him. Rittenhouse had his back to the shooter at that time and reasonably assumed he was being fired upon, and I think he thought the shot was fired by the other felon, the pedophile. That’s when Rittenhouse fired and killed that degenerate. Then this guy after firing that shot followed Rittenhouse, along with others, down the street. If this felon had stayed in his mommy’s basement he wouldn’t have been shot. I only wish he had suffered the same fate as the other two.

  11. Ha, ha, Gaigey, you’re lucky you still have your head on in one piece. If it had been me, I would have blown your head off. Let’s face it, you’re a rotten piece of shit who is now deformed. Ha, ha, ha!!

    Biden/Harris 2020

    1. Hey, Joey, me and Nancy Pelosi are going to run on the Republican ticket to take votes away from Trump/Pence. That should help you win the election then we can run the country again together.

      Obama/Pelosi 2020

  12. Yeah the kid that shot this thug will probably get off on justifiable homicide on the evidence of the recording. However, it is a terrible shame that he has to hire an attorney and go through a trial for the justifiable homicide.

  13. If he was out chasing you with a Glock and aiming it at your head, would you be pulling the trigger on him first for self defense. You can bet if he practiced what he preached, then Kyle did the right thing by shooting first in self defense. He definitely was chasing Kyle and he definitely had a Glock in his hand aiming it at his head. Too bad for his two other buddies, Kyle was chased by all three guys and they definitely planned on beating him up and possible shooting him first as they fired shots at him first, but it didn’t turn out that way. Kyle fell down running and shot all of three guys because he definitely feared for his life when he pulled the trigger on all three. Kyle should not be charged with any crime. The ANTIFA, BLM THUGS got what they deserved.

    1. I am a anti Trump democrat but I agree that this shooting was in self defense. Neither of these guys should have been carrying guns at a BLM protest even though it may be legal. This same thing happened in Austin when a protester approached a car with a AD type weapon and the guy in the car shot and killed him. He hasn’t been charged with anything.
      Why were they chasing this guy if he had not shot his gun or did he shoot someone before he was being chased?

      1. With all due respect Ed. Your last paragraph implies you may be short on information… suggest you look up R&at Legal criminal defense attorneys on You Tube. Excellent legal analysis of the entire event.
        As an anti Trump democrat why do you support a political party that support Marxist revolutionary insurgents and is now the party of deceit, hate and discontent? The democrats left you a long time ago, you just don’t know it yet. Best regards Ed.

  14. The video…proves that he DID fire his handgun, as he approached Rittenour who was defending himself, as the ‘puff’ is unmistakable. THAT means…you were wounded, in the act of trying to harm another person and very lucky to not be dead. Sorry, but… I have no sympathy for this person.

  15. You got what you asked for by chasing down a kid with gun in your hand. He had the right to defend himself against an ignorant cry baby who planned on harming him. Let me rephrase that you got less than you asked for, your still alive.

  16. Seems like this video would eliminate any charges related to Rittenhouse shooting Grosskreutz and result in Grosskreutz being charged (at a minimum) with assault with a deadly weapon.

  17. This dumb ass needs to man up if your going to play the game, now he’s crying like a sissy to the media. i would shot him twice . This young man should get a medal he has balls of steel… This young man was only trying to help wounded people and clean up the mess left behind these tugs left behind. I will pray for kyle to get justice.

  18. Federal law needs to be changed to permit the filing of civil lawsuits against prosecutors who charge based upon political considerations rather than provable criminal acts. If these prosecutors at both the local and state levels could be held personally responsible for their decisions that would promptly alleviate many of these politically motivated charges against citizens defending themselves and police officers as we have seen over the past few months in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and other cities. After the police body camera footage was released in the death of George Floyd along with the autopsy results (which the Minnesota attorney general tried to prevent the disclosure of), it is pretty certain that all the officers will be acquitted and that will likely lead to another round of violence. So what will have been accomplished for the citizens these prosecutors were supposed to serve? Nothing other than the prosecutors self-serving political interests.

  19. You don’t get to point a gun at someone’s head and not expect them to defend themselves. Rittenhouse shouldn’t have had to wait and see if Grosskreutz was going to kill him first.

    You shouldn’t be alive right now so you need to count your blessings next time you may not be so lucky!

  20. The blame falls directly on the city officials who allow these Leftist miscreants to perpetuate this riotous nonsense. The mayor, councilmen, and district attorney are in dereliction of their duties and need to be indicted and maybe spend time in jail for not protecting the citizens whom they are obligated to protect. Rittenhouse’s actions were to fill the void left by the city officials. Decent people are fed up with the Democrats’ embrace of violence.

  21. Grosskreutz is lucky he did not join his two dead terrorist friends. So where are the attempted murder charges against Grosskreutz?
    Rittenhouse is now the political scapegoat for the insurrectionist movement in the US. Defund Democrat’s for they are the enemy within.