We Are in a Different Type of War This Time

Remembering back to Desert Storm and coming all the way up to the current day, we’ve basically been at war the whole time. People born in the late 80’s and 90’s have not known what it’s like to not be at war. It didn’t seem like war because it was just that way every day. It was normal.

The difference was we were at war with enemies overseas.

Now, we are at war within the United States and our enemies are here. Many of them live here and some likely hold powerful positions within the country.

People have been asking “why can’t we come together against the enemy like we did after 9/11?”

That answer is fairly simple.

9/11 was a foreign enemy, setting all 'conspiracy' theories aside. Regardless of the theory, that's all we knew at the time.

Currently, our enemy is living in a city down the map from you. The enemy looks like us and talks like us and lives like us. They're sponsored by major corporations like Nike, the NFL, NBA, and even have support from top level politicians.

One might say, "but we have all of this intelligence and spying capability - how can they not stop this?"

Therein lies another problem. It's likely, if you've been paying attention for the last 4 years, that we have enemies in powerful positions with powerful tools at their disposal. Some of these enemies likely spent a lifetime in the Intelligence Agencies.

Getting greedy people to give up control of their power will never be an easy thing to do. America also has laws. While some have abused these laws, we can't just send in the military any time there is a problem.

And, let's face it, the military cannot keep the United States together. The people have to want to keep this great nation and right now there is a divide. While the violence and destruction is being caused by a minority of folks, it's loud and gets coverage. Most Americans want it to stop, regardless of what political party they belong to.

The violent thugs are in the minority but they're getting enough media attention to make it seem like they're the majority.

Look outside. If you're not in a large Democrat run city, odds are that you're not seeing any signs of civil unrest.

That's the majority of America.

All I really need to do is look at the pace of new gun purchases. Something tells me Americans aren't ready to give up this great nation. If this virus (the terrorism) spreads outside of these protected Democrat zones I don't think it will bode well for the bad guys.

Americans need to stand ready to protect their homes, their families, their values, and their country. America has been tested before and it is being tested gain. However, just like before, America will pass this test and become stronger.

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7 thoughts on “We Are in a Different Type of War This Time”

  1. trump you are a NARCISSIST, bigoted Racist and Your SCARE TACTICS WON’T WORK. AMERICA WILL FIND YOU OUT. YOU WILL ANOT BE A PUTIN or Stalin running America. You have taken away our Social security and Medicare, our ACA. Just any program they President Obama has started. America is tired of You and your Family running America and the White House , we are TIRED of being you and your families Personal ATM

    1. You say, “(trump) You have taken away our Social security and Medicare, our ACA.” Sorry to inform you wyvoniar warren, but if you don’t have any of those then there’s something wrong with you…each of those programs you mention is still very much in play. So, with that, you’ve decimated any legitimacy you were trying to establish in your argument…

  2. Thank you again Adam Tatro for bringing us this news and helping to make Americans aware of our surroundings. I do believe we have elected a President that truly understands and wants to protect our country and it’s people from these powerful people that are trying to destroy our country within.
    This President just ran a powerful ad and I think we all need to have a look at it.


    I hope I haven’t violated any rules in posting this but if I have please let me know and I will see to it that it doesn’t happen again
    I believe in this President and he is well aware of the evil trying to overtake this country. Please paste it into your browser and watch it. Thank You.

  3. “All I really need to do is look at the pace of new gun purchases. Something tells me Americans aren’t ready to give up this great nation.”

    But are they ready to actually form militias and fight against the new Democrat-Communist USA tyrannical government with live ammo if it takes over America– the ONLY real reason for the Second Amendment?


    In the 1960s-70s, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers concluded that bombing campus buildings and police stations were getting him and his Marxist scumrades nowhere. His new scheme was to take over the entire American education system, which he’s done very successfully now for more than 40 years.

    Those gutless, woke snots will do nothing.

    If Trump loses, you can kiss this nation and individual freedom of choice goodbye, probably forever.

    1. A great many of us are ready, willing and able. It would appear that you may just not know any. Reply to me and get to know at least one.

  4. Be prepared and lock and load. 30 round mags and one in the chamber. Get a good mean ass watchdog as your early warning alarm. They can hear and smell the bad guys coming and warn you to grab your gun. They may come in but they will be carried out in a body bag.

  5. When people listen to what that empty-headed AOC says and 90% of the press does no pushback on her lies and ridiculous ideas, we have a very big problem. An even bigger problem is what has happened to the Democrat Party. It is filled and dominated by radical ideologues and the best they can offer up as a candidate is a wrecked old man spouting lines he reads from a teleprompter. God help us!