What Are Police Allowed to do?

Over the recent weeks we have seen protests break out all across the country over police shooting armed subjects, not unarmed subjects.

One of the first incidents of recent memory was the Rayshard Brooks shooting in Atlanta. Brooks was intoxicated and passed out in his car in a Wendy’s drive thru before getting his car moved to a parking spot. When police attempted to arrest him he fought with them, punched them, and stole a taser before he took off running.

Once running away he turned and fired the taser at one of the officers. An officer returned fire, eventually killing him. This sparked massive protests across the country and led to more than one death.

More recently, there was the Deon Kay, who was resisting arrest and armed with a handgun. He was shot and killed in the incident. BLM DC claimed he was just a boy and was a nonviolent threat.

More protests and destruction.


The most recent example was in Lancaster, PA where Ricardo Munoz charged out of building at an officer while armed with a knife. The officer ran backwards but ended up shooting Munoz, as the released bodycam footage shows.

More outrage and protests broke out.

Minneapolis had a fresh new round of violence, looting, and destruction after false rumors were spread that police shot an unarmed black man toward the end of August. The video clearly shows that the suspect took his own life.

More outrage, protests, looting, violence, and destruction broke out.

At what point are police allowed to defend themselves and the lives of the citizens they protect? Is there now a racial standard they must abide by? Can they not arrest black people? Can they not defend themselves if they are attacked with a knife or even a gun?

Are they supposed to let those folks go so that they are free to hurt or kill someone else?

I, for one, do think there need to be police reforms but the standard being set right now is one of utter ridiculousness and danger. While not every situation is simply black and white (no pun intended) each one of these incidents could have been avoided if the suspects would have simply obeyed the officers' orders and lived to fight another day.



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18 thoughts on “What Are Police Allowed to do?”

  1. DEMOCRATS are paying hateful Marxist Leftist violent protesters to kill and desrupt the government. Why do Democrats HATE America people better wake up before it’s too late . If they win the government will take all your freedom and money.

  2. Absolutely! Follow instructions of officers, do not attack officers( armed or not) just listen to instructions& comply! A lot of trouble would be averted!

  3. If someone attacks an officer in any way with gun knife or bricks etc,etc with intent to harm them they should be able to stop that threat immediately! If you resist the police you take the risk of getting hurt or shot!!

  4. Very enlightening that according to this Article it spoears that THE writer is indicating that Law Enforcement can Kill anyone as Long as they are the LAW and should not be held ACCOUNTABLE for their WRONG & ILLEGAL KILLINGS.

  5. Stay safe Blue, Stay In charge,
    Command respect, be Just,
    With out You are country
    Will fail, God Bless each and
    Every One of You.

  6. There is no evidence that BLM or others want to talk to come together and work out a resolution. There is just violence and destruction. How long do we have to live with this? How long can the police be used and beaten down. Where is any leadership?

  7. All of these black men that were killed would still be alive today IF they had willingly surrendered to authorities and gone before a Judge. They would have paid a small fine and released. So it is stupid to fight a policeman or run from him. Obey the law and stay alive. Dont you get it?! You are not above the law that everyone else has to abide by. Problem solved.

  8. There’s a good reason resisting arrest is a crime…also, if you point a firearm at me, I will shoot, and keep shooting, until you go down or are otherwise no longer a threat!

  9. My thought is to resign. These people did not sign on to be targets for a bunch of things. They are not deserting their public, their public deserted them.

  10. Too many restrictions on police officers, not enough punishment for criminals. Obey the law you won’t be stopped, when stopped don’t resist. A judge, not you, not the police decide your fate.

  11. I think the police should start shooting back and don’t stop until the RIOTERS have an understanding of lawfulness. This shit has got to STOP and I don’t give a damn what color you are, you had better be justified and if you aren’t, tough shit. Get out of the mix if you are a peaceful person because these are not peaceful protesters as the media would have you believe. They are Rioters, Looters and Murderers and they have to be dealt with and so do the worthless no good mayors and governors that run the cities that are being torn apart by these rioters. They should be put in jail for not allowing the police to do their job. They are even encouraging the rioters to continue and tear our city’s down AND on top of that they de-fund the police and blame the police for the rioting to start with. Really?

  12. I am a retired training officer from Veterans Affairs Police Department. We are always told to utilize the force continuum to defend our actions. You verbally try to deescalate the situation. Then if you are arresting the person do it without hesitation. Hands on first, pepper spray second, baton or asp third and last but not least the use of your weapon. Now days though it doesn’t seem to matter to the rioters and looters. Someone throws a brick or large stone at me they will be shot. Point a laser at me and you will be shot. that is someone trying to inflict serious bodily harm to you. Then if you have the body cam the evidence is right there on film.

  13. Police reform???? Why??? Because of the growing list of BLM criminal icons??? … to a person, they are people that have already proven themselves to be , in some manner , outside the law. Most have lengthy criminal records and suffer consequences when being again arrested, resististing and resorting to violence. These are not your model citizens yet they are canonized by the BLM and spur us on to police reform? Is that not foolish? If it is reform you want send these perpetual criminals to “reform” school prisons where they should have been placed long, long ago.
    We already know organizers of BLM are self proclaimed trained Marxist insurrectionist and profit handsomely from many misguided large American companies that donate tens of millions to support communists. Go figure … Capitalist companies funding Marxists and all supported by socialist Democrat political party. What we see now is part of a plan and nothing less than the “Second coming of the Bolsheviks”. We have met the enemy within, and they appear to be winning.