Ideas for Preparedness During National Preparedness Month

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has used the month of September for National Preparedness Month in order to encourage citizens to get prepared in case of a national emergency.

If the recent months have shown us anything, it’s that no matter how good the government can be, it cannot protect every single citizen from every single possible event.

Don’t let politicians decide your fate in an emergency.

I have personally stepped up my preparedness after witnessing the shortages of some foods, toiletries, and soaps that came with the recent pandemic.

Here are a few things to think about and add to your preparations plan if an emergency does hit home.

The list can be almost endless, and you likely cannot prepare for every single event (like a meteor strike). However, there are some basic steps you can take to get you prepared for the more possible events that you can do something about.

  • Does all your food depend on being refrigerated?
  • Do you have foods that can stand the test of time (last a year or more)?
  • Do you have a trash disposal method you can use if trash pickup stops for weeks or months (think sanitation)?
  • Do you have a paper map if phones and electronics go down (and do you know how to read one)?
  • Do you have a flashlight?
  • Do you have batteries to power some of those electronics that aren't solar powered?
  • Do you have a firearm, ammunition, and know how to safely use it and maintain it?
  • Do you have an emergency survival blanket that's small enough to travel with and to keep you warm?
  • A cheap poncho isn't a bad idea to keep you dry
  • A utility knife or multi-tool?
  • Do you have a water plan in case water stops flowing from the faucet or is undrinkable? Water will go faster than toilet paper from the shelves
  • Do you have a bugout bag prepared?

These are just a few things to think about in your preparedness month.

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One thought on “Ideas for Preparedness During National Preparedness Month”

  1. This list can go on ad nausaum and each needs to tailor to personal needs. One key item, however, was left off- a very important one, is your prescription pill supply adequate to carry you for at least two weeks?