Watch: The Truth in 11 Minutes: Kyle Rittenhouse

Lin Wood posted this video on Twitter on behalf of the #FightBack Foundation that describes what really happened in Kenosha, WI.

Wood has been censored while trying to share the truth of what happened in the Rittenhouse case. The video shows what Kyle was really doing there, not the story you’ve heard on the news.

It presents a whole different side of the young man who is facing a possible lifetime behind bars for defending himself against rioters.

This video is a must watch.

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11 thoughts on “Watch: The Truth in 11 Minutes: Kyle Rittenhouse”

  1. what i seen in the video shows that he had every right to shoot anyone of them due to the fact that they attacked him and was going to kill him if he had not shot at them wounding or killing them as it happens . one has a right to defend their self in all matters such as this any of the times he was chased hit with bricks and yelled at with the idea they would shoot him in the head . my question is why is he the person charged with a crime . why are none of the others charges d with murder and destruction of property or anything else ????????????????????

  2. The fact that Kyle was even charged with anything is a miscarriage of justice. What about the guy that was going to shoot Kyle in head? No nothing? WTF. This is a political hit job if I ever saw one.

  3. I would like to send Kyle an email encouraging him. As a retired law enforcement officer with more than 30-years of service I was thoroughly impressed with his actions throughout the 11-minute video. In the high stress, rapidly evolving, life threatening situation that he was thrust into when chased and then attacked I found his responses and actions exemplary.

    In California where I live there is nothing Kyle did that remotely constitutes a felony.

    The suspects that attacked Kyle were shot because they demonstrated their intent to kill him by attempting to forcibly disarm him thereby arming themselves. Tragically, each of these suspects set in motion a chain of events that resulted in them being shot. The death and injuries that followed were a direct result of their own criminal actions. Kyle’s actions were objectively reasonable to ensure his survival and I would argue his actions were exemplary.