Woman Tased, Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at Football Game

An Ohio woman identified as Alecia Kitts was not wearing a mask while sitting in the stands at an outdoor football game when she was approached by a school security officer. The interaction quickly got out of hand.

Kitts refused to wear a mask and was sitting a distance away from others, except for what appears to be her kids. In the video, Kitts can be heard yelling “Don’t touch me”.

The woman was then tased by the officer and arrested.

Others in the crowd can be heard yelling in support of her.

The woman taking the video says, “This is over a mask. I don’t think he can arrest her for not wearing a mask. This is not a warning,” she says with a laugh.

“C’mon! It’s just a mask!” another person yells.

Kitts had traveled to an away game and in Logan while her child went to Marietta Schools. The school did not seem to back her.

“I’m grateful that it didn’t happen in Marietta, but it saddens me that it was Marietta that caused it in Logan,” MCS Athletic Director Cody Venderlic told The Marietta Times. “As athletic directors, we’ve talked about this too and the biggest challenge about dealing with visiting fans is people behave much better at home than when they’re on the road.”

The Ohio Star confirmed that Kitts has asthma and that's why she couldn't wear a mask. This, a specific medical condition, is one of the exceptions.

The video is infuriating. Is this still America?

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37 thoughts on “Woman Tased, Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at Football Game”

  1. I can’t believe this really happened in America and what is worse is that not a single person there stood up to defend her! I hope she sues the daylights out out of that community!

  2. I went to the Logan PD website and left them a ‘lovely’ little note. How ‘MANLY’ this COWARD is to TASE A WOMAN!! Masks to NOT DO ANYTHING except MAKE PEOPLE SICK!!! Can we STOP PLAYING THIS ILLEGAL GAME?!?!?!?!?! I hope that she sues that BALL-LESS wonder (and ALL INVOLVED!)!!

  3. We know she wasn’t black because race wasn’t mentioned. We also didn’t hear about the burning city, ANTIFA, BLM, or the racist hate speech of Don Lemon. Biden won’t travel there, Hillary won’t blame it on Trump l. Furthermore the fake news
    (C)oncocted (N)ews (N)etwork’s Frodo Cuomo won’t travel there and open his special can of “whup- ass”.

  4. You know I don’t like wearing a mask either. But I play by the rules. I have more respect for other people than to maybe expose them. If she has a medical condition that does not allow her to wear a mask, then stay home. Don’t go places that you can endanger other people.

    1. You are a nut if you believe masks do anything but let the government control us. It is not a law anywhere! Wearing a mask has not been passed by a state or federal legislator and signed into law by a gov or the president. So it is NOT a law!

    2. Wearing a mask outdoors is guidance, not a legal requirement. Wearing a mask indoors is at the request of the owner/operator of the facility you happen to be in and only imposed because the government can shut down the facility if the owner/operator does not comply but again, not required by Law. No legislative body has passed any law requiring masks to be worn anywhere. She would win in court hands down on multiple fronts.

    3. I have COPD too. I do stay home most of the time. It feels like prison if you really must know. I can’t wear a mask long either but when I’m outside and far enough away from people I Do Not wear a mask. You will end up with Covid most likely before I do because wearing the mask all the time causes many known lung problems and you think wearing a mask prevents you from getting Covid. Think again. I don’t wish it on anyone but before you sit in judgement of someone who can’t wear masks walk in our shoes! We get tested Do you?

    4. She WAS playing by the rules, YOU FOOLl. And how freaking arrogant of you to presume what she should or shouldn’t do because of a medical condition! Where is your MD credential?. Self-righteous fools like you are a bigger hazard to our society that this virus.

      Speaking as an 18-year security professional, this was clearly unreasonable and excessive force; Ohio may have different laws, but I suspect that

      (1) The “officer” will end up unemployed;
      (2) The “officer” may be subject to criminal prosecution for escalating the situation with a weapon;
      (3) The woman will have one helluva lawsuit against both him and the school;
      (4) She may also have additional legal remedies because he was discriminating against her due to medical condition. I’m not a lawyer, but I have friends and family who are; there is no up-side to this situation.
      (5) This will further sour people on either wearing masks or respecting security personnel (which has always been a problem for good security people (not the Paul Blaarts of the world).

    5. First sane reply! People are so damn selfish and stupid these days. And the idiots yelling “file a lawsuit”. 🙄. Keyboard warriors that are “ball-less” (to quote the lovely woman above!).
      Btw….I know several people that have asthma and wear masks.

    6. If you feel the need to wear a mask to protect or respect others ,stay home or get tested, if you think you are protecting your self, you are not, again stay home. You playing by the rules will allow this ridiculous political behavior to continue. In Moscow I’d. A man was arrested out doors for no mask, that country has 457 positive covid test, zero deaths and zero hospitalizations. This is Gustapo type behavior by the so called official’s .

    7. I see your point, but my fear is this morphs from masks to vaccines. And no, I’m not against vaccines, both my kids have been vaxxed, but I’m skeptical of a vaccine that relies on genetic engineering and has no proven record of long term safety or efficacy. What if proof of vaccination becomes the new requirement to go to school, get a job or attend a high school football game? Where do we draw the line before we fully submit to a biosecurity state?

    8. keep playing by the rules buddy. You will be looking around in a few years and wondering what the hell happened to your liberty and freedoms. Quit going along to get along. This pandemic is no worse that the swine flu that came thru when Obama was president. Funny how it was not overhyped like this pandemic. This is a political hit job on all of us to gain more power. Wake up and start supporting and caring about your neighbors and pay attention to what is going on. Turn off CNN, ABC, CBS and MSnbc. They are all run by liberals and are just spewing propaganda. It’s not news, just opinions.

  5. Looks like a set up between the woman and the person taking the picture.
    She resisted tight off the bat with the school security officer (not a sworn police officer)
    Now it’s gone viral to make Law Enforcement look bad.
    That’s my opinion

  6. You are a nut if you believe masks do anything but let the government control us. It is not a law anywhere! Wearing a mask has not been passed by a state or federal legislator and signed into law by a gov or the president. So it is NOT a law!

  7. I’d be sueing big time! In front of her kids, not listenning to why she wasn’t wearing a mask, physically harming her! Her family is traumatized for life, she’s treated unfairly/racist; no man came to her defense…shame on cowardly men!!! This cop evidently was asserting bad authority..a football gamne? SERIOUSLY!?!?! TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! And the school’s remark? I’d sue them, too…look what her son will have to endure as a result! God will take care of her! STUPID MEN ALL THE WAY AROUND! Jesus is not pleased!

  8. Totally unlawful and ridiculous!!! Especially since the woman has a media cal condition and does not need to disclose her medical information…that is her right under the privacy laws. More importantly, she was outside and away from people.

    In my opinion, masks should not be worn when you’re outside and away from people! Human beings are NOT suppose to wear masks outside…we need to breathe FRESH AIR and get oxygen. Masks hinder the intake of oxygen and actually are causing people more harm then good.

    This incident should have NEVER happened to this woman/mother and it’s appalling to me that anyone would think otherwise and be brainwashed to believe this is the new norm!

  9. But BLM looters,robbers etc aren’t arrested. When are you Democrats going to wake up. If you want to be ruled by socialized government MOVE. I AM SURE THERE ARE MANY AMERICANS WHO WILL HELP YOU PACK.

  10. This mask business is STUPID!!! THESE politicians just love using this power to show their superiority over us citizens. In reality it just alienates us from them! The answer: QUIT REELECTING THESE EGOTISTICAL POWER HUNGRY CAREER POLITICIANS!!!

  11. That was excessive force. The woman could have been required to put on a mask or leave the stadium. The security officer is obviously a bully.

  12. All this over a mask, OUTSIDE AND SOCIAL DISTANCING. Has everyone lost their COMMON SENSE? CDC said you cannot contract the virus unless you are directly in contact with an infected person without protection for more than 15 minutes. Check it out!!! What a bunch of dumba$$e$…..

  13. Ok, here’s the deal. Was this ridiculous? Yes. Was the cop an a-hole? Yes. Did this have to be addressed by him? Absolutely not. Unless he was ordered by a supervisor, in which case the supervisor’s an ass. But, it’s obvious she wasn’t going to comply with the mask mandate for that town and should’ve gone peacefully and not resisted. But, if it’s only a mandate and not a law, can an arrest be made? Probably, under Obstructing Governmental Administration. The situation could’ve been resolved after. You have to know this cop wasn’t going to let this go. I think a lawsuit will go would her way, and I think the cop should be disiplined, especially since she was a good distance from the other people in the stands.
    However, this is exactly what the problem is when ANYONE resists or fights the police. Situations get escalated and people get hurt or killed. It is NOT your right to resist or fight with the police.

  14. This is unbelievable! Are we now a Communist nation? This is what they do. The kicker is that the security guy didn’t have a mask on either. How is that fair?

  15. Sue the hell out of them. For her, a taser is a potentially life threatening weapon, and it was used for no reason at all. Sounds like a law suit to me.

  16. And cops wonder why they are so hated anymore…..how ignorant and dumb they can be ..Consertative , law biding citizens who once adored and respected cops are now turning thier backs on them…Moveover cops are loosing the one group of people who have always had their backs..The utter stupidity of this cop shows their disdain and respect for individual rights..

  17. That’s what totalitarian authoritarianism is all about. Pea brain with a weapon. She’s got an assault and false arrest case against the municipality

  18. I side with the school. She was asked to leave and refused. Then she screams like a spoiled banshee resisting removal, then arrest. She had no right to do that. They were too restrained. Wish i had been there to help the cop. And I’m against masks in general. But she day THEIR property, not her home. What an embarrassment to mothers, parents, and her kid.