2019 FBI Crime Numbers Are In….Crickets

The FBI Uniform Crime Report was released on Monday but you likely didn’t hear anything about it. It’s because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the mainstream anti-gun media and lobby.

Especially in an election year with a very anti-gun pair on the ticket.

However, murders were down. Violent crime was down as well.

For the third consecutive year, the estimated number of violent crimes in the nation decreased when compared with the previous year’s statistics, according to FBI figures released today. In 2019, violent crime was down 0.5% from the 2018 number. Property crimes also dropped 4.1%, marking the 17th consecutive year the collective estimates for these offenses declined.

How could this be? Gun ownership was rising at the same time.

Self defense was also on the rise, though, which does tend to jive with gun ownership increasing.

Armed private citizens fatally shot more people in self-defense last year than previous years, continuing an upward trend, according to data released in the FBI 2019 Uniform Crime Report

While all the talk and legislation centers around rifles and/or semi-automatic "assault weapons", handguns were largely involved in gun related violence.

According to the FBI, last year saw an estimated total of 13,927 murders, of which 10,258 involved firearms. But of all those slayings, rifles of any kind (including semi-autos, lever- and bolt-actions, and single-shots) were identified as the murder weapon in only 364 cases. Shotguns were identified as the weapon of choice in 200 other cases.

You were more likely to die by stabbing than being shot by someone with an AR-15 or "assault weapon".

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8 thoughts on “2019 FBI Crime Numbers Are In….Crickets”

  1. Those are great numbers, awesome actually, for 2019. However, I’m afraid that’s a moot point now because the 2020 crime rate, violence, murders, property destruction has increased drastically thanks to BLM, ANTIFA, and other radically anti-American groups. All of this is happening in 99% Democrat run cities and states like New York, California, Illinois, Washington, Oregan, and Missouri. The main stream news media is not reporting any of this accurately at all. In any case, what the news media has done, and continues to do, is nothing short of journalistic mal-practice! If this country goes socialist, God forbid, the first source to be eliminated (historical fact) is the news media! Inbeknownst to them, they are fomenting their very own demise…under socialism…by not reporting news accurately and unbiased!

  2. We could basically eliminate violent crime if all households were required to have a Firing arm, and be trained to use it correctly!

  3. I really wish someone would get out the real numbers to the public on how many of the illegal shootings in the country where done by legal carry permit holders and how many times crimes have been stopped by permit holders. I would also like to see one change in the permit process because I know multiple people that have carry permits and can’t hit the broad side of a barn. I think that a person should have to prove that they can handle a gun and shot correctly and can at least hit a target from, say 50ft.

  4. I’m glad that people are realizing that bullets are faster than police cars in answering calls. A dog is still a very good first warning, but not practical in every case.

  5. The weapon of choice of a street criminal is usually a stolen handgun or a knife. These are almost untraceable and easy to carry.
    A rifle or shotgun is much larger and, although just as easy to steal, not nearly so easy to conceal.

    Obviously, no law, past, present or future, will have ANY impact on the CRIMINALS because, by definition, a criminal is one who does NOT obey the law, so the only ones affected by gun laws are those who do not need them in the first place.