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Heartbreaking: 7 Shot During Funeral

On Wednesday afternoon, 7 people were shot during a funeral in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Police officers were called to the Serenity Funeral home where they found seven injured victims.

Police have identified the victims as the following:

  • 48-year-old woman
  • 26-year-old woman
  • 24-year-old woman
  • 29-year-old man
  • 26-year-old man
  • 24-year-old man
  • 20-year-old man


Police are unsure if the shooting had anything to do with the funeral but it seems likely.

Witnesses say they saw people evacuating the funeral home bleeding, and a hearse was said to have bullet holes and shattered windows.

All victims are in stable condition and expected to survive.

Police haven't identified the shooter at this time.

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12 thoughts on “Heartbreaking: 7 Shot During Funeral”

    1. Says most of MSM if it WAS blacks involved. Of course, if it was White people, you can expect CNN, NBC, MSNBC etc. to rail on about White supremacists and the need for a ban on all guns, after which they will suggest Trump is a racist and needs to answer the hot topic question of “Does he support White supremacists”? The White House Press Secretary will then answer no ( with proof) but the Press Corp will ignore the answer and ask the same question over and over. And the band played on.

  1. Seeing as how their race was forgotten….then we can assume it was black on black….And with all the screams of “Defund the Police”….WHY were the police even called?

    1. And when they are called, and you know they will be, why the hell do they even bother to show up. Just send over the trash truck to collect this BLM putrid garbage.