Child Rapist Shot by Rittenhouse Just Released Same Day After Suicide Attempt

Joseph Rosenbaum, who was shot dead by Rittenhouse in Kenosha, was just released from a mental hospital on the same day following a suicide attempt, according to the Washington Post. 

Joseph Rosenbaum — depressed, homeless and alone — didn’t belong to either side. He had spent most of his adult life in prison for sexual conduct with children when he was 18 and struggled with bipolar disorder. That day, Aug. 25, Rosenbaum was discharged from a Milwaukee hospital following his second suicide attempt in as many months and dumped on the streets of Kenosha.

This story just gets worse with each bit of new information that comes out.

Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse, sits behind bars at 17 years old, accused of multiple homicide related felonies.

Rosenbaum's mental situation seems to suggest he may have had 'nothing to lose' on that fateful night after he had just attempted suicide.

Rosenbaum, a man with a violent and sickening criminal record, seems to have had little to nothing to lose, and apparently had been trying to kill himself just days earlier. Repeatedly assaulting a man with a rifle- while urging him to shoot you- is arguably a suicide attempt in its own right. He instigated this tragedy, not Rittenhouse.

The altercation left Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, dead. A third victim, Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the biceps but survived.

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16 thoughts on “Child Rapist Shot by Rittenhouse Just Released Same Day After Suicide Attempt”

  1. When you defund the police, others step in to fill the void who then themselves become the hunted. Try this. Reimagine committing crimes, rather than reimagining law enforcement. Exercising self-accountability will ensure a safe society. This is not a matter of social injustice or racism as main stream media touts.

  2. Rosenbaum….
    A poster boy for BLM and antifa!!!!!!
    What a pervert loser!!!!
    Donate to L.Lin Wood, Esq.
    Atlanta, GA
    For Rittenhouse’s defense fund.
    Rest assured BLM and antifa will be coming after him for disposing of one of their charter members.

  3. Seems like the extreme left liberals are wanting to transform the US into their Hollywood created impression of early and mid 20th century IMAGININGS of what was to become the US were like!

    No wonder the ultra liberal socialist demoncRATs and Hollyweed elites get on so well!

    1. They all bleed RED; and take the “ROOM TEMPERATURE CHALLENGE” without complaint. When the civilized Patriots throughout the US have reached their flash point; ALL of these savages will find they have met their maker.

  4. How dare you use someone’s mental illness as an acceptable reason for murder!
    What about Rittenhouse and his mother for taking a minor with an automatic weapon to a protest?

  5. Hmmm…so the victim that just got out of a MH institute didn’t have a weapon. So he was unarmed. That is what I am reading. Rittenhouse if in jail should be there. All he did that night was Rome the streets looking for trouble because he was well armed and his mother should be in the neighboring cell

    1. He was attacked and had every right to defend himself. He was hit with a skateboard and one attacker had a gun. He was there to protect business’s. The real trouble makers got the bull’s horn.

  6. To bad we do not have 50 more like Rittenhouse to send to the cities like Chicago, Portland, and any other city where the idiots are trying to destroy our country.
    The demoncRATs blm, antifa and others are praising the trash and criminal he shot. He should be released immediately.

  7. it’s going to be a sad day a-coming! there’s so many lies being told to the people by the msm, all intentional. how can so called intelligent people allow themselves to be led around by the nose. what has happened to common sense? Americans are an embarrassment and this has NOTHING to do with DJT you people out there full of hate just remember he’s been inside the beltway less than 4 years-Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, as well as people like Comey, Schiff, and the rest of the creeps have been down there over 35-35 and 45 years! who do you think has made the policies that have shaped this country? start thinking fast because the slick smooth talking politicians know the trigger words to make you feel they’re looking out for you and after all this time if you haven’t figured out how they operate then you deserve what you get.

  8. Trump should pardon him immediately upon ANY conviction some “demonrat” prosecutor or judge or whomever, saddles the poor kid with. Done deal.