6 Steps to Take When SHTF

You can’t plan for every single event that could possibly happen but you can plan to prepared for a majority of events of the SHTF magnitude. There is also almost no limit to the amount of preparation you could do or the supplies you could stock but, we’re going to go through 6 steps to take to get you started in the event of a major economic or war-like setback.

Get Out of Danger/Harms Way

Seems obvious enough but before you start gathering supplies and radioing friends/family – make sure you’re in a safe place so that you can initiate your plan.

Communicate With Your Group

Once out of harm’s way, initiate communications with anyone else in your group (people that you’ve discussed plans with for this type of event). Gather locations and let them know what’s going on. If your cell phone works, use it but, if not, it’s a good idea to have handheld radios for communications in these types of events.

Gather Information

This is where your cell phone or a handheld radio could be of assistance, once again.

  • How widespread does the danger appear to be?
  • Is power out?
  • Do you see or smell smoke that would indicate a fire or explosion?
  • Are there other people around? injuries? Deaths?

Get to Meeting Location 

Ideally, you should have more than one. This could be home, if you're not there already, or this could mean you reach for the bug out bag in your car and head home or to the prearranged meeting spot (you should have one because if cell phones don't work and you don't have someone in range of a handheld, it could be a disaster trying to locate members of your group.

Get Secure

Wherever your meeting spot or safe spot is, make sure you set up a secure perimeter, cover all points of entry, and be out of sight.

Use plywood or some type of wood for windows. A locked window is still not a secure window. Glass breaks easily and you can be seen through it.

Clear flammable debris from your home so it can't be easily lit on fire.

Dead bolt doors or re-screw door hinges with stronger screws.

Have an Alternate Exit Plan/Always Have a Plan B

If things go bad at your safe spot, have an exit plan and an alternate meeting location if you have to split up for some reason. This could be and should be set up beforehand but, if not, once you get to your spot you should take time to come up with another plan in case things don't go perfectly throughout the disaster... Imagine that.

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One thought on “6 Steps to Take When SHTF”

  1. You omitted the 7th Very important step to take when “SHTF”:
    Have Serious Military “hardware” readily available & a good supply of ammo.