Man Charged With Firing First Shot in Rittenhouse Case

Joshua Ziminski, 35, and his wife both admitted that he fired a shot from his handgun just before Kyle Rittenhouse fired his rifle as he was surrounded by rioters.

Attorneys for Rittenhouse have called the gunshot a “pivotal moment” that left the 17-year-old alleged militia member fearing he had “no way out” as he was chased by protesters with “no way to know who fired that shot.”

A reporter who was on the scene, Richie McGinniss, said that the moment Ziminski fired his weapon was the same moment that Rittenhouse went from running away to firing his weapon.

That first shot, in a tense moment like that, changed the whole game. Had that shot not been fired, there may have been no shooting at all.

The 6’5′ Wisconsin native was seen clearly “holding a black handgun” at large groups of people just before the attack, the officers detailed in the complaint.

How would you feel as a 17 year old kid who was surrounded by an angry mob who was throwing objects at you and then one of them fires a gun?

It's easy to understand how this got out of hand but, even after Rittenhouse fired, he still retreated before being chased by the mob and assaulted.

Rittenhouse is still facing a lifetime behind bars.


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19 thoughts on “Man Charged With Firing First Shot in Rittenhouse Case”

  1. Any object being thrown at you by anyone from an angry mob could kill you. The object only has to hit you in the right spot to kill you or injure you for life. How many times have you heard the story that he was only pushed but I didn’t mean to kill him. He or she only hit their head as they went down. So, lets make no mistake about it ( this mob was angry, vicious and uncaring ) as to who they hit or knocked to the ground and Kyle only shot one of his attackers as they pushed him to the ground. Kyle was defending himself from an angry mob. Which attacker do you think was willing to kill Kyle. This was a clean cut case of self defense yet they want to put the person defending himself in prison for life. They cover their acts of violence with well planed out schemes to make it look like the innocent persons are the perpetrators when in fact it is them that that are the ones killing, robbing, looting stores, and burning buildings of businesses to the ground for their own cause and believe me when I tell you that the cause was not George Floyd. SET KYLE FREE. He is an innocent man that defended himself from an angry mob. That is my opinion.

    1. You are correct. I don’t know if they have the stand your ground law there, but we have it here in TN. If you feel your life is in danger and these people are chasing you down you have the right to discharge your weapon.

    2. If that was me I would have done the same thing that this 17 year old done. Remember the shot that was heard around the world.

  2. You need only to look at law enforcement, the Mayor, Attorney General and other City and State Government Officials to KNOW how someone being chased by a murderous mob (free to do their illegal actions without police stopping them – no Law and Order to keep Peace) to understand, using common sense ONLY, the this young 17 year old FEARED FOR HIS LIFE AND DEFENDED HIMSELF – THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF “SELF DEFENSE” and ANYONE in that position with the presence of mind to do so WOULD DO SO. He deserves American Law and Justice. BTW, what is the man who fired being charged with . . what are others participating in this ‘murderous mob’ being charged with?

  3. It is appalling to me how much the Democrat led States and local government have to regard to the rule of law. No wonder people are leaving. We all need to vote and get rid of these biased local, state, and federal idiots. They are allowing their states and cities to be destroyed and will expect the federal government to pay for it. We Republicans have had enough of all the Democrats in office.

    1. The Federal Government can’t pay anyone not one red cent until they take it from you. That is how government paychecks come about. They take our taxes and pay these fools that let BLM and Antifa and any other fool that joins them to tear our cities apart, burn our businesses and pull down our statues and riot and loot. The Governors that let these IDIOTS do this crap to us don’t deserve one red cent. Everyone needs to remember where your taxes go when you vote. Vote Conservative and this crap is less likely to happen.

  4. Just the fact that this young man is being charged is a disgrace to the rule of law and is nothing but a political ploy to discourage law abiding citizens from resisting a Marxist and violent takeover of our nation . Charges should be dropped and Mr. Rittenhouse should be set free.
    God help us and our nation on this road we are going down .

  5. I think the kid should not have been charged at all, he was being chased by an angry mob and clearly scared for his life. I believe if I were in his shoes at that moment, I would have taken more of them out.

  6. I agree. I guess when your life is in jeopardy, you figure it’s better to be alive than dead, no matter the consequences from other people, after the fact. It’s just instinct.

  7. I wish this article elaborated a little more on who this person is that fired the first shot. Whatever happened to the loser who got half his arm blown off? That guy needs to go down for this as well.

  8. IF we are goaing to have Liberal far left and possibly even Soros connected DA’s IGNORING the facts and Constitution, then charging the Victim with assault or murder, THEN we need the DOJ to file CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION LAWSUITS Against these County DAs.

  9. Now they need to charge Huber with assault with a deadly weapon trying to break kyle’s neck with his skateboard. And charge Grosskreutz with attempted murder as well. Find the guy who kicked him in the head and charge him with assault. I agree completely this is self defense on all 3 shootings. We’ve got a serious problem in this country when these punks get away with this shit and the innocent get locked up and charged for defending themselves!!!!
    FREE KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!